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Season: 1
Year: 2007

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Hunter's Journey

22 October 2007
The story explores an Inuit hunter's journey to find food for his loving family. A great hunter who follows his instincts and the traditional ways in hunting the Arctic animals. He travels for days in search but with no success. As the days continue to pass his love and memories of his family waiting for his return drive him to madness. In the end his spirit still roams the vast Arctic searching for food for his family.
Kakki Peter ... The Hunter
Laakkuluk Jessen Williamson ... The Hunter's Wife

Season 1, Episode 2: Manitowapan

11 June 2007
"Manitowapan" is rooted in the traditions elements of the First Nations People - dance and storytelling. The idea of Manitowapan is to focus on making visible the relationship between the spirit and the matter, the word and the movement, the mind and the body. For native people of the past, simple rituals as dance and storytelling served as great healing rituals for individuals and whole communities. The goal of a story or a dance was to recognize and to revere the presence of spirits in all worldly affairs, and through that simple act, to restore balance and unity.

Season 1, Episode 3: Dancers from the Great Plains

5 November 2007

Mylis Baptiste ... Dancer
Lorin Gardypie ... Supporting Dancer
Gary Gott ... Supporting Dancer
Kevin Haywahe ... Dancer
Sternley Kay ... Dancer
Elvin Nicotine ... Dancer
Lomarr Okasikewiyin ... Dancer
Harvey Thunderchild ... Lead Dancer
Tyrone Tootoosis ... Group Leader
Delbert Wapass ... Dancer

Season 1, Episode 4: Passage

12 November 2007
"Passage" explores how passion and forces of this world influences oneself. Traditional native stories can parallel this inspiration bringing forth teachings and legends to the present time where ones own spiritual force and nature can become awaken. "Passage" is a journey of discovering and defining one's true self.
Jody Becker ... Dancer
Christine Friday-O'Leary ... Lead Dancer

Season 1, Episode 5: Here on Earth

19 November 2007
An exploration of spiritual connection to the land, Earth as a living organism, Earth as Mother, Earth as sacred. Four primal Beings journey from the Sky to touch the Earth. Each takes a path that leads them through an incredible journey of discovery and transformation. Moving through shape and form the dancers unite in ritual expression inhabiting the land of spirits, animal, plant and human. The dance is drawn from the Iroquoian Creation Story. The work embraces the belief that humans were originally Sky Dwellers who dream their existence on earth.
Santee Smith ... Lead Dancer

Alex Meraz ... Dancer
Brian Solomon ... Dancer
Emily Law ... Dancer

Season 1, Episode 6: Triptych

26 November 2007
John Prophet is haunted by his past. His memories cloud each sleepless night and his waking hours. These memories are fractured articulations of his past, but John cannot make out the difference between the past and the present, between delusion and reality. John's exists and survival depends on his claims both to his past and his right to spiritual freedom in the present.

Michael Greyeyes ... Lead Dancer
Nancy Latoszewski ... Dancer

Meegwun Fairbrother ... Dancer

Katelyn Vanier ... Dancer
Glen Gaston ... Dancer

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