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All Austin, no Evil allowed

Author: Chip_douglas from Rijswijk, ZH, Netherlands
26 December 2007

It certainly doesn't seem like it's been over ten years since "Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery" was released in theaters. The first time I caught wind of the character was when Jay Leno 'went back in time' on a Tonight Show segment to visit the 60's set of Mike Myers next movie. This introduction was not very memorable. Next up, Austin appeared in a couple of skits when Mike hosted the 1997 MTV Movie Awards. There was a Romeo + Juliett balcony sketch with a Fembot and, as part of Ming Tea, the gentleman spy performed his preposterous 'BBC' number. Again, without knowledge of the film Mike was plugging, the appearance a bit fell flat. However, having made MTV specials with Dana Carvey for each Waynes World picture, it came as no surprise that Myers would plug his latest flick with a similar Music Television outing. This was the moment Austin's Mojo really kicked into groove.

Just like the film featured 'pchychadelic scene breaks' featuring a Laugh-In era Goldie Hawn look-a-like, the Austin Powers MTV special takes it's cue from the 'Party' segment on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. Austin hosts his own groovy happening, surrounded by retro looking dancers and a quartet of Fembots. Celebs like Juliana Margulies, Rosie O'Donnel, Robert Wagner & Kurt Loder pop up as the so-called 'Swingers Club' to do Laugh-In inspired 'quickies' sprouting typical Myers one word nonsense lines such as 'horticulture'. Austin plugs his film by showing clips complete with obviously canned laughter and introduced 'a tribute to Elizabethe Hurley'. In between he tries to get the audience up to speed with his latest lingo, introducing all his new catchphrases and repeating the word 'shag' ad nauseum (I lost count during his 'Shag-Network shtick). Myers even appeared as himself in interview mode at one point.

Never one to shy away from repeating himself (watch Saturday Night Live: The Best of Mike Myers to see in which SNL skits a lot of Austion's gags and lines originated), Mike took the 'Top Ten' lists that worked so well on the Waynes World specials to present Austin's top five babes of the nineties (Rupaul won. Silly Austin must have lost his man-recognizing radar during his time in suspended animation). There is also an hilarious 'Rorshack test' that ends with AP's libido acting up thanks to slides of The Grand Tetons. At one point, Austin first mentions a name that would return in the Spy Who Shagged Met mention: Robin Swallows. Always ready to recycle, that Mike.

One person who is never mentioned, however is Dr. Evil. In fact, neither the original trailer nor any other publicity for the film prior to it's release showed any images of Austin's evil nemesis in order to keep his identity a secret for as long as possible. By the time the next film was released, attention had almost completely shifted from Austin to Evil, but this groovy special is 100 per cent Austin, no bad guys allowed. Of course that does mean we have to sit though another performance of that dreadful 'BBC' song. Sigh.

9 out of 10

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