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Haphazard Directors effort with one point of interest
adt12525 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A story badly told by the director, more like a high school effort. Mary left Biography for a short time with this company - a mistake she quickly rectified.

However you do get to see the 19 year old Mary Pickford dressed in tight sailors trousers showing her rarely seen fine figure and physical attractiveness. Interesting to see it for usually she is covered in large dresses or rags in her films.

Sailors on a ship have a treasure map and are discussing it down in their cabin. The Cabin Boy spies where they put the map and steals it and shows the captain. The sailors mutiny; the Cabin Boy and the Captains daughter (Mary Pickford) flee to an island, where the treasure is buried. Pirates come out of nowhere and grab them and kidnap Mary Pickford as well (who wouldn't) and, the boy endeavors to save her in the night but gets caught too. The boy gives the pirates the treasure map.

The mutinous sailors from the ship find the island and the treasure first. They have a fight with the pirates and all die.

While this was happening the Cabin boy and Mary get back to the ship, free the captain and crew and take them to the treasure - the pirates and mutineers having already killed each other the treasure is left to them.

The kids get married (he looks really young!) AND the BIG surprise surprise - look away if you don't want to know what happens next. The boy was dreaming it all.

Poor editing effort but you do get to study a few actors. Mary Pickford this early displays her natural habit of being a person who likes to touch, grab hold of people. She does it to the pirate at one stage in this piece subconsciously and monetarily and pulls back her hand realizing that it was not appropriate to the scene. It does hint though that when the Director called action Pickford buries herself in a piece.
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Mary Makes it Worth Viewing
Michael_Elliott21 July 2011
As a Boy Dreams (1911)

** (out of 4)

When Mary Pickford decided to learn Biograph and D.W. Griffith I'm sure she thought it was going to be a great move but by judging from this early IMP production it's easy to see why even she realized she had made a mistake. In the film a ship's crew has a mutiny so the cabin boy (Lottie Pickford) and the captain's daughter (Mary Pickford) jump into a small boat along with a treasure map. They wind up on the island with the treasure but they're taken hostage by some pirates so it's up to the old crew to rescue them. If this story sounds incredibly stupid to you then it's best that you know it's actually the most sane thing going on in the picture. I would have ranked this film much, much lower but Mary is just so divine here that you can't help but stay entertained even when everything you're watching, with the exception of Mary, is just downright horrid. Director Thomas Ince was just in his first year of directing so perhaps you can take comfort in knowing that he would eventually get much better. This entire production really does seem like a joke as the directing is bad, the performances worse and some of the staging is just downright embarrassing. Just take a look at the big battle between the pirates and the good guys and you'll be rolling on the floor laughing because there's not really much "fighting" going on but instead it's just a lot of actors in bad costumes waving these fake swords around. Everything about this movie is rather poor but it's still worth viewing for fans of Mary because she's just so charming in her bit role. Many of her shorts with Griffith had her looking like a rag doll and many of her future roles had her being a child or boy-like but she's actually given some tight clothing here to show off her figure and while watching her you can't help but think she would have made for a good vamp.
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It is a clever conception of the fancies of the small boy
deickemeyer26 March 2016
The predilection of the small boy to read stories of adventure is made the theme of a very enjoyable film that will be released shortly by the Imp concern. The fondest, wildest dreams of the boy are realized, but alas, it is only a dream, and the youth awakes to the stern reality that his father is a hard taskmaster. The story is that of a lad who dreams of experiences at sea, in which pirates, a pretty girl, treasure chests and hair-breadth escapes figure prominently. It is a clever conception of the fancies of the small boy and the rude realization that it is not real furnishes a comedy tinge that makes it enjoyable. The story is carefully staged, with the true nautical coloring and settings, and will prove interesting to both old and young. - The Moving Picture World, August 12, 1911
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