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Fire & Water
ccthemovieman-122 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A man dressed like an astronaut from the Alan Shephard days is found dead after his burning body smashed into a vehicle while traveling 80 miles per hour! What is that all about? Well, it's about "street luges," and setting speed records on them while also catching on fire, with a couple of zealous races.

The second story also has a strange angle. Some new public state-of-the-art port-o-potty available in the city gives up a dead woman after a lady had deposited her coins in the slot and tried to enter. When she opened the door, gallons of water, and a dead female, came pouring out into the street. The woman had cuts all over her arms but the medical examiner said the cause of death was drowning. How did all that water can in there and why wouldn't she have opened the door and left? This is another bizarre case, made even stranger when DNA from a prisoner still in jail, is underneath the victim's fingernails.

One of these cases turns out to be just an accident while another is a murder.
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