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One of the world's most bizarre documentaries

Author: fertilecelluloid from Mountains of Madness
27 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An inarticulate American "expert" on sexology introduces us to the subject of bestiality. He throws statistics at us suggesting that more than 46% of American country boys have had sex with animals. An American woman who was kidnapped in Marrakesh and forced to have sex with men and animals for eighteen months is interviewed. She is asked if any of the animals climaxed in her mouth. This question reveals the intention of this so-called documentary -- to titillate. A Danish porn shop owner reveals that animal films were big sellers in the 70's. The camera pans across some classic porn mags such as Venus Studio, Sex Lovers, and the ever present Color Climax.

The film's main subject, Bodil ("The Boar Girl"), is interviewed by a Danish chap who translates her answers back into English. An introverted, chubby gal, she informs us that she has had sex with boars, dogs and horses. She has only had sex with a male human once and was not swept off her feet. Her favorite animal lover is her dog (Lassie). This interview takes us into an explicit sequence featuring Bodil and Lassie on a bed. Lassie happily performs oral on her before she masturbates him, sucks him, and inserts his penis in her vagina. The film's second explicit sequence depicts Bodil with a boar. Even though the previous hardcore scene was hard to take for this viewer, this one takes the four-legged cake. Most disturbing is the fact that the boar seems disinterested in Bodil and has to be forced to perform oral on her. Lying beside the boar on the floor of someone's house, Bodil looks dirtier than the boar itself. It's very unpleasant material with an unsavory vibe.

Since the production of "Animal Lover" in 1971, the world is awash in animal porn. From Japan to Brazil to Germany to Northern Europe, production is up and sales are booming. The number of internet sites selling and streaming beasty material is overwhelming. The way in which beast sex is being depicted and marketed makes "Animal Lover" feel like something from a more "innocent" time. In a way, it is. When Bodil was a hot commodity for companies such as Color Climax, there was a scarcity factor at play. She was bestiality's first poster child, a real woman with a deep love for animals who was talked into performing for the cameras. Whether she was exploited or not is a matter of conjecture. She clearly agreed to be photographed and was paid for her work. Whether this exposure contributed to her ultimate decline and suicide is questionable. But back in the 70's, for a very short time, she was the animal sex "It" girl, the Twiggy of animal sex films (just as Veronica Moser was the "It" girl of scat). Bodil gained some notoriety and rode a certain wave for a while. When beasty material became more commonplace in Europe, her "value" declined.

As a "documentary", "Animal Lover" reveals little about the lifestyle and psychology of a human being whose sexual proclivity is for another species. The British "Animal Passion" (also reviewed) and the American "Zoo" (also reviewed) are better sources of a more psychological exploratory nature. Still, "Animal Lover" is more interesting than a straight pornographic portrayal because it humanizes (to some degree) its sexual practitioner with an interview before depicting her in an actual act. The Japanese "A Summer's Day" is another look at Bodil, but it is made with more artistry and doesn't pretend to be anything that it is not.

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Exploitive, trashy pseudomentary

Author: Scott from Modesto from the Berkeley Marina
7 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alex de Renzy made some of the most compelling porn films of the 70s and 80s, including classics such as Femmes de Sade, Pretty Peaches, and Baby Face. These were films that were not merely collections of hot sex scenes with loose plot lines but fully realized erotic stories. Some of these films caused controversy for their content, such as the maligned documentary Animal Lover.

Animal Lover doesn't really shed any light on the bestiality paraphilia, it doesn't give you any insight into the minds of actual animal lovers. To be honest, as a documentary Animal Lover is pretty useless. The Danish scenes were filmed by Freddy Hansen and involve man on the street interviews discussing the popularity of bestiality porn in sex shops and the anything goes freedoms that were granted to the Danish adult entertainment industry of the 70s, when companies like Rodox, Skandi Films, and especially Color Climax ruled the day and exploited the sex act in all its incarnations for all it was worth. De Renzy even interviews a young girl who was abducted and forced into prostitution by white slavers. Eventually the young woman's captors grew tired of her and she was forced to perform sex acts on a dog to gain her freedom.

