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What's important is that it gets you thinking
purple_mage92 February 2008
I found this documentary to be excellent. It is a thought provoking, well executed expose' on the manipulations of the masses by those with wealth and power. Some who watch it will find many of it's connections far-fetched, but the fact of the matter is: there are many sources to back them up.

The Truth is, this film doesn't have to be 100% correct, or 75%, or 50%. There's still some serious problems with the world if a forth of it's information holds water. And even if it's all bull, it'll shake you into questioning what is true. And that's all it needs to do.

No one should have any illusions abut what the War on Terrorism or our Federal Banking System.

As a student of both American and European History I found the explanations given in this documentary to be reasonable and logical. Watch it!
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Gather all the information you can constantly research what you hear and read!
Watch-Research31 March 2008
I love this movie. and no I don't take everything they say as full truth just because they say it is. But I do plenty of my own research after watching movies like these and this one is good. But of course don't believe any one source (me included) do all your own research and get your data from a variety of sources and different countries. Then establish your own opinion. I believe they should show movies like these in public schools and in Colleges. Why let only one side of the story claim to be truth? Anyway.. this movie is fast and comes at you. It is not a slow political documentary, I love they way they lay out their cards. its almost like a Informational Action Thriller of debated Non-Fiction.

Do your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans a favor and watch this film and tell everyone you know to watch it. Its free on the internet. It only costs you 2 hours of your life you would have waisted watching worthless reality TV anyway.

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Very compelling, definitely don't believe everything you hear, do your own research!
The Goat15 February 2008
I've watched this movie about 4 times by now, will definitely watch it again as i show it to others. Many interesting arguments, many good points.

While this film is aimed to prove everything presented as truth, one should watch this with an open mind. Take in all the topics, then do your own research, just with any speaker/film/presentation. To blindly follow is pure ignorance.

I do not believe everything in this film. I do however think that everyone should see it if nothing more than a thought experiment. You should be aware of all sides of an argument as to make your argument more effective.

You don't have to agree to find this film interesting.
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Inspired Eye-opener
kupvlc6 March 2008
This film explores three themes which seem totally unrelated: the Christian faith; the attacks of September 11, 2001; the American Federal Reserve System and Income tax. I have never seen a documentary in which images and music were put together in such a powerful and artistic way. The film depicts the fraudulent Zeitgeists that have been used through the centuries to subdue others into acquiescing. It shows that the one truth we are fed daily is a carefully crafted lie, which hold us spellbound. I regret the movie replaces the seen-trough lies with conclusions which had better not been drawn: it would have sufficed to point to the many similarities between The Bible and older books, like the Egyptian book of the dead, without adding the conclusion that Jesus of Nazareth might never have existed. Emphesizing this option as being the most likely one, takes the focus away from the extensive lies which surround Christianity for certain, as is exposed in this film.

It rightly connects the tragic events of 9/11 with the true perpetrators thereof, and does not shy from showing the terrible consequences in human life both on that day and in the years that followed in a fraudulous "War on Terror", which to most people in it is very real, but for its inventors just a cruel joke on a population of semi-sentient humans, who slaughter human life as some humans would slaughter cattle.

Finally, it reveals that unbelievable manipulation has reached a 100-year anniversary after the 1907 panic and the 1913 introduction of the Ferderal Reserve bill, which opened the way to stage not one but two World Wars, which to the casual beholder did little to change the balance of power in the world, but in truth transfered power from the open to the shadows on a grand scale.

A film worth watching over and over again - if you can stomach its dreadful horrors, both in picture and in concept.
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Astonishing with big A
eegorr6 February 2008
Watch it. It is worth to see every single second of this. Spread around.

I part: Very precise connection of astrology and religion, in facts.

II part: Another 9/11 truth, without government bull**** commission.

III part: Answer who is who in the political, military, economy of USA. Im not American, but i felt miserably after this one. Cant imagine how it would looks like that i AM American.

Sadly, American government likes to interfere in other's country business. One of it is mine :( It would be much better if they turn their heads to personal problems of common American citizen.

Along with Michal Moore's Sicko, this is a bullseye!!!
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Actions, not questions
TudorVieru18 February 2008
zeitgeist, like the man from earth, is not meant to provide answers or change conceptions, but simply presents a possible path of evolution for mankind. I've met many people that were not able psychically to conceive that such a massive conspiracy could actually exist. I guess this is the most difficult thing to believe. To be pulled out of a world that makes sense and that they can understand and suddenly to find themselves alone facing a brutal system, governed by secrets and lies and manipulations.

