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Brilliantly Executed, Perfectly Enjoyable

Author: hollywoodeditor from United States
24 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You know, sometimes I don't really relate to others very well when their world view is so completely different from mine. And in this case, I don't relate well AT ALL to what the fellow from Hong Kong had to say about Josh Raskin's micro-masterpiece.

This very short film is inspired by John Lennon's quirky communication style and conveys his thoughts with imagery. The film is in turns funny when John drops something silly or nonsensical into the conversation, then deep and thoughtful about a deadly serious subject -war- which was important to Lennon to communicate to the youth of the world to stand up and shout about.

The cynical comments of the previous review tells me he's definitely not a fan of this imaginative, expressive style of film. I think this piece deserves all the accolades it received. I was very happy to discover it. And for all its worth, I think Lennon was a fantastic human being for using his fame and lending his voice to what he truly believed in.

Even the back story of this animated film is great...the director skipped school and went to a hotel he thought John Lennon might stay in, went to the top floor and knocked on every door until he found him! What moxie! :)

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Inspired and Inspiring

Author: moggy66 from United Kingdom
2 September 2009

Based on a recording taken by a 14 year old boy interviewing John Lennon; this short gives a fascinating insight into the mind of the legendary musician, his views on capitalism and attitude toward promoting peace.

The recording is over-layed with an animation which humorously realises the thought process of the boy as he delves deeper into the perplexing but compelling world of his idol.

Lasting only a few minutes, we are snapped out of John's world and back to reality when someone asks for they key to the big box. "I don't know, I have no idea where it is" replies John.

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hypnotic slice of history

Author: SnoopyStyle
2 October 2015

In 1969, 14-year-old Jerry Levitan sneaks into John Lemmon's hotel room in Toronto and records a chat with the legend. Then around 37 years later, director Josh Raskin edits it down to 5 minutes and adds animation. The animation is pen drawn lines which has a Terry Gilliam style from Monty Python days. The animation actually fits very well with the material and the time of the recording. The audio is a little rough and I almost want captions to clarify Lennon's words. It's very hypnotic which fits the language being used. It's a 5 minute short that feels like a slice of history. It's also nominated for animated short Oscar.

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Only worth the watch for Lennon/Beatles fans

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
26 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"I Met the Walrus" is a Canadian 5-minute short film from 8 years ago that was nominated for an Academy Award, but lost to "Peter and the Wolf". It is about a meeting between a boy and famous musician John Lennon back in the 1960s where they talk about a mix of music and global politics. The writer and director is Josh Raskin, who however did not wrote any of the dialog that are the actual recordings of this interview I mentioned. It is a bit telling that Jerry Levitan, the boy we hear in this one, had a bigger film career than Raskin, who never made another movie again. Anyway, the animation is okay for the most part, even if I did not find it too creative, while the dialog sometimes has a touch of rambling. I did not like it too much. Thumbs down and it certainly would not have been a worthy Oscar winner.

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An animated adaptation of an interview with John Lennon

Author: Robert Reynolds ( from Tucson AZ
1 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This short was nominated for an Academy Award for Animated Short. There will be mild spoilers ahead:

The concept for this is intriguing-a 14 year old named Jerry Levitan managed to get in to meet and conduct a brief interview with John Lennon, recording it to boot. Just as an interview, by itself, it's a fascinating conversation, particularly when you consider the nature of Lennon's death some dozen years later.

But with the animation, it becomes something more. It's clear that there's a sense of humor and a knowledge of animation, the Beatles and history behind the animation, which is tied directly to what Lennon says in the interview.

Some of the animation is very reminiscent of Yellow Submarine, though the animation here is black and white. There are jokes here and there which are clever, particularly one aimed in a good natured way at Canada. This is a short which bears repeated viewing.

On the whole, I think Lennon would have gotten a good laugh out of this and probably have approved of the final result. This is available on DVD and can also be seen online. Well worth seeking out. Most recommended.

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Interesting art style and a tad exploitative

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
23 February 2008

This is the day before the Oscars are announced for 2008 and I just got back from a special screening by our local film society of all five films nominated in the category of Best Animated Short Film. This film was among the five and I'm going to review all five and make my prediction. Time will tell if I am right about the latter.

In 1969, when he was still with the Beatles, John Lennon allowed a young fan to meet with him and audiotape their interview. In 2007, an animated film was made using this interview. Right away, the style of this film sure got my attention. Although it was all made in black and white, it looked strongly inspired from the animation from the film YELLOW SUBMARINE and perhaps the Beatles album cover for "Revolver". This retro style was far from pretty (actually, rather ugly compared to the other nominees), but was fitting for the film. Fancier animation probably wouldn't have been as effective, though I wonder how the same animation would have worked if done in color.

As for the interview itself, most of it sounded very familiar. John's discussing war, peace and non-violent resistance was pure Lennon circa 1969. Much of it was rather profound--noting that the people are responsible for war and our leaders since we pick them and that within us all there is a bit of Jesus and a bit of Hitler! The film had one part, though, that bothered me. When Lennon was talking about war, several times the images on the screen appeared to be George W. Bush. Considering that Lennon has been dead for decades, using his words as an attack on a specific person just seemed wrong--even if permission to make the film was obtained from his widow. Heck, considering his politics, I assume Lennon would have been strongly against Bush--but since we can't ask Lennon his permission to use his words this way, it's all disconcerting and seemingly exploitative.

Still, aesthetically speaking, it's an interesting film that was the weakest the nominees. I don't think it has much chance to win the Oscar unless the committee wants to make a political statement and ignore better films (and there is some precedent for this in the past).

2/24/08--The Oscar was just announced and the winner in this category was PETER & THE WOLF.

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Uninspiring and uninspired short

Author: Gordon-11 from Earth
5 October 2008

This short film is an animated version to go with an audio taped interview with John Lennon in 1969.

Honestly, I don't quite see the point of this short film. It is not particularly creative or interesting. The scene of the guy and the audio tape recorder is repetitive, and serves little purpose apart from being a filler to the more creative scenes. It looks as if the filmmakers ran out of ideas and hence put these filler scenes to make up 5 minutes. If they were truly creative, they could have made their own interview, or just a soundtrack to go with the animation. Instead, rehashing an old interview looks uninspiring and uninspired, using John Lennon's name to elevate their profile.

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