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Could have been so much better...

Author: Slopo Rodrigez from Australia
26 September 2013

I'm no critic... just an average movie viewer.

However, after seeing this movie, I had to write this commentary to tell you my thoughts. I'll keep it simple.

Acting was below average. Directing/editing is disappointing.

I could see where they were going with the story and it had so much potential but it fell short in so many places. In some instances it was confusing and erratic.

And the ending... well... that didn't really make a lot of sense but I could see the intention.

Audio production is at times woeful and inconsistent throughout the entire movie. Levels and EQ (equalisation) were all over the place.

There were a few good moments in the movie that made me think there was some hope for it to get better... but they quickly disappeared.

Overall, poorly executed by both production and acting - could have been so much better... shame.

I'm sure there are better reviews about this movie but I had to pass on my thoughts...

You can find much better ways to spend 95 minutes - sitting through this movie is NOT one of them.

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Great movie! I want to see it again!

Author: misskellyvalente from United States
18 December 2012

I saw A Dangerous Place at the Prescott Film Festival and truly enjoyed it. This movie has the perfect amount of heart stopping suspense and gut wrenching emotion. There are so many elements and layers to the plot which means it is far from cliché or predictable. I was on the edge of my seat and engrossed in the story-line the entire time. The actors are also great and very believable. The emotion and feeling they show is engaging and captured my full attention.

I would suggest A Dangerous Place to anyone who enjoys thrillers. It was really great and I will definitely be buying it on DVD so I can watch it again.

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Not as bad as actually having TB

Author: Jake Isaac from Canada
30 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Good effort for an independent, but the attempted plot twists kept getting in it's own way.

It's the story of how greed is the true corruption and American's live in fear and it takes one mad man with a virus to save them all from... a mad man with a virus. Cue not really a single mother (and the ghost of 9/11 hero father) and her demand for justice.

The performers are awesome, the camera-work is decent, some of the dialogue mixing needed more work, the choices of music was good, and if the story had only stuck with one plot (are you a story of a family saying goodbye to the dead hero father or a story of how a woman broke the corruption of her greedy company and saved lives? Or maybe you are the first words of a very silent child with PTSD?) it would have made for a much more streamlined project overall.

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Great Film!!!

Author: tvisionpro from United States
20 December 2012

Seen it at the Garden State Film Fest and loved it. Not your average thriller in any way, twist and turns from beginning to end. As an indie film you usually don't expect much, but this film delivers. The cast was great and the direction was impeccable. I seen a few films from the Corrado/Schoner team and have enjoyed them all. From my honest opinion, this new addition was by far their best. If your into thrillers, make sure you pick this one up. You should also checkout Minimal Knowledge, A 1000 Points of Light and Stay, Go, Don't Linger. If your interested in a good movie night. Looking forward to seeing what this team has up their sleeves next.

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Indie Film Worth Seeing!!!!!

Author: Reedeball from United States
26 December 2012

I had the honor and privilege of seeing this movie earlier in the year at the Garden State Film Festival. Not only was it a treat to see this wonderful film but it was also the only one there worth mentioning.

A Dangerous Place kept me on the edge of my seat during the entire course of the movie, and kept me guessing with each new twist and turn.

Despite that, the film had a very "real" feel to it, as if it could actually be happening at this very moment. It has a lot of emotional levels, especially with Claire's progress from start to finish.

The Acting is very good and helps to create 3-dimentional characters that are distinct.

I highly recommend this film

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Great Characters

Author: travelinggirl from United States
21 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The characters in this film are compelling and original. The actors do a great job!

Kristin Dalton was amazing in her portrayal of Claire. As a mother dealing with personal tragedy and faced with the responsibility of thwarting a terrorist plot, the character of Claire goes through an emotional roller-coaster. Her fear and panic, especially at the end of the film, felt so real that it had my heart racing.

This is an excellent film if you enjoy watching films with strong female leads.

A Dangerous Place is worth buying.

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Fantastic find that doesn't disappoint

Author: varagirl85 from United States
20 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this film at a film festival and just loved it.

I am actually excited that it is coming out on DVD so I can watch it again.

I have started attending film festivals when I can, because I find there are always these hidden unseen diamonds out there. This film was one of those fantastic finds for me. I love thrillers and this film did not disappoint.

The story is one that anyone can relate to in today's age - "can one person make a difference in these times of terrorism?" I am not going to report anything more because I don't want to give any spoilers away.

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Good Time

Author: cgpalma from United States
21 December 2012

I went to the Garden State Film Festivale last winter and saw this movie. It was very good. The characters were interesting and the plot built to a suspenseful ending. It is a story that many people in the United States can related to.

The leading actress, Kristen Dalton, gave an excellent performance. This movie was suspenseful, I was biting my nails at the end of it waiting to see what would happen next.

The entire family will enjoy a Dangerous Place. I recommend this movie for purchase to be added to your DVD collection. Don't forget to make some popcorn.

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An Edge-Of-Your-Seat Thriller

Author: Ni-Gel Ballard from United States
13 February 2013

As an avid movie goer and watcher, movies with conventional plots and story lines bore me. I am BEYOND THRILLED to say that this isn't the case with A DANGEROUS PLACE. It exceeded every expectations in every aspect. This superior psychological thriller had it all from sentiment to action to laughs to even a couple of scenes that made you jump out of your seat. Without giving away plot, all I will say is, you will never look at your mail the same way and will fight the urge to run in terror the next time a stranger coughs near you after seeing this film. If you like your movies served up suspenseful and chocked full of thought that will keep you guessing until the credits, then look no further than A DANGEROUS PLACE. It's a must see!

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Good Film!!!!

Author: evas428 from Los Angeles
9 February 2013

I came across this film not to long ago. I heard that it had won some film festivals so decided to check it out. I was impressed with the quality of the production and the overall story.

I feel that the film did continue to move forward in the plot and had minimal lag time which I notice a lot in independent films. I read some of the reviews and noticed that the negative ones focused on the reviews and not the movie.

I'm out in Los Angeles so I have no connection to anyone who has posted reviews. However, I do not feel that the negative critics are justified in their remarks. Is this film a 10, of course not. But it is not a 1 either. No film that wins any film festival could be less then a 5. I did not like some of the elements of the script but thought the premise of the film was clear and brought to life correctly.

Some advice to those of you who just sit around and bash others hard work... keep your criticisms to the project at hand and not waste time creating conspiracy theories. OR, if you cant handle that, create something and let us review you.

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