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"ER" ...As the Day She Was Born (2008)

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Abby Lockhart (Maura Tierney) is distracted today, as she had tried to run away to her husband in the previous episode. Her husband, Dr Luka Kovac (Goran Visnjic) has returned a day before he was expected, but she doesn't seem really happy about that. Neela Rasgotra (Parminder Nagra) is the one who seems more worried about Abby's distractions. Abby says that she has been stressed, but that everything will turn out right.

Marcus arrives with a broken leg. His father is wheelchair-bound, and worries too much. However, Abby doesn't pay too much attention to Marcus.

Two cheese runners compete, and they both claim to have caught the cheese and won the prize. Morris (Scott Grimes) decides that Gareth must have been the right winner, as he was the only one who didn't want to share the prize. Gareth said that he prefers a lier to get all the cheese than having it shared, breaking the tradition.

Luka introduces Abby to his brother Micco. That puts a further strain onto Abby's emotions. She turns to drinking, even putting alcohol into a coke van. The Rileys - Betty and Hank - (Frances Conroy and Bill Bolender) realises that they cannot control their grandaughter anymore, so that Sarah (Chloe Greenfield) goes to live to the city with Nick (Jarvik Bill Bolender).

Harold Zelinsky (Steven Christopher Parker) is obsessed with his graduation. He seems as lost as always, but he is the one who saves Marcus's life, opening him to release the pressure without any experienced doctor's consent. Lucien Dubenko (Leland Orser) watches in amazement. Archie Morris advises Harold how to dress up for the graduation dance, but the first tuxedo gets stained because of the surgery Harold performs to Marcus in spot. Harold has to go with the other option, which is an old-fashioned ridiculous outfit.


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