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A-Con: All we need is D to do his signature move.

Thomas: He can't. It's too dangerous.

A-Con: Yo I don't care about that man D's gonna do it.

Thomas: But he can break his neck and be crippled forever.

A-Con: D don't care about that man, alright he's gonna take one for the team!

Thomas: Well, like a hundred million Americans, D doesn't have insurance!

D: Yeah, he's right, I don't.

A-Con: Yo man, he's doing the move and that's final. I want this!

Thomas: Exactly YOU want this. Look man, there ain't I in team.

A-Con: There ain't?

Thomas: No.

A-Con: What 'bout group?

Thomas: Not in group either.

A-Con: Crew?

Thomas: No!

A-Con: Troupe?

Thomas: Uh-uh.

A-Con: Gang?

Thomas: No!

A-Con: I-nsemble?

Thomas: You just mispronounced that word to make it sound like it had an I in it.

A-Con: Forget about all that man, let's do it!

D: But guys!

Thomas: Stay out of your business D!

A-Con: Come on man!

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Megan: I don't think I can do this.

Thomas: Remember the routine you use to do at the club?

[Megan nods]

Thomas: Do that and you'll be great.

Megan: Okay.

[Megan appears sitting on a chair and taps her legs and heels together in the air, followed by a routine of dancing against a stripper pole while saying, "Ohhh! Yeah. Woo!"]

Thomas: I didn't mean that club.

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Megan: There's something I need to tell you.

Thomas: You're pregnant! Oh no.

Megan: What? No Thomas, I'm not pregnant.

Thomas: OK, 'cause with your big head and my ears, God only knows.

Megan: No, I'm performing at the senior show case.

Thomas: That's great!

[Leans in to kiss her]

Megan: [Puts her hand over his face and pushes it back] And I was kinda thinking you know, maybe we should just kinda cool it for a while.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Megan: I'm saying I think we need to take a break.

Thomas: Right definitely, yeah we should definitely take a break how long do you need like 30 40 minutes? We should synchronize our watches.

Megan: No, Thomas I need space.

Thomas: Oh, okay. Space.

[starts moving chairs around to give her space around her]

Thomas: Space is good. That's enough space?

Megan: [Standing up] Thomas we're done.

Thomas: Definitely this has been a long rehearsal very tough.

Megan: Thomas I'm leaving you! I don't wanna be your girlfriend anymore! We spend more time defending our relationship than actually having one! Nobody wants to see us together, not my friends, not yours. I'm saying it's over.

Thomas: Fine. Fine leave! Get out!

Megan: I'm sorry!

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