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Lab Rats Unite!...again! Possible spoilers as I am not sure what I'm gonna write yet.
drbrat4235 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This was my first time seeing this episode, but I think, after the super-serious preceding episode (departure of Sara), a little levity was definitely in order.

As Grissom tries to privately deal with Sara's leaving (and the rest of the team tries to console him, or at least draw him out), Hodges and his cronies engage in a sort of training exercise of Hodges' design. In the various scenarios Hodges lays out for the techs, one of them dies an unusual death on the job, and they all take stabs at solving the crime.

What I enjoyed most about this episode was the hyperbolic manner in which the CSI's and Brass were portrayed through Hodges' eyes (and Wendy's once) and the fact that, no matter the circumstance, Hodge and Trace were portrayed as the White Knight. It was a definite departure for the show (reminded me of the "Grave Danger" episodes...love me some Tarantino!), but very entertaining.

Finally, what I enjoyed most was the ending, where Hodges, the sycophant, turned out to be the one person to actually, if only for a moment, get him to talk about how he felt.
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Light episode, running like a clockwork
Locomotiva122 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A great "light" episode.

We started with a "boom" - but it's just a game between "Hodges" and "Wendy".

From here we had a crescendo of weird fun, where the Lab Rats, as cluedo cards, got into more and more cases - as victims, or murderers, or...

In an overlap of in-story and off-story universe: comments, the main cast snapping fingers when they found an evidence or chit-chatting with the players of the game. "David" quipped every time that "No sexual abuse" was made on the dead Lab Rat of the case - but "Hey, it's a neck wound" where the camera is going'?

Not much content, perhaps. But the episode run as a clockwork.

"Hodges" even leaned on the forth wall, pointing out that "Bobby the armorer" under interrogation by "Capt.Brass" was just a running gag.
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Goofy 'Hodges' And His Hypothetical Crime Game
ccthemovieman-124 January 2009
I give this an "A" for "originalty" but only a "C-minus" for content. It just isn't that involving an episode, because there are too many factors involved in too many cases.

All of the crime stories in here are "what if" stuff, made, as it turns out, to be in the form of a CSI table game that "Hodges" is inventing. He creates scenarios in which various CSI "lab rats" are knocked off. The idea is to why out the answers to the two basic questions: "who did it, and how?" Most of this is played for humor but I found very few laughs in here. I've never found the "lab rates" - Hodges, Wendy, Archie, Mandy, Bobby, Henry, etc., to be particularly good comics, only weird, unrealistic CSI "scientists." Thus, for the most part, with three or four different cases presented with new clues every 15 seconds, it wasn't an entertaining episode in which you get involved with what's going on.

However, despite saying the above, I did enjoy the last segment when Grissom sits down with Hodges and says, "I like games." He's asked to try and figure out another hypothetical crime, this one in which Hodges gets shot in the middle of the forehead at the lab. That part is pretty cool, with a few funny scenes to it.

Overall, half good/half terrible. Hodges (Wallace Langham) did an excellent job as the creator of this game and the host of the show, to to speak.
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A treat ...for the established fan
henry-429-88363220 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Perhaps this is for the the established CSI aficionado...anyway it's a treat. Sandwiched between some overly serious episodes (I find the trials of Sara and Warrick a little bit tiresome) this is one of the great CSI comedy episodes.

Hodges has dreamed up a board game based on the work of the lab rats (and CSIs/detectives) and tries it out on Wendy. The result is utterly different from the usual CSI formula - that's why it's fun, but maybe if you're already a fan. With great glee the lab rats imagine each other's murder, and investigate it. For some reason Bobby the gun man always gets a roasting from Brass in every scenario they 'investigate'

There's a little 'development' in the interaction between Hodges and Wendy, but, as with the early Grissom/Sara relationship, it's wonderfully understated - which is exactly the way to do it. I don't know how this particular storyline pans out but like it just fine SO FAR.
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