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ATI's turning tricks for MyNetTV

ATI's turning tricks for MyNetTV
On the heels of the success of the World Magic Awards 2007 on MyNetworkTV, which drew the network's largest audience ever, the show's producer Associated Television International has signed to do five more magic-themed specials for the net.

Additionally, ATI will produce seven Funniest Moments blooper shows for MyNet to be hosted by Erik Estrada and Laura McKenzie.

ATI's magic specials for MyNet TV include Impossible Escapes, set to air Jan. 30, and four weekly episodes of "Masters of Illusion: Impossible Magic" airing throughout February.

"Associate Television has definitely cornered the magic market for television," said Jim Romanovich, the company's president of worldwide media and entertainment. "We've found a really good partner in MyNetworkTV after our first three specials proved to be a success for them."

The rerun of World Magic Awards on Jan. 1 averaged 2.5 million viewers, the most for a MyNet show.

The Funniest Moments specials will be themed around different holidays. They follow the successful airing of ATI's Santa's Funniest Moments on MyNet in December.

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