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Teeming with socially awkward misfits, Gentlemen Broncos is not without its absurdist charms, although Hess (who co-scripted with his wife, Jerusha) pushes the envelope in ways it doesn't need pushing.
The director, Jared Hess, who made "Napoleon Dynamite," a film I admit I didn't get, has made a film I don't even begin to get.
Fitfully amusing.
The Hollywood Reporter
Has little to offer besides unrelenting strangeness.
If you didn't know otherwise, you'd swear that Gentlemen Broncos was made by a disaffected high school student - and not a particularly talented one.
A comedy that can't even admit to its own overwhelming sense of disgust.
Setting out to make a cult movie is almost as strange as setting out to make a camp movie. Or setting out to make a movie that's so bad it's good. If you know you're doing it, you're not really doing it.
There's a lesson behind Gentlemen Broncos , the new film from director Jared Hess: Don't try to mock above your talent level.
Yep, Hess wrote and directed "Dynamite," and here's proof we shouldn't have rewarded him. The hollow "Broncos" is even more cruelly disdainful, designed primarily to scorn the pathetic lives within.
The audience may have bought the act in "Napoleon Dynamite." But this time, the act bombs.
What Michael Bay did for the Hollywood blockbuster with his second "Transformers" movie, Jared Hess has now done for the low-budget indie with Gentlemen Broncos -- namely, stain an entire genre with a sense of soulless calculation.

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