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Peter Joseph: The Hollywood Interview

Awaiting Interreflections…

Peter Joseph’s highly anticipated new film series inches towards its 2016 release.

By Alex Simon

In a time of great social strife and growing inequality and public outcry, it’s no wonder Peter Joseph's work has gained more and more prominence in the counter-culture each year. Love him or hate him, Joseph continues to challenge the “zeitgeist”, leading the charge towards a new society. Art is his weapon… and the thousands of dedicated fans don’t hurt either.

Peter Joseph is a producer who created the Zeitgeist Film Trilogy, a series of films critical of society and culture. These works exploded online starting in 2007 with millions of views and can now be found in major media outlets such as Netflix. His third film, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, had the largest grassroots, non-profit theatrical release in history, with almost 350 screenings in 60 countries in 25 languages. While I may not agree with everything in his films,
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The Doc Option: Watch the ‘Zeitgeist’ Trilogy as a Companion to ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Disclaimer 1: Yes, I am serious. Disclaimer 2: This article spoils a major chunk of Captain America: The Winter Soldier There have been conspiracy theorists as long as there has been an America — and long before that, to boot. In his book Idiot America, Charles Pierce theorizes that cranks are a deeply ingrained, even vital part of our national character. But the age of mass communication has warped nuttiness into a form like nothing we’ve seen before. Now the cranks can easily find each other. They can build communities. Like the Zeitgeist Movement. An advocate of transitioning to a “resource-based economy” that rejects all currency in favor of a utopian social model, the group was founded by Peter Joseph, the writer, director, producer, editor and scorer of the three films of the Zeitgeist series. Made between 2007 and 2011, these “documentaries” are Joseph’s one-man exposé of the various and sundry giant conspiracies that run the cogs of
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A Movie Guide to Occupy Wall Street

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A Movie Guide to Occupy Wall Street
Filmmakers Alex Gibney (“Enron”), Peter Joseph (“Zeitgeist”), Michael Moore (“Capitalism: A Love Story”) and Charles Ferguson (“Inside Job”) top the list of documentarians whose work scrutinizes the establishment and actually calls it what it is: damaged goods. As Occupy Wall Street spawns a number of offshoots including Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Colleges and Occupy Seattle, its protestors defy boxes and squares, labels and tags and the status quo. Instead, these groups are a lightning rod for a dizzying array of America's ills, from gargantuan student loans to joblessness to vampiric
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