Whip It (2009) Poster


Plot Keywords

pageant small town
friend waitress
beauty pageant texas
roller derby female friendship
bechdel test passed blue hair
second place singing while working
reference to jack black sitting on a rooftop
headband guitar player
directed by co star scene during end credits
vomiting gym locker
thrown into water nickname
stuffed in a locker mother daughter conflict
postal employee reading aloud
u.s. postal service watching tv
football on tv pouring a drink on someone's head
cheating boyfriend reference to princess leia
lost car keys female stockinged soles
female stockinged legs female stockinged feet
camera shot of feet tights
title directed by female female protagonist
liar jumping into a pool with clothes on
raised middle finger lie
teenage girl kiss on the lips
underdog loses deafness
reference to star wars female slaps male
face slap drunkenness
police officer police
rock band band
van infidelity
college acceptance secrecy
bathroom coming of age
obscene gesture furtive smoking
singing in a car underwater scene
red bra mismatched bra and panties
green bra girl in bra and panties
blue panties younger sister
warehouse t shirt
shopping shoes
reference to stryper reference to columbia university
poster playbook
pig makeup
lying about age head shop
gluttony flyer
eating contest deaf athlete
costume burning clothing
bruise bong
bloody nose beer
animal sign women's sports
website vomiting in a toilet
vomit underage drinking
trophy trespassing
trespassing in a pool training
swimming pool swimming in underwear
souvenir smoking parent
rock musician reference to jabba the hutt
reference to buddy holly reference to barbie
reference to babe ruth reference to ashlee simpson
raid practice
pinball pie in the face
pay phone mail carrier
locker room lying to one's parents
hot tub gown
food fight dyed hair
bus barbecue restaurant
arrest young athlete
female athlete star athlete
rivalry mother daughter relationship
love football
father daughter relationship falling in love
dress coach
athletics athlete
roller skating roller skate
roller skates roller skater
two word title austin texas
based on book based on novel

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