Color Climax Corporation is thriving to this very day and up through the 90s was still the biggest porn producer in the world, but some of CCC's most well-known performers were left in its wake. John Holmes, of course, is dead. Bodil Joensen, though less well-known to American audiences due to the type of films wherein she chiefly appeared, was another casualty. Perhaps these individuals were partly tools of the porn industry--victims--and perhaps they were just fated to die in a downward spiral. Regardless, Bodil appears here as an interviewee and also as an animal sex performer.

Whether the framing device--the interviews and all--is real or staged, I'm not certain. But Bodil was real and deserved better than to be exploited, especially not for the sake of interlopers who wanted to expose the "animal lover" scene for a marginally curious American audience. Animal Lover was conceived, in my humble opinion, only to frame the few "shocking" hardcore scenes featuring Bodil, nothing more.

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Perhaps one of the sickest porno films I have ever seen.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
3 December 2007

First of all I ain't used to bestiality pics,but morbid curiosity kept me watching this filthy flick."Animal Lover" was directed by infamous Alex De Renzy,the smut peddler behind "Femmes de Sade" and "Long Jeanne Silver" and it supposedly premiered in some seedy cinemas in San Francisco.Apparently it contains material from "A Summer Day" including the scenes of Bodil Joensen having sexual intercourse with horses,pigs and chickens.It even shows Bodil putting an eel into her vagina.I have seen a few beasty porno flicks,but none of it was this graphic.Of course Danish company Color Climax pioneered the market of extreme pornography with such titles like "Kilroy Was Here" or "Animal Farm",but some of CC movies are at least questionable in their value.That's why "Animal Lover" is only recommended for the curious.

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What The............???!!!

Author: JSlick from Santa Fe, New Mexico
12 June 2008

I first heard of flicks like these back in High School. I always thought that they were a bunch hearsay. I remember hearing about "Animal Farm" and one called "Uncle Festers Animal Show", but like I said, I thought they were of urban legend. Im a big cinephile and love all aspects of cinema. One big trill of mine is "the trill of the hunt", researching and digging in any nook and cranny for odd films is a big past time of mine. Then I come across this one! Whew....just the utter filth and feeling of disgust that plagues you after the first couple animal scenes. This film is just plain nasty. I've seen films like Pollseli's Ocenita and the uncut version of Emanuelle in America, but this film blows the hog (literally). I didn't enjoy it ( I don't think anybody has), but it is a milestone in pornographic cinema. That grainy look to it just puts the icing on the cake. I had been familiar with Bodhil before watching this film through writings about her and her tormented life, as well as seeing "A Summers Day". I just want to see the craziest stuff out there and this definitely is the end of the road for this category of films. Color Climax put out some crazy films back then, unfortunately they are also very hard to track down.

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The Title Says It All...

Author: EVOL666 from St. John's Abortion Clinic
28 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

ANIMAL LOVER is another film that I saw quite a while back and don't know why I'm just now getting around to reviewing it. Actually I do - I keep an eye out on FERTILECELLULOID's reviews as we tend to have similar tastes, and it reminded me that I've never written anything up on this one. Anyway - as SCOTT and HUMANOID have noted, Alex De Renzy is no real newbie to controversy, having directed some of the "hardest" and most bizarre (and frankly, great...) XXX features out there - but ANIMAL LOVER really takes the cake.

The film is a pseudo-documentary about beastiality, and more specifically, on one of the genres biggest "stars" - Bodil Joensen. There are some interviews in the beginning that really don't amount to anything, and a somewhat interesting (if strictly from a historical aspect...) interview with Joensen herself, before the film kicks into high-gear and gives us the "goods". In the next segment, we witness Ms. Joensen doing what she's best known for, including graphically f!cking a dog and a pig, and blowing a horse. No "stunt-doubles", no "cut-aways" - this is the real thing.

