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Sex & Nudity

  • People can be shown cheating on their partners as well (like Duncan for example). There is one obsessive female stalker in the show who talks about her crush and is shown to creep him out. There are revealing outfits throughout the show, but they are all meant for laughs. Suggestive dialogue, Innuendo and adult humor can be included as well. Couples can be seen kissing. Male and female frontal nudity are occasionally shown and censored.
  • In one episode, Bridget and Geoff are shown making out. The lights then turn-off and they make a purring noise as they turn off.
  • In an episode, Tyler and Lindsey are shown making out in the communal bathrooms, the walkie talkie rings and they fall on top of eachother.
  • Harold says LeShawna is "sexy"
  • Chris says to kiss the fish "like you mean it"

Violence & Gore

  • There are a lot of fights that can include some violence. People can be shown getting injured as well, which is why the shows pushed the TV-PG rating. There is a lot of comic mischief as well, but it's what you would expect in a Teletoon cartoon. Bullying is shown throughout the television, and one character suffers from it mentally. The elements of backstabbing are also included.


  • There's some mild language throughout the show, but nothing too bad. Words like "stupid", "suck", "crap", "freaking", "screw", are occasionally used.
  • "Hell" is used in an episode
  • "Damn" is used in Season 2 Episode 15
  • Courtney refers to being a C.I.T "I was a C.I.T" and Heather changes it to "More like a B-I-T-C*"
  • Stronger obscene language is usually bleeped out.
  • In a couple of episode, people are shown sticking middle-fingers up at each other although it is bleeped out.
  • Noah states that his cousins are not allowed to watch TDI or TDA or TDWT.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In the Boys-vs-Girls challenge in TDI, Trent gets drugged by a flashback that caught up to him from his past and he ends up sucking his thumb.
  • In an episode of TDA, Trent goes a little overboard in his mental health when Duncan starts spending more time with Gwen. To get Gwen's attention from Duncan, Trent comes up with a nine obsession, even when Duncan reveals it to the audience.
  • In an episode of TDWT, there are bottles like champagne in Paris.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the challenges can be quite frightening for younger children. They can show people doing dangerous things, and peril is included throughout the show. A lot of the drop of shames/dock of shames are meant for laughs, but they can be dark as well.
  • Rated TV-PG, sometimes TV-PG-D

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