The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) Poster

Plot Keywords

mountain lake town
burglar wizard
dragon party
giant fight
quest ring
dwarf giant spider
hobbit open ended
small town burning building
falling from height no opening credits
subjective camera spear
shield person on fire
unrequited love hostage
molten gold gold coin
escape rescue
fish goat
guard coming of age
freedom fighter home invasion
prophecy mayor
corrupt official armory
single father single parent
child in peril brother sister relationship
father daughter relationship boat
chase drunkenness
healing power poisoned arrow
fantasy sequence nightmare
dream jail cell
wine cellar water well
skeleton skull
jewel village
leg wound subterranean
torso cut in half redemption
revenge blockbuster
stabbed in the neck stabbed in the shoulder
stabbed in the arm shot in the neck
shot in the arm shot in the shoulder
shot in the face shot in the eye
stabbed in the eye stabbed in the leg
strangulation throat slitting
neck breaking blood splatter
blood animal attack
animal killing race against time
giant monster giant creature
barn monster
hallucination combat
violence death
murder dual wield
mixed martial arts brawl
fist fight necromancer
dam underwater scene
waterfall stylized violence
dark fantasy forcefield
orb thief
woods explosion
fire castle
bridge cave
flood arrest
ice snow
ambush greed
deception pipe smoking
teleportation disfigurement
assassination attempt scar
sword and fantasy sword and sorcery
assassin army
soldier female soldier
female fighter female warrior
tough girl action heroine
warrior tough guy
action hero fictional war
battle sword fight
hand to hand combat martial arts
impalement love triangle
cliffhanger character's point of view camera shot
magic fire breathing dragon
moonlight hidden door
key map
tomb gold
treasure king
falling down stairs axe
river severed head
decapitation subtitled scene
barrel hiding in a barrel
poison disfigured face
shot to death shot in the leg
shot in the forehead shot in the throat
shot in the back shot in the head
shot in the chest bow and arrow
father son relationship photograph
rain kingdom
stabbed in the throat stabbed in the back
stabbed in the chest stabbed to death
stabbed in the head stabbed in the mouth
invisibility cocoon
knocked out lost in the woods
forest killing an animal
good versus evil foot chase
transformation shapeshifting
lens flare character repeating someone else's dialogue
written by director creature
3 dimensional pub
flashback knife throwing
knife sword
elf director cameo
prequel and sequel second part
sequel prequel
based on novel character name in title
title spoken by character

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