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Season 6

28 Sep. 2011
Survivor's Guilt
New partner Sam Casey joins a grieving Ronnie to find out who shot Matt dead. Sam suspects an accomplice of the recently convicted Mark Ellis but the trail ultimately leads to Jamaal Clarkson,a youngster whose brother Kieran was murdered in 2003,though the police closed the case as a suicide. Jamaal believes they were not interested as Kieran was black and tells Ronnie he knows Ellis was the murderer. It was his intention to kill Ellis but,on discovering that he had been sentenced,shot Matt instead as an act of revenge against the apathetic police. Whilst Alesha and ...
5 Oct. 2011
Following an armed robbery at a takeaway a bystander is killed and Michael Coombs,who has a medical condition,is forced to drive the robbers when their car breaks down. Frank Donovan admits involvement with ex-cellmate Jamie Harper and agrees to divulge where Coombs was taken in exchange to a murder charge being reduced to manslaughter of the onlooker. However Coombs has died,a fact of which Donovan was surely aware and Jake aims to have the agreement annulled against opposition from Donovan's brief Miriam Pescatore. Then Harper's body is discovered buried in the ...
12 Oct. 2011
After being hit by a car dying burglar Jimmy O'Docherty confesses to killing teen-aged Amanda Bennett fourteen years earlier. At the time Ronnie arrested Simon,her father,who got life but was released on appeal after three years. Now three sources come forward to say that Jimmy's partner in crime Ricky Phelps admitted to the murder and he stands trial. His barrister Philip Nevins not only discredits the prosecution witnesses but points to the fact that,at the time of the original investigation Ronnie was an alcoholic and his colleague Bernard Rawlins hooked on ...
19 Oct. 2011
When janitor Jonathan Waldman is killed by a letter bomb early suspicions are off a race crime as he was Jewish until the police find out that he was blackmailing student Simon Wells for stealing drugs from Thameside University,where Jonathan was employed. Simon admits to making the letter bomb but his brief,Rachel Mathesson,pleads diminished responsibility as Simon as the boy has a mental condition. He was seeing psychiatrist Dr Middlebrook,who could be responsible for Simon's condition as he failed to continue his treatment in return for money from a German ...
26 Oct. 2011
Line Up
Schoolgirl Anna Russo is lured to a flat and raped by three boys who film their crime and post it on the Internet. Anna cannot identify her assailants but DNA from the flat and a statement by Anna's friend Danny,who rang the police that night,leads to the criminals' arrest. However their barrister Renay Everett has the emotive video footage excluded as it does not demonstrate forced intercourse. Alesha,herself a rape victim,leans on Danny to provide evidence to show that Anna was not the boys' first victim.
2 Nov. 2011
Dawn Till Dusk
Ronnie and Sam investigate the murder of philandering barman Derek Strachan shot dead in his car. Prime suspect is Roland Hextor,whose car was spotted at the murder scene and that of another slaying six months earlier but his gun is not the murder weapon and,when his mother provides an alibi for one murder it looks as if he cannot be charged. Meanwhile Abraham Roach is pleading guilty to murder after killing his brother in a fight. The prosecutors believe he is only guilty of manslaughter and do a little bargaining to effect this in exchange for Gareth Markham,a youth...
9 Nov. 2011
Fault Lines
After forensic technician Kelly Mahon is stabbed to death her colleague Lucy Kennard is also attacked,claiming the assailant was taxi driver Carl Lucas who,it would seem,also killed Kelly. Lucy is nervous and seeks reassurance from Sam,eventually having a sexual relationship with him. However mounting evidence suggests that Lucy is the murderer who deliberately incriminated Carl. Furthermore she has a history of extorting money from men,including Kelly's boyfriend Tom. She is tried for murder but in court drops a bombshell that throws her sanity in doubt,claiming that...

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