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Jack Howard, a typical American boy, is addicted to reading literature of the yellow-backed variety, despite the admonitions of his father. One day he dozes off to sleep, after devouring a thrilling story of the sea. The story of his dream is told in detail. While walking on the dock he is seized upon by some sailors and shanghaied in the most approved manner, being taken aboard a ship bound on a long cruise. He is secreted and overhears a plot of the sailors to mutiny, seize the ship and sail to a desert island in search of a treasure. One of the sailors produces a chart of the island and the tars leave the forecastle. Jack comes on, takes possession of the paper and is joined by the winsome daughter of the captain. It is a case of love at first sight. He shows her the chart and she takes him to her father, where he discloses the plot of the mutineers. The desperate men attack the captain and the loyal members of the crew and there is a fierce fight. Jack saves the captain's daughter...

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