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salter-andy12 April 2009
Are you on drugs or something? This has to be one of the worst films ever made. Poor acting combined with a stupid story makes this 90 minutes wasted of your life...absolutely laughable at times.

The kid who falls down the hole should be left there for one of the worst acting performances of all time. The fireman trying to rescue the boy was like an American version of Frank Spencer, all that was missing was the beret and rain mac.

The arguing parents have the solution, by sending the toy car down the hole to amuse the stranded lad...they would have been better sending down a "beginners guide to acting" book.

View this movie, only if you want a good laugh.
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The kid in the well
jstevens50724 August 2009
Could have been a good movie but I was hoping the kid in the well would die because he was so irritating and such a terrible "actor". The kid destroyed this movie. The kid talked like a 2 year old spoiled brat and I hoped the well would collapse. The boys mother was almost as bad and Guttenberg was the only one that had an ounce of ability. The other guy is almost as bad as the kid. Smartest thing they did was send down the toy truck in to the well to keep the kid quiet, his voice and baby talk was worse than finger nails on the chalk board. Only thing that could have made the movie better is if his mother fell in with him. The grandfather was probably the best actor in the movie, he didn't speak too much and sound like a complete idiot.
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openbooks-634-23495214 January 2010
This film was ridiculous! I hope Guttenburg was paid all his money upfront. The parents of a boy stuck down a well, continuously leave the site to go off and argue - continuously. Just when you think the dopey mother would shut up about what she thinks her almost divorced husband is guilty of, she starts up again and again and again. There is one segment of almost five minutes when they both (the mother could do it herself?) run up to the house to get a device so their drowning child can breath underwater and they stand in the attic for ages arguing interminably. Like that would happen! This mother leaves the well side all the time. No mother would. All ends well however, when the child who has drowned, is rescued and brought back to life by his father who has finally decided to spend some time with his son. And he (Guttenburg) and his dopey wife decide to try again, she grinning like she never hated his guts. Awful!
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child gets caught in old well
jackmanmachine24 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Plot was unbelievable, they waited far too long to feed the kid, would be FIRST thing on a lads mind at that age, not throwing a tantrum at the bottom of a hole, Steves girlfriend admits she is a rockclimber yet fails to try to gear up and go down the hole that was to small for the men(she be quite tiny), and the mother watches her only child go under water from 20 ft above???????? NOT A CHANCE!!!!!!!, no parent would just stand and cry hysterically.........I was wholly unimpressed by the acting, overacting, and lack of acting.......the young lad and his throwing a temper tantrum in the bottom of a well after spending the night and most of the morning there and NOT asking for food right away??The first thing on a childs mind when lost is food the second they get hungry, NOT tossing a fit.

absolutely unbelievable storyline...
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This movie was god awful
ckdrew29 May 2009
The story obviously had potential. Your typical tragedy/thriller with a few twists, heart tugs, etc.

There's one thing this movie lacked: Good acting.

The acting was on the level of a porno, maybe one step above it.

Other thoughts.

I'm not sure why the husband was yelling the whole movie. I couldn't stop laughing, at first I thought it was a comedy skit.

This is what happens when you read a review on blockbuster that says a movie was good. It had to be a paid poster or someone associated with the movie.

The kid's speech impediment was driving me crazy.

This movie would not make the USA network. That's how bad it was. It *might* make Lifetime for a unpaid movie.

This movie made my top 10 list of all time worst movies.
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Amazing movie, a truly life-changing experience
Alexander Arsoudis11 June 2017
I must admit I have not watched this movie. I have however watched Flo in action in real life. His acting has been absolutely marvelous, from what I've been able to observe. And as universally known, one does not need a proper plot, good cinematography, CGI, story cohesion or much of anything else really, if one does have an outstanding actor in the picture. Flo's abilities are groundbreaking. Ergo, this movie is a masterpiece. Thus the 10/10 rating. Still wouldn't watch it tho. My personal rules concerning the minimum IMDb rating a movie must have for me to watch it still apply. But do feel free to not be dissuaded by my own reluctance and enjoy this masterpiece on your own, oh esteemed reader of these lines.
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One of the worst movies I've EVER seen
Adam Jozsa10 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
How to make 90 minutes out of getting a kid out of a pit? Ask the director. I've seen it on TV and had nothing better to watch. It was so annoying that at some point it became funny.

Spoiler Alert!

The obstacles of getting the kid out were GOD AWFUL, seriously. If you want to rescue someone, you do it in 10 minutes. Horrible and hilarious.

The story was so badly written, they had to make a 5 minutes scene in one and a half hour. I honestly think you need real talent to make such an awful film.
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Stop and smell the roses.
Len987617 March 2009
This film is stunning, and is an award winner. It has the feel of a fantasy, in the midst of Michael's dark secret. There is denial in the midst of a real-life tragedy. This cannot be happening, but it is. Will the past keep two people from being freed in the present? Will a mother unlock the secrets that keep her from happiness? Will a father learn to stop running, and stay with the woman and son that he loves? Will a family be rescued?

You have to see this movie to savor the richness of genuine love. The road to life is sometimes laden with great difficulty, but is it worth the effort to overcome and experience the things that are cherished in life's walk? The film is riddled with many questions, but its ending provides much introspection.

Well done, and a Steve Guttenberg triumph beyond any cocoon. I rank this film a 10 out of 10. If you let out all of the stops, you will be able to release all of your emotions, and you will be able to appreciate the essence of life. Yes, stop and smell the roses.
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(Almost) Worst movie ever!
lord-of-lichtenfels31 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I agree with most of the previous comments: This movie is bad. I bought it because I saw that "Mahoney" was in it and thought it was some kind of comedy. Definitely not. Bad acting, and a storyline full of holes (not just the one the child fell in). Here some more errors. 1. The movie starts with an upcoming child custody hearing, supposedly in Germany, near or in Berlin. In Germany, if the mother is German and her child is with her in Germany, NO one will hand over the child to the father from abroad, so there would most likely be no hearing in the first place (it is even extremely difficult for a German father in Germany). 2. The child lies in rising ice cold water for about 1 h, without getting unconscious. Probably it served in the US marines or the CIA before, training such extreme situations. At least it stops speaking when finally submerged (about time). 3. Although the movie was apparently partially shot in Germany, and the ambulance as well as the firetruck appear to be German, the paramedics as well as the firefighters wear uniforms with badly glued on signs on their regular uniforms, identifying them as "fire dept" and "ambulance". Why should German Uniforms look bad and have English descriptions? 4. Nobody in the village dares entering the woods, because they are "cursed" because people vanish in them, but nobody keeps looking for them and nobody knows about the mine shafts, although they were in operation 100 years ago. Hello? The mine is by the way far to small for an operation in the early 1900s, and NOBODY in Germany believes in cursed woods (except maybe some people in mental institutions and little children). 5. In the end, the fathers closes the mineshaft with the cheapest, thinnest wood from the home-depot, so "that nobody would have to endure what we had to". The construction will definitely rot away within a few months in German climate. Fill the shaft with sand or soil, that it will stay closed. I have seen worse movies, but not many.
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