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Season 2

21 May 2009
Ashes to Ashes
Detectives Nate Sowa and Ray Diaz take on the investigation of a missing persons case that may turn out to be a homicide.
28 May 2009
Deadly Rendezvous
Detectives Hank Veverka and Kathleen Carlin find the body of a 34 year-old male, shot to death behind an abandoned building.
4 Jun. 2009
Shooting Party
At an apartment complex in the Northeast side of Indianapolis, two young men are found dead, and high caliber rifle casings litter the street.
11 Jun. 2009
Mother's Day Murder
Mother's Day morning. A 58 year-old man lies dead in an open field. Detectives Nate Sowa and Ray Diaz inspect the body and discover the victim's cell phone is missing.
18 Jun. 2009
A landlord finds one of his tenants dead. The initial investigation show this was a vicious attack where the victim had been stabbed approx. thirty times. The neighbors are cooperative and admit that they and the victim smoked dope on a regular basis. One of the victims friends has a record that casts suspicion on him. The investigation leads to another suspect that was there that day. Some classic detective work.
18 Jun. 2009
Vantage Point
Police are called to the scene of shooting at about eight in the morning, and find a man laying in the street with three gun shot wounds and a pair of scissors clutched in his hand. The police have witnesses but are getting conflicting stories. The case will require a solid investigation to be solved, the forensics in this case will only be able to aid in conviction not solve the case.
25 Jun. 2009
Run & Gun
A 21-year-old man is gunned down during a violent shootout in a residential neighborhood.
25 Jun. 2009
Killing Spree
Detective Chuck Ray is called to a scene where one man has been shot in the hand while another man lies dying outside of his apartment with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.
9 Jul. 2009
Blunt Force
Two gay men are murdered in the their home by someone who apparently caught them sleeping. The investigators find that one of the murdered men's credit had been compromised and decide to see where that leads them, The investigators have some good leads to begin with but the story takes some twists and turns that could not be foreseen.
9 Jul. 2009
Nowhere to Run
A 15 year-old boy is shot to death on a neighborhood street. Investigators Tom Cassidy and C.J. Dominic interview a witness who saw two unknown men attack and shoot the boy.
16 Jul. 2009
In Broad Daylight
Homicide Detectives Tommy Hudson and Matt Nelson are called to the parking lot of a local car wash, where a young man has been gunned down in broad daylight.
23 Jul. 2009
A man is murdered in the parking lot of a Hispanic night club. The killer method implied that he was a professional, and the investigation will prove he is indeed a very dangerous man.
30 Jul. 2009
At Death's Door
After a man is stabbed in his apartment detectives has great deal of difficulty identifying the suspect in this crime. They had an alias and several people who saw him but no name. After a lot of leg work they are able to identify and arrest their suspect. A lot of really good low tech detective work.
6 Aug. 2009
A car hits a tree and a fire plug and comes to stop; inside is found a man dying from what appears to be multiple gun shot wounds. There's no evidence of where the crime scene is, and there are no actual witnesses in the area. And investigation spanning 10 days finally results in an arrest.
13 Aug. 2009
Bad Company
In a suburban neighborhood of Cleveland, gunshots ring out in the middle of the night, and a young male is found dead on the front porch of his own house.
27 Aug. 2009
Detectives Tim Entenok and Tom Armelli are called to the scene of a grizzly family shooting. Two adults and four young children have been killed.
3 Sep. 2009
In Plain Sight
In broad daylight, a young man is shot dead in his own front yard. Investigators Gary Galetta and Glenn Weather question witnesses who saw the murder, but no one can identify a suspect.
10 Sep. 2009
Midnight Shootout
Just past midnight, three masked gunmen barge into a crowded, neighborhood bar and open fire, leaving one person dead and three others wounded.
17 Sep. 2009
Full House
A poker game in the basement of a home is broken up by four men who burst in and rob everyone. Shots are fired and later a man is found dead in front of a home several doors down. No admits to shooting the man (who would seem to be one of the robbers) and detectives have to determine if the man was shot by the other suspects or if someone at the card game shot him.

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