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The game contains frequent sexual references and innuendo, usually delivered with a tongue-and-cheek style that aims to be humorous.

There are jokes about masturbation, penis size, bestiality, inflatable sheep, lesbians, oral sex, and pornography (e.g., 'I had to retire from porn' and 'it became too much I couldn't swallow it any more')

Everyday objects and environmental features (e.g., statues, cacti, architecture) are sometimes stylized to resemble male genitalia or breasts.

Several females are depicted from low/close-up angles, have exaggerated breast-sizes, and wear clothing that reveals deep cleavage or portions of their buttocks.

Although the game contains no explicit nudity or sexual scenes, there are occasional depictions of phallic sex toys and the sounds of women moaning in the background.

Some of the over-the-top humor also contains references to getting 'stoned' and being spiked with Rohypnol, a date rape drug (e.g., 'Was I roofied? Is my...bleeding?').

The game opens with the camera zooming out of a poster of a topless woman covering her breasts, adult magazines and DVDs are seen scattered around, a computer screen shows an adult website called "Honk My Ass" and a picture shows a close-up of a woman's swimwear rear and faint moaning can be heard and a TV shows a close-up of a woman face moving up and down.

When Larry says to his uncle that the security guard tasered him, his uncle says "Be glad they didn't get to the cavity search."

When been given a tour of the studio, we see a camera filming a woman lying on her back while the another puts lotion on her back and another camera shows two other women both standing up and one putting lotion on the other."

Your first mission is wash off graffiti of genitals scattered across a wall and when doing so Larry says "That's not how to draw a dick. It's completely out of proportion" and "You call this graffiti? I've seen bigger dicks in the mirror."

When completing your mission of washing off graffiti, a phone will appear on the roof, when Larry answers he says "Hello, Larry Lovage here. Wanton Sex God."

Larrys says to Al that he found a phone that he gave to his mother and says "I set to vibrate and everything. After that, she was so happy, that she demanded I call more often."

When Kip asks why Larry's in his office he says, "Look, I'm Larry I work here, now. I like porn."

When Damone introduces himself to Larry, he replies "The guy with the giant foot for a dick?", Damone then replies "No."

During the mission when collecting scripts on the rooftops, Larry reads one of the scripts and says "Ah, the sex scene between the pirates crabs. Cinema is saved!" and another he reads says "Ah, the scene where Ginger and Jenna get dipped in honey and make out in slow motion."

Merv says to Larry when delivering packages for a mission, "Just in case, you're planning on slashing these open the second you're out of my sight, there's no porn inside. I already checked. Not my brand anyway."

When delivering a package to Jenna, Larry says "What's cookin' legs? I got a sweaty package here you. Maybe you can sign it, with your lips," she the replies "The only I want to do your package loser, is to get a pair of scissors to it. Get bent! Oh and would you stop looking at my chest. It makes me feel uncomfortable."

Damone will ask you to take pictures of Ginger and Jenna kissing, when Larry asks what they look like, he will show Larry a picture of the two women making out, when you get there you will see them and will hear Ginger say to Jenna "I had to retire from porn. It became too much. I couldn't swallow it any more." When you get into position, the two women will appear in bikinis, some of the pictures you'll take will include them kissing, moaning, and rubbing themselves or each other, and Larry will comment on one of the photos " That one even gave the camera wood."

When Merv is talking about a city called Nairobi, Larry says "She sounds hot," and Merv replies "Nairobi's not a vagina, it's a city you idiot."


During a cutscene of seeing Laffer Studios for the first time, Larry is seen lying on the floor with a security guard standing over him, his uncles arrives and asks why he's lying on the floor and Larry says the security guard tasered him.

To collect the last script page on top of three boxes, you will have to move a box near it to jump to it, we then realise after collecting the script pages that the box Larry moved was for the stuntman to land on when jumping off the rooftop, when he falls we hear him hit the ground, but the camera is facing Larry's back so we don't see the incident, only the aftermath.

On a horror movie set, players can hit zombies with a shovel.

Players can engage in brief hand-to-hand combat against enemy goons.

In a western movie set, players shoot bandits and explosives with a pistol.

When players enter a haunted mansion, they can see bloodstains and severed limbs and torsos on a table.

You can run over people or get run over yourself with vehicles.


Players can hear very frequent profanity (e.g., Fuck and Shit) in the dialogue and some mild language such as Hell and Ass.

Name calling (asshole, asswipe, pussy, twinkletoes, pipsqueak, bastard, pervert, moron, crap weasel, loser, fool, dumbass, idiot, a rude bag of amphibian shit, doormat, whore, venereal wart and douchebag.)


During the opening, we see a couple of beer bottles and cans on the coffee table and on the floor.

When Larry is on the phone to his uncle, he says "I need some help" and would mean I lot to him, Larry replies "Is it drugs?"

Al Jones and a director are both is seen at different times smoking a cigar throughout their appearances.



Overall: 24/50

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