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This classic liberal (small 'l') 1970s episode is all but unique in modern or post-modern Anglophone Child SeX supposed 'Abuse' fiction or fact. In it's now shockingly positive tale of a kind paedophile father. (Shocking perhaps only to the 1980s ongoing Right wing unbalanced mainstream view.) 'Honour Thy father and Thy Mother' came to Crown Court via private jealously made public. Two young sisters vie for their father's unlawful intimacy, with his wife acquiescing to her strong willed daughters. The eldest of whom returns from university to find her younger sister in her father's bed. (Empathy for all true victims, including many true victims of mass media lies. Now censored in supposed 'Free Democracies', this true positive narrative of psuedo consensual child sex crime is no longer permitted in 1980s ongoing Right wing unbalanced Anglophone mainstream and media. For careers, ratings, and profit all deviously masked by Mass Deception as so called 'Child Protection'.)


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