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22 Sep. 2009
Being Dr. Tom
Because Erica reneged on her vow not to try and save Leo from dying, Dr. Tom quits being her therapist. He refuses to see her. Erica in turn refuses to continue with therapy with her new assigned therapist, Dr. Naadiah. Erica feels that perhaps she doesn't require therapy anymore. She is in a committed, loving relationship with Ethan. She got the much coveted job editing River Rock's latest high profile book (much to Brent's chagrin). And her relationship with her family is the best it's ever been. But Erica learns that there is a cost to quitting therapy. That cost ...
29 Sep. 2009
Battle Royale
Erica and Ethan's relationship hits a rough patch. They have been arguing a lot without Erica really knowing why. In turn, Ethan seems to be running away from her without telling her of that fact. This relationship is becoming reminiscent of Erica's previous relationship with Malcolm Abrams. Once her best friend during their senior year when they were both camp counselors, the two became romantic after which he suddenly broke up with her. The break up caused a war of one-upsmanship which Erica eventually lost. The second time around, Erica vows not to play these games...
6 Oct. 2009
Mama Mia
Erica is still trying to find out more about Kai, either directly from him or from Dr. Tom. Kai doesn't want to talk about therapy, but is glad to talk to Erica about other things, which she may need. She can't seem to talk to best friend Judith anymore as Judith is always caught up with baby stuff. This dynamic between herself and Judith brings up a previous issue between them when they were in university. Erica signed them up as Frosh leaders, something that Judith didn't really want to do. But Erica reneged on that commitment, leaving Judith to do it on her own. ...
13 Oct. 2009
Cultural Revolution
Risk averse Erica has decided that in not taking risks, she is often standing on the sidelines wondering how much more could have been achieved. Testing the sexual boundaries with Ethan may be one thing, but the bigger risk is the opportunity to write the sex book instead of edit it, which is what Julianne is offering her. If she accepts, that means she has to give up her stable editing job. This decision is reminiscent of the year after the completion of her undergraduate degree, when she and Jenny were going to go to Taipei for the summer to teach English but ...
20 Oct. 2009
Yes We Can
Erica's life seems to be bound by rules and conventions, rather than acting on what may be deep in her heart. Ethan has just moved in, yet he feels threatened by Erica's relationship with Kai. Erica, with Ethan in tow, needs to do some research for her sex book at a bona fide sex club, where many social rules are broken. To allow her to feel what life is like without these conventions, Dr. Tom gives her the entire day again, this time how she wants it to play out. The only thing that will exist on her day after the fact is her memory of it. So she lets loose, and ...
27 Oct. 2009
Shhh... Don't Tell
It's Thomas Friedken's 45th birthday, and Julianne decides to give him a key to her apartment as a birthday gift. Erica stumbles across something that makes her think Julianne's gift may not be the best idea, but doesn't know if telling Julianne this secret is the best idea either. Dr. Tom thinks this situation is reminiscent of a time when Erica was a high school senior. Jenny had as her target a quiet but overachieving classmate named Fiona Watt, who Jenny tormented until Fiona left school never to return. Erica knew what Jenny was doing, and even to this day feels ...
3 Nov. 2009
The Unkindest Cut
Barb has just started dating a new man named Norm, for which Erica is happy. Erica volunteers to pass the news along to her father, who seems less than thrilled despite stating otherwise. Erica talks Barb into introducing Norm to the family at an upcoming family bris, at which Gary is to act as the mohel and a reluctant Erica the sandak, a role to which she agrees if only to feel more connected to Gary at this pivotal time. Meanwhile, with Dr. Tom's knowledge, Erica is called into Dr. Fred's office to discuss a roadblock that Kai is facing in his therapy. What little ...
10 Nov. 2009
Under My Thumb
It's the end of a bad day for Erica. First, she catches Ethan masturbating to cheesy computer porn, this issue which Erica cannot understand. Second, Julianne has a meltdown in front of Erica about Friedken's strong arm tactics after she humiliated him in front of the rest of the staff. And third, Sam arrives back in Toronto on Erica's doorstep announcing that she's left Josh in London without even telling him. On top of these issues, Erica receives a visit from Dr. Fred asking for continued assistance in Kai's therapy, which Erica feels at the present time unable to ...
17 Nov. 2009
A River Runs Through It... It Being Egypt
Erica is on strained terms with Kai because he had sex with Sam after she told him to look after her. It doesn't help when Erica tries to avoid him, but still runs into him both in her professional and personal life. She's not sure what the connection is to her current problems, but Dr. Tom decides to send Erica back to a time in high school when she and Leo had a house party, which resulted in Gary's beloved "mid life crisis car" getting trashed. Gary was never more angry with her than over that incident, and his and Leo's relationship never recovered. In going back,...
24 Nov. 2009
Papa Can You Hear Me?
Things around Erica are not going well. Sam, who is still staying with Erica and Ethan, has just been served divorce papers by Josh, who wants to take her for everything. And Erica loses two important people in her life. First, Brent no longer wants to associate with her as he sees them as being on opposite sides of a Cold War. And second, Kai no longer wants to see her after her admission to him that she has feelings for him. Not wanting to fall into what he sees as the bad life he lived in 2019, Kai quits his job at Goblins without telling Erica in hopes that she ...
1 Dec. 2009
What Goes Up Must Come Down
The Cold War at River Rock Publishing between Brent and Julianne continues. Erica, editor of "The None" - Katie's new book - is falling on Julianne's side of the war, despite not wanting to have to choose between the two. When a traumatic event occurs to Erica at River Rock, Dr. Tom decides on Erica's tenure at a dot com in 2001 as the next item on her list to revisit. Erica quit her job at just prior to it being sold. If she had stayed at the dot com through its sale, she probably would have made millions. Dr. Tom sends her to an alternate reality ...
8 Dec. 2009
The Importance of Being Erica
Erica is feeling conflicted about her decision to start her own publishing company with her fellow fired River Rocker Julianne, their first planned book being Seth Newman's manuscript about escaping from a cult within which his family still lives. Although the business was Erica's idea, Julianne is equally as excited about the prospect. Ethan, however, wants Erica to be more cautious in whatever her next career pursuit. Dr. Tom gives Erica a test to follow her gut feeling. As Erica is unable to complete this test, Dr. Tom sends Erica back to graduate school, when ...

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