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Season 4

12 Jan. 2012
Truth or Laser Shark
As the competition narrows down to twelve, the contestants now face a "Truth or Dare" type of challenge which forces the contestants to either embarrass themselves by saying the truth, or have their entire team be plunged underwater into shark-infested waters. During the challenge, Sam is revealed to have farted on his only date, Brick is revealed to have wet his pants on his first and last day of school one year, and B's full name is revealed to be Beverly. After a dip in the water in the midst of the challenge, Scott inadvertently begins a rivalry with Fang (a large...
19 Jan. 2012
Ice Ice Baby
The episode begins with everyone eating at the cafeteria. In there, Mike tries to explain his personality problem by telling everyone that he is role playing, but then admits his disorder at the confessional. The contestants are then taken to the first challenge: to climb up a mountain to the top with your bare hands and feet, or by using stuff from a junk pile that is owned by a giant mutated cockroach. Once they are climbing the mountain, they must avoid the stuff that Chef throws at them. The Toxic Rats manages to get to the top of the mountain first by ...
26 Jan. 2012
Finders Creepers
The ten remaining campers compete in a spooky themed challenge where all of them are taken to the forest and must navigate their way to a cemetery, dig and open up a coffin, grab a flashlight from inside the coffin and find their way around the forest while racing to the finish line. Throughout the challenge, they encounter several mutated animals and eventually a giant pink spider that attacks and captures all of the contestants except Mike, Cameron and Anne Maria. Due to Mike's severe disorder, his Vito personality continues to attract Anne Maria and soon causes her...
9 Feb. 2012
Runaway Model
In this episode, both teams face off in a fashion contest by finding models on the island, also saving Lindsay, after she is kidnapped by Sasquatchinakwa. Scott's rivalry with Fang heats up after he tricks him into falling into one of his own traps, and he later tries to sow some seeds to get Zoey eliminated in the future. Sam goes on a video game frenzy, which almost wins the challenge until Jo, in an anger trip from her looks being laughed at, punches Sasquatchinakwa to save Lindsay and win the challenge, leaving the Rats to vote off Sam. Before Sam is hurled off, ...
16 Feb. 2012
A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
The two teams are sent into an abandoned mine, where Jo takes charge of the Rats, and Mike's disorder gets more out of hand when a fourth personality: Manitoba Smith, makes his debut. Meanwhile, Brick throws the challenge to save his the Maggots, as they were his original team, resulting in another loss for the Toxic Rats. Meanwhile, a still-feral Ezekiel falls in love with Anne Maria, and wins her over by giving her a diamond-like gem. In the end, Brick is voted off for throwing the challenge and Anne Maria quits the competition, thinking she'll be rich with the gem ...
1 Mar. 2012
Grand Chef Auto
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15 Mar. 2012
Run It If You Can
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