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One of the variants of Princess Leia is of her skimpy slave outfit where cleavage is visible, other female characters also have cleavage.

Said character also comes with an Easter egg where by pressing and holding the circle/B button she'd do a sexy dance.

Punching, kicking laser guns and of course lightsabers, but nothing too gory since all the characters are made of legos.

However, as these are recreations of the Star Wars saga there are on-screen deaths during the in game cutscenes, but again, there is no blood.

It's completely made of Lego, so don't expect Dead Alive/Braindead

None, all the characters are mute.

A large usage of a Sci-Fi bar that serves drinks, however this only serves as a hub between levels and as the in game shop.

Some of the unusual looking villains Such as Darth Maul, General Grievous, Darth Vader and Darth Sidious may frighten very young children, but as the characters are Lego figurines this is very unlikely.

Some heroic characters die as part of the story.

There is one particularly intense moment where after working with him to overcome time-sensitive elements, the player must use Obi Wan Kenobi to defeat his Padawan and friend Anakin Skywalker, who is then left to die in a lava pit. All of the extremely emotional parts from the movies are in the game.

In Ep. I, Quigon is stabbed through the abdomen by Darth Maul (following a painful grunt), & Obiwan is forced to engage with the sith lord, whom both get into a short, intense fight, where Maul knocks Obiwan down a shaft, then proceeds to slash at him from above. With quick thinking, Obiwan jumps above Maul, slicing him in half with his master' saber. Maul lets out a slightly haunting scream as his upper torso plummets don the reactor shaft (though his lego legs remain on the top of the shaft). Quigon dies in Obiwan' arms; end cutscene. Can be slightly upsetting for young children.

In Ep. II, following Dooku being engaged with Obiwan & Anakin, Obiwan attacks Dooku, only to be tossed to the floor shortly thereafter, & Anakin sprints towards Dooku, whom reacts accordingly by quickly slicing Anakin' hand off (violent, but not gory). Dooku violently throws Anakin toward the ground next to Obiwan.

In Ep. III, Obiwan & Anakin engage Dooku a second time. Following the battle, Anakin violently cuts off Dooku' hands, forcing his saber towards him, then proceeds to demolish Dooku with both sabers. You see Anakin's vengeful expression as he does this; Death is slightly off-screen. Can be considered quite brutal to witness, fitting the dark tone of the film/levels, though it is very short.

In Ep. III, Obiwan is nearly killed by General Grevious after you fight him on the platform in Utapau. Commander Cody is brutally sliced up. Grevious tosses Obi Wan toward the edge, where he looses his lightsaber. As Grevious inches closer to him, Obiwan, at the last second, grabs the blaster in front of him,and shoots Grevious in the chest, killing him. Very intense moment.

In Ep. IV, Vader kills Obiwan in front of Luke. Luke reacts with a shocked expression. Sad.

In Ep. V, Luke's hand is sliced off by Vader' lightsaber. Afterwards, Luke learns the truth about Vader (his father) and tries to kill himself by falling off the balcony, into a shaft, where it spits him outside the bottom of Bespin and he lands onto an antennae.

In Ep. V, on the Dagobah level, the atmosphere and overall sound design is very creepy, with bats and snakes coming after you. Once you venture inside the "dark cave" where Vader is lurking/waiting, it is quite unsettling.

In Ep. V, Han is frozen in carbonite. Can be sad for young children, though it is short.

In Ep. VI, after you defeat the Emperor, Luke drags Vader next to the Interceptor and removes his mask, showing his grey, disfigured face (all in lego). Vader/Anakin puts his hand on Luke, lovingly, just bfore he collapses. Luke is sad, and kisses his dad' forehead before he enters the ship, leaving the Death Star. Very sad.

Reccomended Rating : E10+ for Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief.


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