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Kitschy, funny, sexy and lacking any pretension to be anything more than it is

Author: liquidcelluloid-1 from
12 April 2009

Network: Cinemax; Genre: Skinamax Comedy; Content Rating: TV-MA (for simulated sex, full frontal nudity, profanity); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1- 4);

Seasons Reviewed: 3 seasons (aka Co-Ed Confidential, Co-Ed Confidential: Sophmores, Co-Ed Confidential: Spring Break)

Deep down in the bowls of television obscurity lies a little Cinemax After Dark series called "Co-Ed Confidential". Amongst the rest of the soft core, late night sex shows that have given Skinemax it's reputation, "Confidential" is a damn near mind-blowing creation. Half porn, half sitcom. It's the closest thing the network has ever come to a real show- and a fun one at that.

The thing about porn, is that the traditional standards and rules don't apply. As long as there are half-way decent sex scenes (which "Confidential" has plenty of) , it can get away with anything. Bad acting, terrible writing, hapless directing. "Confidential" appears to know this and has a lot of fun with it, resulting in acting and writing that is better than anything else in the genre.

"Confidential" is a take-off on the usual college fraternity comedy. The characters (with a largely rotating cast) are as minimalist as they should be, streamlined into one-note traits. Normally something I decry in a show, but the rules are different here and characters as deep as "the nerd", "the jock", "the party animal" are exactly what is required. It works because the performances are actually pretty good, in that they are perfectly in line with the material. James (Kevin Patrick) is the Van Wilder, the frat boy who has permanently set up shop at the Omega house and becomes the custodian of a group of incoming freshman who due to a wacky mix-up don't otherwise have residence. Residents include party girl Karen (Michelle Maylene), geek Larry (Bradley Joseph), Freddy (Andre Boyer) and Lisa (Sandra Luesse), whose trait as the virgin makes her a short-lived character despite being the best looking in the cast. The stories and drama center around ladies man James' on-again-off-again relationship with Ophelia (Hanna Harper), well played by both.

"Confidential" is refreshing and surprisingly funny, both intentionally and unintentionally (though I suspect the unintentional kitschy moments may be jokes on us). Watch the show and you're going to get a fun mix of not-so-subtle pop culture references, movie quotes and lines to the effect of "If we don't raise enough money to keep Double D's bar open, Dick Johnson will buy it and take over". From the fights with the stiff campus Dean to James' loud, wacky shirts to the natural improbability of all the sex scenes and the drama of Ophelia and James break-ups, "Confidential" is the type of show that acknowledges cliché and can only be enjoyed by those that can revel it its absurdity. I can't decide if this is a surprise or not given the state of most TV, but in its own charming slap-dash sort of way, "Co-Ed Confidential" is actually funnier than a lot of the lame sitcoms on network TV. Given how clinically over-sexed most network sitcoms are – and given their inability to pay the sexual tension off- I'm willing to bet there are legions of shows that wish they were "Co-Ed Confidential". Plus, I'd put this show up against ANY of the endless National Lampoon or American Pie direct-to-DVD college movies.

My favorite episode of the series is "Rolling Royce" in which James' battle with Ophelia's fiancé Royce (Eric Aston) explodes in a class presidential election between the two in which James launched a "Vote with your C**k" campaign. Given that it aired in an election year, the sitcom/porn hybrid reached into a little political satire. I can honestly say I've never, ever, seen anything like that.

I've underplayed the soft-core aspect of the show, because frankly, that's actually not its strength. That's the surreal thing about it. Yet, the sex scenes in "Confidential" are actually fun. A stark contrast to the low-lit, melodramatic scenes you'll find in other shows which are limited to women finding their soul mates and making beautiful love to them while soft music croons over it. Oh please. Where fem-porn has taken over the soft-core genre, "Confidential" steps up to deliver for both genders. Yes, believe it or not, men actually watch soft-core porn too.

