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Not for the lactose intolerant- warning this product contains cheese
oh-hey-bec6 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I often find myself disregarding reviews by viewers who simply trash the entire film but in this case, please take my advice.

As a big fan of the first film, I was excited to see this movie. I enjoyed the realistic elements of the lives of the characters of the first one, expecting the second film to be the same. It's obvious it has been modernized and made significantly more urban than the first one but I assumed there would be some similarities, wrong!

This film tells the story of a young "self taught" dancer who fails to get into the academy but falls for the new rising star. She finds herself working as a waitress come dancer at a club but eventually manages to overcome all the odds to gain the leading role in a new ballet "Just to show her sister you can make all your dreams come true"

Another reviewer claimed these characters had great chemistry. They may have had great chemistry but they certainly lacked acting ability. I can't say whether it was the cliché script or the poor acting but this movie became somewhat painful to watch. There were several moments of very typical flirtatious close ups and over the top crying. It was ultimately cheese in a TV screen.

Being an experienced dancer myself, I was particularly infuriated with the ending of this film in which Kate "A self taught Ballerina" triumphs over all other dancers to gain the lead in this new Ballet with her boyfriend. Not only is it extremely far fetched to say that she would receive this role but it is simply impossible for someone to (as she says) "Just watch ballet videos and mimic what I saw" IT JUST Doesn't HAPPEN! The mere fact she received the role over the more technical dancers is simply ludicrous, namely because they are significantly better (Which is emphasized in several shots)

Essentially this movie was more "Step Up" rather than "Center Stage". It lacked the discipline that was evident in the first one that so many dancers could relate to. If you enjoyed "Step Up" and can stand to watch poor acting in replacement of attractive people then you may enjoy this movie. For everyone else; Ignore the "Center Stage:" part and focus on the "Turn it up" because this film has no resemblance to the first one.
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Heartwarming romance and great dance chemistry!
Nicescream20003 December 2008
This is a great little movie. As somebody else wrote, the chemistry between the leads was wonderful. In a way this shouldn't be compared with the first Center Stage, which was more like Fame (trials and tribulations of an ensemble at an arts school, in this case a dance academy).

CS: Turn It Up is really a dance romance, which we haven't seen for a while (Step Up 2 wasn't very romantic). The first Center Stage was very cheesy, while this one is much lower on the cheese scale.

There's a great sweetness to the lead couple's relationship, and while they are clearly great dancers rather than experienced actors, they're very natural with each other.

Highly recommended and very satisfying (and the music is GREAT--I thought it was even better than the first Center Stage's soundtrack, which was also very good.)
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Better than I expected!
hazey9 May 2009
This movie turned out to be a nice surprise. I was a little concerned that it would fall below par being a straight to DVD sequel, but it held its own.

The strongest area would be the dance routines. Very entertaining, they kept making me want to get up and dance along. The characters were likable, believable and linked in nicely with the original story.

The weakest areas would probably be the under par dialog and the been there done that story line. But considering it is a sequel, there really wasn't a whole lot of new ground or directions they could go in. On saying that, the story was told strongly enough to keep you interested the whole way through.

A lovely little Saturday night in movie for all the dance crazed movie fans.
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Absolutely love it!!
ysic29 January 2010
I can't believe how underrated this film is and how critical some have been about this film. When I first watched it. I was hooked on every scene. I showed this movie to so many of my friends and family that love dance movies and just a feel good film, they all said how good this movie was. The dancing is spectacular by the main character Kate. She is absolutely gorgeous, sexy and really knows how to dance.

The acting ability was flawed in a couple of instances but we are talking about people who more than likely have dancing as their first love and profession and acting as an add on so please! ease up all you massively criticizing people out there. WE are only talking about a few instances here anyway not the whole film.

I like this film more than the first, I've gotta say. There will be people that will disagree but if you are looking for a light hearted feel good film to watch with plenty of dancing, give this one a go.
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I really loved the movie
korina_cruz25 November 2008
I really liked this movie. It was really cute. The actors were good, the dance scenes were awesome. I didn't really expect much, but after watching this it made me feel really good inside. Rachele Brooke Smith and Kenny Wormald were great. They're really talented and they're both hot. They have this chemistry, and I fell in love with both of them.

