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  • A plague of sorts is spreading across the Pegasus galaxy and Dr. Keller estimates that hundreds of thousands will die if they don't don't find a way to stop it. Her research shows however that the disease's origin is with the Hoff, who had been working on a way to kill the Wraith. Sheppard and the others think they know who might be spreading the virus and why. Teyla meanwhile believes she is receiving messages from Kanaan, the father of her child. She's getting his messages while sleeping and most think she's just dreaming. She follows the clues he gives her but she is taken prisoner by an old enemy who has very specific plans for her. In their search for Teyla however, Sheppard and McKay find someone completely unexpected.


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  • This episode began with Teyla's nightmare in which she burns body of her child's father, Kenan in a funeral fire. When funeral already began and fire is high, Kenan awakes and screaming for help - here she wakes up. After that, in a standard supply voyage she found jewelry belongs to her Athosian people at the local trader. After short intimidation trader gives up and shows Teyla one of his suppliers from which he obtains that jewelry. Supplier, after a little initimidation, agrees to show Teyla where he obtain this jewelry, but on their way back to the StarGate Wraith dart appears and stole supplier and Theyla. Soon Theyla find out that her people were stolen by Michael. He's been able to upgrade retrovirus to condition at which human gains all benefits of Wraith without need to feed on humans. And the Athosians were captured by him for his experiments. In the same time Sheppard find out a planet where Theyla might be held in prison. They descended in that detention center where they found a big surprise --- alive Dr. Beckett

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