The soundtrack, in and out of the sex scenes, pops with punk, rock themes. I dare anyone not to watch the show and not rummage around the internet for a copy of "Better than Me", the show's ending theme.

Kitschy, funny, sexy, lacking any pretension to be anything more than it is, "Co-Ed Confidential" is a marriage of several familiar elements in a way that makes them all fresh and original again. I never thought I've be seeing a porn/sitcom hybrid. And even at that, what are the odds it will be as much pure fun as "Co-Ed Confidential". It's the first porn series strong enough with characters and story to deserve a mainstream DVD release. If you have Cinemax and aren't watching this show you're wasting your money.

* * * / 4

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pretty good

Author: hwmail-1 from United States
4 October 2008

There is more of a story line than most porn, but there is also a lot of nudity and sex. The cool thing about it is that it's available on regular channels, so if you're looking for something quick and halfway decent it works. A lot of the episodes are really funny and portray an aspect of college life that is real, but that high schools and parents definitely wouldn't mention. It's funny, and there are romances that do and do not end well. The original story line, of how they all got into the house together, is pretty unrealistic- as, quite frankly, is the amount of sex- but a lot of the other aspects are true to life. I definitely loved the show. It was interesting and easy to get into, even after I'd missed the first couple of episodes.

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Comedy and Porn mix:

Author: FloridaBoy24 from United States
25 March 2008

It's actually an interesting mix when comedy and I guess porn mix, truly I never found it actually exciting, I can honestly say I watched it after the first episode because of the story and comedy value. Basically this premiered as a late night show on Cinemax around 6 months ago, about 6 college students living together and the various hijinks they cause and the experiences they go through.

If your looking for porn this might not be for you. If you don't mind an OK story and really college hijinks and problems that a person can relate to as a college student, I'd suggest it.

Just don't go into this expecting porn or anything along those lines, it's much closer to a comedy/drama with the occasionally sex scene mixed in advancing the overall story.

I Rate it high not because of the sex, but mostly because the story had me laughing the whole time.

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Co-Ed Confidential

Author: jonathanruano from Canada
5 May 2009

"Co-Ed Confidential" must be considered unique in the sense that it is one of the few pornos where the writers actually put effort into writing the screenplay. Normally, porn directors and writers simply hire several attractive girls, pay them to have sex with less attractive males (of course, you really need a bisexual to make an accurate determination on that point) and arrange for boring dialogue in between. The assumption, of course, is that the porno will be profitable, because of the graphic sex scenes.

But like "Dream On" (another series that comes to mind which is similar to the one reviewed here), this series is witty, amusing and original. For instance, I like the scene where Lisa (Sandra Luesse) tries to join a nunnery to safeguard her virginity. The joke here is an inside one because the head nun is played by a porn star well known in the 1990s. Another scene at the end has Karen's father remarking on how innocent and virtuous his daughter is -- he really has no idea that she is sexually uninhibited. And even the banter that occurs between the characters can be really interesting.

However, I do fault the series for a few things. Some of the sexual humor is base and the sex scenes can sometimes be quite boring. Most of the actors are average, which is not surprising since it is hard to find good actors in the porn industry. But Kevin Patrick, as James, really steals the show as the cool guy running the frathouse. He successfully portrays a character that is amusing, interesting and bit too clever for his own good.

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Excellent adult entertainment for eh, young adults.

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
19 July 2009

This is one of the best Skinemax efforts to deliver quality entertainment for adults. This time, it's oriented for a younger adult audience who is still in college or those who are just incorporating in labor life.

The sex is pretty explicit and leaves nothing for your imagination. The cast couldn't be better because it features sexy young actors that have performed very well previously on this kind of cinema.

The humor is pretty good and could be compared to the one used in popular movie comedies such as "American Pie". The soundtrack is pretty good and catchy as well as the slick editing and colorful cinematography.

I recommend this great effort for those who enjoy sex as entertainment.

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