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Whether it's Peterson/Bronson's more theatrical bits or his untamable character's many blood-spitting, knuckle-beating, explosions, Hardy chomps down on his once-in-a-career role with stunning ferocity and never lets go. He's extraordinary.
He's neither victim nor hero, but a man who, in every conceivable sense, belongs behind bars.
It is 92 minutes of rage, acted by Tom Hardy.
This movie and Hardy's electrifying performance will knock you for a loop.
Bronson isn't a story in the traditional sense at all. It's a meditation on the art of rage - an action painting passing itself off as an action movie.
The tone is surreal, at once visceral and clinical, making Bronson an unsettling experience: savage, disturbing, and yet somehow fascinating.
Hardy is remarkable, however. This is an actor with a memorably expressive rasp of a voice, both blunt and musical.
Tom Hardy gives an amazing performance as Peterson, who took on the nickname Charlie Bronson, after the "Death Wish" actor.
It's lively and vivid but ends up leaving the viewer indifferent to the central character, his life, and his dubious place in British pop culture.
The Hollywood Reporter
Despite the artistic flourishes, this is still an utterly repellent look at a psychopath who does not deserve the attention of the filmmakers or the audience.
It's an assaultive work about an assaultive fellow.

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