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"Stargate: Atlantis" Midway (2008)

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The IOA is conducting interviews back on Earth, to ensure that any personnel serving on Atlantis (in particular Aliens) are suitable for their roles.

The episode opens up with a heavily pregnant Teyla having been interviewed and reporting back to Atlantis. Ronan is next. Col Carter is unsure about Ronan's ability to handle the IOA's interview and therefore requests for Teal'C to come to Atlantis in a coaching capacity to Ronan.

After a rocky start to their relationship, Ronan and Teal'C return to Earth, via a series of gates that McKay had previously designed. The Midway station had been setup as a mid way point between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies, which serves primarily as a place for travellers to serve a 24 hour quarantine.

While Teal'C and Ronan are serving their quarantine in the extremely cramped Midway station, it is boarded by the Wraith, via the stargate, with the intention to travel to Stargate Command on Earth. They achieve this objective, but only with Teal'C and Ronan in tow. What ensues is a battle between the Wraith and the team of Teal'C and Ronan, for control of Stargate Command.


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