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This film drew me in and kept me interested.
hartshorst17 March 2014
I rarely get so drawn in by a movie that I can't just turn it off and walk away. This was an exception, I watched everything including the credits. It was not a cliché' feel-good film. It does have a Christian theme but not so much the usual predictable story line. Yes, as one reviewer commented, it will probably be enjoyed by those with a Christian world view, but it may leave them debating with themselves. I have to say that the lead actor is really excellent in my humble opinion. He has a Nicholas Cage thing going. I am no expert but I think the acting in the movie was professional and believable. The leading lady is great too!
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Compelling and engaging
shawn-547-8174645 December 2012
I thought this was a completely worth while rental. I found the main character engaging and haunted by his past. There is undeniably great on-screen chemistry between the two main characters. The story definitely causes some reflection on situational ethics and I think draws a compelling question from the audience about the state of their souls regardless of how good or bad they are. In short I thought it was well written story with some awesome up and coming actors. I'd go into this movie expecting to be drawn in and thoughtful by the end. Also, I noticed this is written and directed by a first time Director. I've seen a LOT of films from first time directors and this is by far amongst the best.
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This would have been a good movie if it weren't for the ending
apwebb617 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was so enjoying this movie. It was a wonderful romantic movie that I thought wove faith into a budding relationship well. Then comes the ending where (spoiler alert) the main character dies?!!?? Really??!! I like happy endings especially in romantic movies not death. I loved that the settings seemed realistic (I noted that the porch posts of the character Lee's house looked worn). I thought the acting was good especially for a Christian movie. As another reviewer said the chemistry between the main characters was good. I know life isn't full of happy endings, but that is why I look for an escape into books and movies. I would like to see someone try again with a similar story and get the ending right.
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Ridiculous! (Spoiler Alert)
Warning: Spoilers
Unless you are an evangelical Christian yourself, you will absolutely hate this movie.

Katie chases Lee, who has recently moved back to the small town where he grew up, even though she knows that she will be "unequally yoked" with him, as he is a non-believer. After she gets him to fall in love with her, and they reveal their skeletons in their closets, she dumps him, even though he is even entertaining the thought of marriage.

Many others in town "have it out" for Lee, who is just trying to establish a routine and get his life back, after 10 years in prison.

The tragic ending is explained as "all God's will". This movie made me angry - Absolute drivel....! ...and a waste of 90 minutes of my life.
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