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4 Feb. 2008
The State Visit
While domestic politics are completely taken over by elected politicians, diplomacy still gives precedence in protocol and thus de facto a say and influential ear to royals, especially the monarch as head of state, who formally represents the nation at state visits, in this case to US president Bush Jr. in the White House. Elaborate preparations cover all details, from route and security to logistics and menu. A sovereign for life outclasses elected officials in experience, which helps preserving a disproportional importance for Britain in internationals affairs, even...
11 Feb. 2008
Inside the Firm
While the formal function of head of state is vested in the single person of the Sovereign, the larger social role of the royal family is spread over more members of the royal family. Each royal, notably the children and siblings of Monarch and heir (Prince of Wales), has his/her own staff, profile and social agenda, typically hundreds of public appearances a year, such as visits, inaugurations, patronages of charities, and still they have to turn down more offers. It's a job for which there is no training, except on the job (or accompanying a veteran), and at the ...
18 Feb. 2008
The main seat of the British monarchy, Buckingham palace in London, is where most of the real work is done by the Sovereign, who is still head of state of 16 monarchies, represented in each country by a different, usually local Governor-general -who occasionally all meet with the Monarch at the palace- and (informal) leader of the Commonwealth (also including most other former British colonies, mainly republics). The palace staff of several hundred takes care of the large complex, with over 600 rooms which are all still used, plus sizable gardens; both are stretched ...
25 Feb. 2008
Head of State
While the British monarchy retains the formal trappings of its absolute past, the Sovereign no longer rules, all political power has shifted to the democratically mandated politicians, parliament and cabinet. Although the organs of state are officially known as H.M.'s government, armed forces etc., the monarch's only influence is informal, trough confidential meetings such as the weekly audience granted to the Prime Minister, who once a year spends a whole weekend at the royal castle Balmoral in Scotland. Similarly the sovereign is nominal commander in chief of the ...
3 Mar. 2008
The Queen and Us
While the ruling monarchs used to remain hidden for their subjects, the modern constitutional Sovereign meets thousands of them every year. For the British monarchy one special way is organizing at least three garden parties on London's Buckingham palace estate and one at the Scottish Balmoral castle. For the guests, mainly hundreds of people who do socially valuable work which gets little formal recognition, it's a memorable highlight in their ordinary lives, for the various palace staff each time a big production. Usually however it's the citizens, armed forces, ...
10 Mar. 2008
The Household
Over a thousand professional palace employees and guards are involved in physically running the British monarchy at and from its English and Scottish residences, from Buckingham Palace to Winsor and from Sandringham to Balmoral. Many are mainly menial specialists in matters from catering to clock-maker and from wine cellar-master to flag-flying or piper, often ancient court traditions, as well as the royal art collection. Some see to ceremonies such as invitations and investitures with decorations, especially in the Lord Chamberlain's department. Others manage the ...

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