It is best to ask question, but it is better to do something about it, rather than feeling sorry for yourself.
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Questions worth asking
guhleman27 February 2008
There is a lot of arguing going on about the legitimacy of the claims made by this film. Certainly we cannot just swallow everything the filmmaker is trying to feed us. However, the film is not the first to suggest that 9/11 is a vehicle of war and profit designed by the American government. Whether or not you believe it outright or not, the questions provoked by the film are worth asking and can't be ignored. The supposed evidence provided by the government to substantiate their final explanation is feeble at best, when compared to the perhaps theoretical evidence offered by films and articles of this kind. I agree that the people are conditioned to accept media as truth, and thus have accepted the government as such also. The people have allowed the government and media to strip them of their thirst for truth by tricking them into believing anything. As responsible people we can't sit back and allow this to continue. We are entitled to the truth, and we are not getting it. I'm not saying that this film is 100% correct or anything like that. I'm only saying that to any reasonably intelligent person, it's obvious that there are major deceptions at work here. The longer we ignore them, the more we become them until eventually it just won't matter because there won't be anything we can do about it. If everyone were to demand answers, we might just get them.
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Reveals the Truth about Corrupt People in Our Beautiful World
MonkeyVooDoo9 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is amazingly convincing. Many people have tried to guilt you into believing 9/11 was an inside job, tried to barrage you with endless facts. The only documentary that can rival this documentary is "Endgame- Blueprint for Global Enslavement." This movie systematically disproves the greatest believed story of all time, by using simple pagan facts. This movie systematically disproves everything the pigs of our government have tried to prove. This movie disproves all of the reasons behind every major war in the past century. This movie has changed everything I thought would happen in the future. This movie encourages you to get up off your *ss and become enlightened to what the government is actually doing to try and control everything about you.

In the words of Shakespeare: "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war."
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An Eye opener
Richard Greco1 April 2008
I heard about this movie long time ago and like all good down loaders i was going to download it but i don't know what happened i just forgot about the movie. Then this whole wave of posts, threads were being made in different sites about this movie and things it mentioned and still i was ignorant. So today, i mean today my friend actually gave me the movie for reviewing. So what are my verdicts. i was a fool for ignoring this awesome movie and i am glad i watched it. This movie is shocking and all the time convincing. Its a must watch if your a Muslim or anyone it will make all the things clearer to you. But i must warn you, you got to have an Open mind when watching this movie, this movie touches so many things that you might get confused or totally feel betrayed.
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A film that ranks with the religion it claims to expose as a crime against reason.
Jay15 November 2009
I was referred to this film by a friend, who obviously assumed that because I am fairly anti religious, I'd be interested. They were mistaken. This movie is guilty of some of the most appalling logical fallacies and blatant cherry picking of factual information it has ever been my distinct displeasure to have observed. It is nothing short of terrible.

Documentaries are a difficult animal at the best of times. Even very successful documentary makers often stray into very heavily opinion based presentation of a story while attempting to present an unbiased view. The medium offers people with a certain point of view not just the chance to portray their ideas, but the opportunity, when combined with careful editing and a clever accompanying marketing campaign, to portray their ideas in such a way that it discredits even the development of any dissenting ideas, on the grounds that anyone presenting such an idea is either ignorant, or actively in the employ of the enemy. If the film maker is really clever, they can even structure their film to lead you to the conclusion that they are being unjustly persecuted for attempting to reveal the horrible truth.

This film is possibly the ultimate expression of this kind of conspiracy propaganda, presenting its ideas in a insultingly condescending manner, like a childhood bully attempting to goad a less assertive kid into something he knows is wrong, on the grounds it will make him cool. The comparison ends there though, because unlike drinking a fifth of bourbon and then setting fire to a bunch of neighborhood door mats, believing the crap that this film spews forth will not bring you street-cred with anyone who doesn't believe in unicorns.

It required a substantial effort on my part to avoid breaking Godwin's while reviewing this film, and, as a nod to this, I strongly recommend burning all remaining copies of this film.

As an aside, the use of the term Zeitgeist in the title of this movie is incomprehensible. I am a German speaker, and the definition of "zeitgeist" has nothing to do with the content of this film.
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