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Cute for Potter fans, but don't expect a lot of magic
MartinHafer25 February 2009
This film purports to be the real story of Harry Putter--the guy who was the inspiration for J.K. Rowling's novels. This guy, however, goes to a far less magical world and he and his friends use far more mundane magic. In fact, the dreaded "Sorcerer's Stone" is actually the just a sorcerer's phone--and it's great because it can make unlimited phone calls. Again and again, the truth is far less magical and, well, boring.

The film is reasonably well made but has all the look of a fan mockumentary. Die-hard fans of the series will love it, mild fans of the series (like myself) will see it as a time-passer and those not familiar with the books will probably care less. It's not a fancy or sophisticated film--just a nice film by some big fans.
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