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Season 2

11 Jan. 2009
Monster Cash
They're back! Fourteen of our season one competitors have returned for the chance to win... One. Million. Dollars.
18 Jan. 2009
Alien Resurr-Eggtion
Fourteen cast mates embark on an epic search for alien eggs in our alien movie-themed challenge, while Chef, a.k.a. Mama Alien, tracks their every move.
25 Jan. 2009
Riot on Set
After winning last week's challenge, cute couple Gwen and Trent find themselves with a rather doubtful 'reward' - they're forced to pick teams and compete against each other!
1 Feb. 2009
Beach Blanket Bogus
Trent and Gwen have made up after last week's challenge - at least initially, as the teams learn that this week's movie genre is the classic Teen Beach Flick.
8 Feb. 2009
3:10 to Crazytown
During an epic heat wave, the cast are thrust into a Western movie-themed challenge against their will.
15 Feb. 2009
The Aftermath: 1
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5 Apr. 2009
Chefshank Redemption
A rude awakening finds all the guys and girls locked in their trailers as prep for today's 'Prison Movie Showdown.'
12 Apr. 2009
One Flu Over the Cuckoos
The 'campers' are thrown into med-school and forced to cram all night for the medical drama to follow.
19 Apr. 2009
The Sand Witch Project
When Chris dramatically drops in on the cast, complete with fake blood spatters, everyone realizes that it's time for the horror movie challenge.
26 Apr. 2009
Masters of Disasters
The cast miss DJ's delicious cooking as they are tempted to lose their disgusting lunch on this week's disaster movie-themed challenges.
3 May 2009
Full Metal Drama
The Screaming Gaffers are falling apart at the seams, with the ongoing strife between Harold and Duncan only escalating by the day - and everyone annoyed with Leshawna after discovering she lied.
5 May 2009
The Aftermath: 2
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Ocean's Eight - or Nine
This week's bank heist challenge starts with the teams having to blow a safe and rescue either Owen or Leshawna from within, along with some bank robbing tools.
10 Sep. 2009
One Million Bucks BC
Ooga Ooga. Dig up the hatchets everyone because Courtney is back!
Million Dollar Babies
Cue the marching band and prepare to cut the finish ribbon - because its sports movie day on Total Drama Action.
1 Oct. 2009
Dial M for Merger
The seven remaining cast mates embark on this week's spy-movie themed challenge as the teams are merged.
8 Oct. 2009
Super Hero-ld
There's nothing scarier than waking up to the sound of someone screaming in terror.
15 Oct. 2009
The Aftermath: 3
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Princess Pride
When Chris shows up with a glass combat boot, the contestants know it's time to bust open the conventions of a fairy tale movie.
Get a Clue
And then there were five... The gloves are off and the magnifying glasses are out, as Chris declares this week the mystery movie challenge.
11 Nov. 2009
Rock n' Rule
Strap on those air guitars! 'Cause this is the week to rock 'n roll!
Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen
GONG! It's the girls (Beth and Courtney) versus the boys (Harold and Duncan) as Chris declares this episode's kung fu challenge.
26 Nov. 2009
2008: A Space Owen
The five remaining cast mates embark on a challenge that's 'out of this world', in this week's outer space extravaganza.
26 Nov. 2009
Top Dog
Four remaining cast mates embark on this week's animal/buddy flick, forced to bond with creatures of the fur and feather variety.
Mutiny on the Soundstage
It's down to Beth and Duncan, as the competition accelerates into the final episodes...
Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire?
Beth and Duncan are on pins and needles as they're forced to sit through an aftermath show - including grilling from their cast-off team mates about some of the questionable choices they made in the game.
6 Apr. 2010
Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special
Celebrity Manhunt is Total Drama's animated spoof of entertainment magazine shows like E-Talk Canada and TMZ.

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