This movie is kinda different from the other dance movies like step-up and make it happen coz it focuses mainly on ballet dancing. I liked this better and I didn't find this movie cheesy and boring at all, so please give this movie a try and quit comparing this movie to all the other dance movies out there. (:
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awesome chemistry and hot dance moves
lilcutebird19 January 2009
i loved the chemistry between (the characters) Kate and Tommy. and their dance moves were HOT. the way they moved was very intimate. Rachele Smith's acting could have been better but the story line was good (could have been a bit better). i mean i was kind of disappointed that they didn't really have much of a story line including Kate's father. He seemed to be against her daughter's dream of being a ballerina but in the end she succeeded so they should have put some of her father in the end to show other young dreams out there that they shouldn't give up. PS-Kenny Wormald is HAWT!! and if u liked this movie then u should definitely watch Step Up & Honey.
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This film was commercial for either Colgate or Crest Toothpaste.
Sherazade2 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The lead actress and the lead actor at times almost seemed like they were starring in a toothpaste commercial rather than a movie but I guess that's what you get when you put professional dancers in movie starring roles. Just because they can dance does not necessarily mean that they can act. Oh! come on people, give this film a break. I thought it was very nice and in fact nearly as good as the original. I however have to agree that the makeup used on the lead actress was a little bit too much but other than that she was fine in the role she was playing. Two things stood out to me as odd in the film, #1 was that the main actress could find parking on a New York City street 9a.m. on the morning of her audition, and the second thing was the fact that she was working 3 jobs yet still couldn't afford to get her car out of impound? That was just odd. Nevertheless, the dancing was on point. It a film about dancing so the less said about the acting and certain other flaws in the film, the better.
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Good, but could've been better
ljcool_1719 March 2009
I was a bit skeptical about this movie since I did not know any of the actors. I like the idea of where they were heading with the plot, but for me it kinda lacked a bit on execution. There were a couple of scenes where it needed a little more acting to it that kinda left me hanging. Maybe put a little more emotion to it. Other than that there were some parts where I felt the lines could've been more, because for some reason it sounded like they were talking online. It's a good movie though that focuses on a girl's struggle to achieve her dream and all the hardships she went through in the process. It speaks real life and I have to say you won't be much disappointed watching this film.
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Kate was great!
bangel_yih18 January 2009
Before watching this movie I did look it up here at IMDb, and did notice it didn't really have great ratings. Well, so glad I went with my vibe and watched it anyway. I loved the film. About Kate (Rachele Brooke Smith), I very much enjoyed watching her in this film. I've never heard of her before, but now I know who she is. Aside overall pretty (adorable smile) and cool dancer, personally, I think she did very good in her role as Kate. Somebody commented that she looks like Ashley Simpson (dark hair, pre-op Ashley). I agree, in quite a few scenes, I thought so, too, and I couldn't help for a moment to wonder if Ashley Simpson might've been a good Kate, too. Well, actually, probably, she would've done okay with the ballet dancing scenes since I hear that Ashley Simpson used to dance ballet when she was younger. But as for the other dancing styles performed in this movie, the only other kind of Ashley dancing I'm familiar with aside her ballet is the "Ashley Ho-down" thing. So, on second thought, nope. I don't think it would've been appropriate for this film. Picturing her as Kate, no. I think they definitely chose the appropriate actress for this film. I'm glad they went with Rachele Brooke Smith. She owned the part. She owned the dance floor. I look forward to seeing her in other cool films such as this. I give her and the overall movie a "10"!
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She's breaking all the rules....
I_can_get_you_a_toe20 May 2009
I went into this movie with some very low expectations and was not disappointed.

Kate is a rebel ballerina, who eats chocolate and drinks beer, and who is pursuing her dream of dancing for one of the best Ballet Academies in the world - even though she's never had, you know, any kind of training. 'She has such passion' Why? because she smiled once during the audition? Yep, that's some hardcore passion right there.

The acting, or whatever the hell it was those people were doing, was absolutely atrocious. Probably some of the worst acting I've seen in awhile and I watch porn. Some white gay ballerina dude walking around saying 'Sick', 'Dope', 'Banging'. bleugh.

This movie was choc full of horribly contrived moments. What kind of club owner hires a girl as a waitress because she moves her ass in time with the music? How is it OK for her 10 year old sister to just get on a bus and travel to New York? It's all very stupid.

But not as stupid as the cringe-worthy 'dance' by the water fountain. It was the most horrible horrible thing I had ever seen, I prayed to the gods to strike me blind so as to never see that terrible thing again.

It's best altogether to stay as far away from this crap as possible.
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