The history of these films and how they became popular, and the story behind Joensen herself is all quite interesting actually. Color Climax was the biggest distributor of such material, at a time when laws regarding such acts were quite "relaxed" in certain areas of Europe. Ms. Joensen, being a true "animal lover" (in the literal sense) basically just found a way to make a (justifiably controversial) living by portraying on film what she practiced in her private life. Her true story is sad and tragic, and for anyone interested, I suggest doing some research into her background, as there are several essays on her life and interviews with her. It truly is a strange, shocking, and compelling story. But as the others have also noted, ANIMAL LOVER is basically just an exploitative attempt to cash in on the curiosity of such material, and will shed no real light on Ms. Joensen, her life, or others that practice such behavior. I for one am not "into" such acts, but I am a cinephile who seeks out the most "extreme" films possible, and ANIMAL LOVER definitely ranks amongst those - even weighed against more recent "beasty" material. Not a film for the casual viewer (a HUGE understatement if there ever were one...), but interesting, shocking, and noteworthy to the curious or those that like to test their boundaries...8/10 - not for being a "good" film or even a competent documentary, but based against other films of the sort that show such "shocking" behavior, and for it's impact from a historical standpoint.

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Curiosity killed the cat. Oh, and it also screwed it.

Author: ElijahCSkuggs from Happy Land, who lives in a Gumdrop House on Lolly Pop Lane
13 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If there were ever a film to quench someone's thirst of seeing "true" bestiality, this is probably it. There are probably others which are more graphic (I dunno), and other fetish flicks that are more disgusting (that I do know), but this is pretty much a take it or leave it type of film. And I'll be happy to tell ya, this will be my first and last viewing of a woman having sex with a dog. Unless, of course (of course!), I'm throwing a box-social and I want to clear house, or if I'm triple-dog dared.

Animal Lover is a pretty weak documentary when it comes down to explaining stuff. But what it does do in spades is demonstrate exactly what a beastialitist (sp?)...beastialitor...haha, does. There is a couple interviews before the action, one with some researcher dude is pretty boring, the other with the same research dude is pretty interesting because he's interviewing a girl who was dealt some pretty harsh cards in Marrakesh, Morocco. Then you have a small one with Bodil before the horse-play begins....I may be getting on a roll here!

For anyone that's only interested in knowing what happened keep reading, If you want to experience Animal Lover for yourself, skip this paragraph and get watching. And if you don't give two donkey dicks, keep reading. Okay, you first see Bodil having sex with her dog, Lassie. It starts with Lassie licking her Kibbles N' Bits, then it's some blow job action for Lassie (who's a boy), and you get to realize a dog's balls are directly attached to it's penis. The red rocket actually has two little gas tanks below. Didn't know that. Lots of hand jobs and sucking follow. Then she rides the pooch. Well not really, but simply just kinda bounces up and down on Lassie. The dog actually seems "okay" with it. Because most of the time it looks like it's asleep. Full, graphic penetration included. Yeeuck! Next is the pig. And what a pig! This hog is huge and pretty uninterested in the sex and at times seems to slightly bothered. Nevertheless, a blow job is given, some grinding and almost some cunilinggus(sp?). It's a pretty nasty sight since Bodil and the pig are kinda dirty. Highlight of the video comes here when you get to know that a pig's curly tail looks exactly like it's penis. Curly and skinny. Weird. To all the fat ugly guys out here, this proves that you can still get laid. Then the finale with Mr. Ed. What you get here is some tugging, kissing, licking and some grinding. Obviously messed up viewing, but out of all the animals the Lassie scene was easily the most f'ed up.

Animal Farm is by far one of the most messed up viewing experiences I've had. Sex with animals just doesn't float my boat, but hey, if you enjoy rolling in the mud with pigs, all the power to you. Just make sure you're in privacy, please. On final note, if you have a friend that has a horse, and he or she (in this case) asks you if you wanna play "tug of war" with the horse, run as fast as you can. Or grab a camera and play along, because of course, "not there's anything wrong with that".

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