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Eisenberg lets us see Sam's growing distress, and also the fortitude with which he faces down his fears -- few young actors are as adept at simultaneously conveying panic and bravado.
The problem is that just as we're getting to know these characters as people, the movie pulls a veil over them: It loses its nerve and mutates into an only mildly compelling crime drama, albeit one whose protagonist is maybe more tortured than usual.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
As a testament to traditions that are usually kept hidden from Hollywood, Holy Rollers is a mitzvah. But as a thriller, it's bubkes.
Eisenberg - seemingly in every other movie nowadays - gives his best performance since 2005's "The Squid and the Whale" in a film that dramatizes a fascinating New York story.
The film's failure is to get from A to B. We buy both good Sam and bad Sam, but we don't see him making the transition.
Feels staged and exoticized in the way stories about insular communities often do when told by outsiders.
An intriguing portrait of an insular community, but its recounting of the seduction of a bright young man by the surrounding culture is heavy-handed.
Holy Rollers squanders a fascinating premise with predictable execution.
A rare drug-crime movie devoid of violence, and pretty much anything in the way of excitement.
Even the portrayal of the Hasidic community comes to feel like window-dressing, welcome for its exoticism but never truly understood.
Wall Street Journal
The screenplay, by Antonio Macia, is earnest and unsurprising--not a good combination--and neither the director nor the star quite knows what to make of the quirky character inside the traditional garments that signal otherworldly innocence to customs agents.

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