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good script return in Atlantis

Author: Ariel Vaju from Romania
16 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

never thought Stargate Atlantis would return in such a cool way. After several episodes that, in my opinion were written and aired just for publicity, money, audience - with disregard to general viewer - this episode tries and almost does what a sci-fi series would need to do.

It brings mystery, action, cool SF action, not just regular walks on Earth like planet, and possible (the cool) return of the Teal'c Jaffa in action.

This episode is full of action, like in the old SG1 days, possible prefiguring a good season finale (which is not as far as you may think). The appearance of Teal'c in a new trendy outfit, with a never unseen look and without his "spear" led me to think that the script of the show has been modified to meet the demands of the audience.

A new team seems to arise inside the Stargate Atlantis, now with the departing of pregnant Teyla

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Teal'c vs Ronon vs Wraith

Author: XweAponX from United States
9 September 2014

What do ya do with the two Big Guys from the Stargate Franchise? Well, ya have them beat the crap out of each other, then you sic em loose on The Bad Guys. And then there's cake.

Chris Judge returns as the now well-aged "Teal'c" - Remember that in the SG-1 Series Finale, he lived for many years while the Asgard-Equipped ship "Odyssey" was in a Time-Bubble, he was the only one to live through the whole thing and return to a previous time, with memory (and age) intact.

So now we have an image of a very much older and wiser Teal'c, but one who is very much as virile as he ever has been - It is as if Teal'c has finally become his surrogate father "Bra'Tac", Save the Armored Skullcap. Instead, Teal'c sports a fine set of Grey-Streaked Dreadlocks.

Ronon Dex (Jason "Conan" Momoa) however is still very much like the younger Teal'c from the early years of SGC, and like Teal'c, must needs be questioned by the powers that be. For Ronin, this is the relatively new "IOA" agency, which has a new member which makes Woolsey appear friendly: "Coolidge" (played by Rob LaBelle, "Crazy Eddie" of "First Wave").

A Routine trip through the "McKay-Carter Bridge" (The series of Stargates which link the Pegasus galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy) becomes not-so routine, and instead of getting to watch The Three Stooges with Ronon, Teal'c has to team up with him and kill Wraith. Not that Teal'c would not enjoy both activities.

As helpful as our Wraith friend "Todd" (Christopher Heyerdahl, sometimes Brendan Penny) has been, he is not immune to sabotage from his own Wraith crew or allies - He may have decided to keep all he had learned about Atlantis to himself, but he had other Wraith on his ship which did not like the idea of Wraith allying with Atlantis - So Todd was attacked and all of his Atlantis data stolen by a quisling - played here by Scott Heindl, who was the male form of the evil Lucy Butler in the series "MillenniuM". He is just as insidious here, playing one of the Long Haired Wraith "Captains".

The main point of attack is the "Midway" station, which is in free space in between the Pegasus and Milky Way Galaxies- Where Dr. Lee (Bill Dow) is trying to teach "Kavenaugh" (Ben Cotton) how to run the place.

Basically The Wraith have hacked into the Bridge system, and since there is no Iris or need to approve Inbound-Gate codes, they can just walk right in - Next stop, Earth and the SGC. Leaving only Teal'c and Ronon the only ones who can do anything about it.

Maybe it sounds like the whole plot is given away here, but it hasn't. This episode explores the similarities - And differences between Teal'c and Ronon, they are not simply two huge guys cast to make fight scenes look better, even though that is the result. These are two guys who have deep aspects. Indeed.

This is the second to last appearance of Kavanagh, and again he is just as stupid as he always is. Ironically, he had proved he can provide useful day-saving ideas, early in the series - But any series must needs have at least one total jerk. Usually, they are given an opportunity to acquit themselves, but here, he is his usual impatient self, the one who does not listen to McKay's urgency about not touching anything- Even though the immediate effect of his action here was positive. If McKay is left to "figure it out", the entire Milky Way would have been overrun while he was figuring it out. Kavanagh however, would simply press a button immediately and damn the consequences. It might have been great to have more appearances of this guy, but there is just so much you can take when dealing with meat-heads. Plus, the guy had been taken over by a Goa'Uld - Maybe Goa'Uld's thrive best in his personality type.

One thing I have noticed is that although Carter is one of the main stars of Season 4, Amanda Tapping was absent from a few episodes. In Atlantis as the Commander of the base, she is never given the opportunity to do what she does best, which is figure things out. But her appearance in this series after the "death" of Dr. Weir was a good choice.

The reason why I love this show and 'Stargate Universe" is the continuity between all of the series, and this episode seamlessly blends the universe of Atlantis and the Wraith with the universe of the Goa'Uld, the Ori, the Asgard and The Ancients- But the difference in Atlantis being, the Ancients are not seen as mystical beings who were always good, and correct- Many of their Mistakes can be found in The Pegasus Galaxy: From Wraith to Replicators.

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