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MPAA Rated PG-13 for thematic elements including some sexual dialogue, and brief drug references

Sex & Nudity

    • At the airport some men hold a sign that says "Love Machine".
    • As two men hug another man tells them to "stop the fappy shit" (fap is slang for masturbate).
    • Lots of double entendres.
    • A man asks another man if his 'plumbing' works.
    • Two women dance to Color Me Badd's song "I Wanna Sex You Up". A man walks in and jokingly asks them if they were kissing and if he can watch.
    • Suggested in dialogue that a man cheated on his wife.
    • A man complains that a hotel room smells of "puñeta" (Spanish for masturbation).
    • Syphillis mentioned.
    • Two people say that they lost their virginity on a couch.
    • Viagra mentioned.
    • Talk about 'climaxing'.
    • Phone sex mentioned.
    • It's implied that a couple had unprotected sex.

Violence & Gore

    • A man has a cut on his face after coming back from Iraq.
    • Two men get in a fistfight.


  • 'Shit, bastard, damn (also said in Spanish as coño), bitch, piss, hell, ass, dick, oh my God, for Christ's sake, Jesus'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • Several scenes where people smoke cigarettes.
    • Lots of scenes where people drink alcohol (including Bacardi, wine, tequila, coquito and rum).
    • A BlackBerry is called a CrackBerry.
    • Joke about slipping a woman a hit of E (or Ecstasy) in her drink.
    • Comments about a drug dealer and smoking a blunt.
    • A man is asked if he is off his meds. Another man is seen taking some medication.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • A man almost gets in an car accident.
    • A man points a gun at another man.
    • A man crashes his car into a parked car.

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