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The return of Carson (yay!)
robrosenberger4 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
And the show continues galloping toward the season conclusion. In this penultimate two-parter, a plague is spreading across the galaxy, killing both human and wraith. The source is old hybrid nemesis Michael (Connor Trineer, ENTERPRISE). He kidnaps Teyla, having need of her unborn child who has wraith DNA. In a failed rescue attempt, the crew find...Carson! He has no memories of his death, saying he's been Michael's prisoner for two years. He turns out to be a clone, and without Michael's injections, must go into stasis to have any hope of survival. His first moment on screen brings a rush of relief and joy. Paul McGillion's chemistry and character work were a highlight of the first three seasons. Jewel Staite is a fine replacement, but they've brought her along at such a snail's pace, it hasn't been able to fill the gap. A tip of the hat goes out to recurring actor Christopher Heyerdahl, who puts in top-notch double duty as Todd the wraith and the athosian Halling.
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