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Season 2

19 Jan. 2008
Giganto: The Real King Kong
A study of the creature which inspired the legend of King Kong, the prehistoric giant ape, Gigantopithecus.
28 May 2008
Mega Hog
MonsterQuest teams up with American hog hunters in search of gigantic wild boar.
4 Jun. 2008
Vampire Beast
Over 50 years ago there was a spate of mysterious pet and farm animal killings in Bolivia, North Carolina. Now it seems whatever was responsible has returned. Can MonsterQuest uncover the truth behind a creature with a taste for blood?
11 Jun. 2008
MonsterQuest visits the Lizzie Borden house in search of it's famous ghosts.
18 Jun. 2008
Ohio Grassman
For over a century a Bigfoot-type creature has terrified children in Ohio. Can MonsterQuest discover evidence of the legendary Grassman?
25 Jun. 2008
Giant Killer Snakes
Head into the wilds of Venezuela and the Florida Everglades with MonsterQuest as they search for huge man-eating snakes.
16 Jul. 2008
Super Rats
Recent archaeological evidence suggests that rats once grew to massive sizes. Could these huge rodents be making a comeback?
23 Jul. 2008
Black Beast of Exmoor
MonsterQuest investigates a strange cat-like creature which allegedly is on the prowl in the forests of Great Britain.
23 Jul. 2008
An investigation into reports of a Texan cousin of the infamous 'Goatsucker' - El Chupacabra.
30 Jul. 2008
Legend of the Hairy Beast
Both feared and revered by the Native American Indians, whose stories and art about it go back over 1,000 years, the 'Hairy Man' of legend could provide the most promising evidence of a Bigfoot-type creature yet.
6 Aug. 2008
Vampires in America
MonsterQuest uncovers a century-long vampire scare in New England in the 1700's. Were there really any vampires about and could there still be some amongst us today?
13 Aug. 2008
Boneless Horror
MonsterQuest dives to the bottom of the North Pacific Ocean in an attempt to find a species of giant octopus, large enough to sink a ship.
20 Aug. 2008
Bigfoot in New York
The MonsterQuest team go in search of a Bigfoot-type creature in upstate New York, known locally as 'The Monster of Whitehall'.
14 Sep. 2008
China's Wildman
MonsterQuest travels to Hubai, a remote Chinese province, in search of a creature covered in reddish-brown hair which the locals have dubbed the 'Wild-Man'.
17 Sep. 2008
Lake Monsters of the North
The MonsterQuest team explore both historic and recent sightings of a mysterious eel-like monster in Lake Crescent, Newfoundland, Canada.
24 Sep. 2008
Giant Bear Attack
Giant bears once hunted humans in ancient times. Could their smaller modern-day cousins be evolving back to their prehistoric proportions?
8 Oct. 2008
Giant Squid Ambush
MonsterQuest returns to the Sea of Cortez in this follow-up episode to 'Giant Squid Found' in the hopes that newer technology might yield greater results.
22 Oct. 2008
Monster Spider
Investigation on reports of large desert arachnids in Iraq called Camel Spiders and examines claims about spiders large enough to eat small dogs in Peru.
29 Oct. 2008
Jaws in Illinois
From the bayous of Louisiana to the St. Lawrence River in Illinois, MonsterQuest searches for evidence of deadly Bull sharks leaving the oceans and venturing into fresh water.
5 Nov. 2008
Real Dragons
MonsterQuest journeys to Australia's Blue Mountains in search of 'Megalania', an extinct giant prehistoric lizard, bigger than it's relative the Komodo Dragon and finds it may not be quite as extinct as people think...
12 Nov. 2008
Sasquatch Attack II
MonsterQuest returns to the remote cabin in Northern Ontario, Canada seen in the episode 'Sasquatch Attack', which had previously been attacked by an unknown creature. Will they find evidence of a Bigfoot this time?

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