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Author: Rectangular_businessman from Peru
12 July 2012

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Personally, I found the four "animated comics" based in the "I Am Legend" movie starring Will Smith to be way more interesting and complex than that film, giving each one of them a completely new perspective to the apocalyptic story, having a beauty and subtlety which the live-action film lacked.

"Isolation" gives a little glimpse of irony to the dark setting where this story takes place, something which is combined perfectly well with the great atmosphere and the magnificent art. Even if this little short doesn't have the same depth of Broke Burgess's masterpiece, it is certainly a work worth of recognition, with many virtues that deserve to be taken in consideration.


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Not convinced by the story

Author: Thomas (filmreviews@web.de) from Berlin, Germany
30 October 2015

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"I Am Legend: Awakening - Story 2: Isolation" is the second of four animated short films that are little add-ons to the movie "I Am Legend". And yet, at least this one feels pretty different. Without the title, I cannot see that I would have recognized the connection. The director of this 6.5-minute movie is Brooke Burgess and she also made short films on Hellboy for example. This little film here from almost 10 years ago did not really convince me. The action was pretty uninteresting, even if it tried so hard to be really relevant and the animation style, which basically looked like taken right out of a comic book is nothing I particularly liked either. Not recommended.

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Arguably not that closely tied to the film

Author: TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews from Earth
24 October 2009

This is the second of the four "animated comics" on the I Am Legend DVD, taking place in the same universe as the movie. Unlike the first, this has spoken language, and a more conventional story-telling form. This also, greater extent, feels like a moving graphic novel. There are speech bubbles, and the different "scenes" and situations get a look that fits them, with lighting and colors. The pace is spot-on, and this never loses your attention. There is a nice contrast between the dynamic and atmospheric portions of this. Cinematography and editing are marvelous. The music is excellent and spot-on. Sound is generally a strong suit in this. Voice acting is pretty impressive, and everyone is well-cast. The design of this is well-done. In six and a half minutes, there is a good amount of plot. I'm not certain if these are the only things Jada Pinkett Smith has developed, but I say, keep it up. This has stronger violence than the flick, and there is definitely disturbing content as well. If you can live with the fact that this doesn't do that much to share a connection with the motion picture, you may very well enjoy this. I recommend it to any fans, and those who like dark fiction. 7/10

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What the hell!?

Author: ForCenturies from Australia
24 January 2008

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I liked the visual style of this short, but I don't understand what the hell it has to do with I Am Legend, other than mention of the virus and monsters.

I thought perhaps the main guy who narrates the piece would be the monster who tricks Will Smith in the actual film, but I guess that's open to interpretation.

You need to pay close attention to what's going on the first time you watch it and you'll get the general gist of it - until it ends. It leaves you going "What the hell just happened?!?!" Some of the animation was a bit unnerving to watch...but maybe that was the point? It was definitely a new step in 2D animation like The Animatrix.

Unless you're completely obsessed with the actual film starring Will Smith (I'm not obsessed, but I DID love it [5/5]), and you feel you NEED to watch this, go ahead. It won't actually delve you deep into the story however, well, not that I could see.

I will commend the film-makers for showing that the virus didn't just happen in New York and this short takes place somewhere else, but character-wise it didn't tie into the film whilst standing alone, which is actually what you need with this type of thing. Take for example, Final Flight of the Osiris from The Animatrix, that didn't have ANY characters from The Matrix films, but it did mention getting a message to Zion, and they actually mention the Osiris in Reloaded. The Kid, also from The Animatrix, appears in both Matrix sequels and has Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in it.

This is nothing like the aforementioned shorts.

It just takes place at a different place.

Though the animation is certainly something to witness, you aren't going to die if you don't see this.


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