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The Other Woman-Beyond Peyton Place *1/2
edwagreen9 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
There is simply too much going on here. A part-time journalism teacher is married to a high-powered attorney. A young law intern is cunning, sly and vicious. She is really going after the attorney. She even has the audacity to tell the wife that she will marry her husband. To add to this mess, our wife took the attorney away from his first wife. They had a 16 year old who is plenty to handle.

If this isn't enough, our lawyer works for a fat, balding man who has an eye on the intern as well. His wife is best friend with our attorney's second wife. When the boss turns up dead, his wife reveals 30 years of abuse and she is the killer!

The ending is a real surprise. Since when does that intern, a vicious tramp, wind up with our hero.

I guess the film is trying to depict various kind of abuses, but what a poor job it does.
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Answer to Questions
choward-1319 July 2009
The problem with this movie is it didn't follow the book too well. The point of the book was that Nicole was so brazen, to just walk up to the wife and say she was going to steal the husband. And, when the wife told the husband, he was laughing about it, and she thought "Damn, he's interested." This movie had all the stalking and breaking and entering garbage. It just wasn't a book about that kind of thing... it was about knowing you were married to a man that would cheat because he had cheated with you. I also thought that the two women were somewhat reversed. Jill was sort of plain in the book, or at least felt plain. And Nicole was beautiful... trampy.. but truly beautiful. A young Vanessa Marcil. Not that thing in the movie. And Josie B. was too glamorous. I wanted to like this, because the book is really quite good.

The trial Derek won was the trial he was involved in that we never really got to see much of. It is not a trial of the women married to his senior partner.

Oh, and also the book never had the love interest for Jill. That wasn't what it was about.
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More plot holes than volcanic rock!
simonebuvez25 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I normally wouldn't even bother reviewing a movie like this, but it was so horrible, people just have to know. It's difficult to point out specifics without spoiling the plot, but suffice it to say, the screen writing, direction, and acting were horrible. I kept waiting for the elements to tie the whole story together at the end, which didn't happen.

Further, the character "development" was terrible. How could such a doofus of a husband be married to a supposedly smart, accomplished woman? By the way, she exhibited little of this intelligence and wit she purportedly possessed. What was the point of the daughter and her boyfriend? To spy on the husband at the end? That just didn't make sense. Nicole was a joke, overacted, pathetic. It didn't make sense that the husband was supposedly such a brilliant, clever lawyer, but didn't realize Nicole was so "off." Why didn't Jill tell him about the glass? What part did the glass play? Ugh, there's just too much wrong with this movie to go on.

Suffice it to say, I'm glad I "pay for" the film and sit through the commercials!
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commenting on the other woman TV movie 2008
wi3andr16 November 2008
i watched the TV movie: the other woman last night. i wanted to see the names of the actors that played in it. when i looked on the internet movie data base, i noticed that it didn't have the names of some of the actors such as: Derek, Stan, and Stan's wife. how come? the outcome of the trial says that Derek won the case. does that mean that Stan's wife got the death penalty, or did she get life imprisionment? whatever happened regarding her son Cole? what happened to Jill? did Jill and her former friend start seeing each other again? it looks like this movie could have had another 30 minutes to it in order to answer all my questions huh? joy fielding, could you help me out with these questions, and does your novel have more of an complete picture of the movie that was on TV? thanks.
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Watching paint dry is more exciting
david_kravitz20 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In the space of just six days I have seen (arguably) the best film of 2008 (Changeling) and the worst (this one). Where to even start? A nonsensical plot was matched by some very poor acting. Loose ends everywhere and four actresses using the same peroxide bottle that made them difficult to tell apart.

The main story concerns a bimbo who tells a wife she is going to steal her husband. There are side issues such as another wife murdering her husband and a daughter, who just mumbles her lines, with boyfriend problems and a mother who appears in just one scene (I think) for no good reason. Many of these stories are left unresolved at the end and you wonder just what the film was all about.

Then there is the acting. The daughter who mumbles her way through is matched by the rest. I do not know any of the actors or actresses from other parts but I presume they may come from cheap daytime soap opera.

As I write this, my apartment is being decorated. Watching the paint dry on the walls is more exciting than this film. Could someone at IMDb explain its rating for this film?
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The Other Woman
Alexa8 July 2008
Jill was a journalist that left everything behind to start a life with her husband Derek, a husband that left his wife and daughter to be with her, now Jill is a University teacher and Derek is in the best moment of his career as a lawyer in one of the best firms in the city, everything is perfect until one day Nicole, an intern in the law-firm introduces her self to Jill and says "I'll marry your husband", since that day strange things start happening to Jill, but David, her husband doesn't see anything strange in Nicole.

Will Derek found out the truth about Nicole? Or Jill will have to pay for what she did in the beginning?
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Interesting, despite sloppiness
evening120 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This TV movie is marred by a hackneyed plot, too many side characters sometimes looking too much alike, and distracting side stories, but it's saved by the solid performance of Josie Bissett.

She plays Jill, who gave up a reporting career to become a teacher and settle down as the second wife of high-powered defense attorney Derek (Ted Whittall).

Casting problems result in too close a resemblance between Derek's rebellious daughter and a lascivious new co-worker of his who sets out to steal him from Jill.

Despite the many flaws in this film, Bissett's part is written well. She never stoops to stereotype in interacting with Derek's seductress. And her conversations with Derek's daughter are compelling -- surprises in a production like this.

This film is damaged by a number of red herrings that are never well-explained. For example, glass shows up in a bowl of pasta clearly intended for Jill. But how could the sexy vixen have gotten into the restaurant kitchen? Derek's boss gets murdered and suddenly we plunge into a domestic-violence subplot. Why?

In sum, here's a decent example of LMN as guilty pleasure...tasty, but not terribly nutritious.
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Bad, bad, bad movie
guilfisher-116 November 2008
This movie irritated me quite a lot. Plot is so familiar you guess the ending in the first few minutes. And the leading lady, played by Josie Bisset was as annoying to watch. Wearing so tight jeans you could see her, you know what. Blouses so low it revealed, well not that much. And walking around wearing the same outfit almost throughout the movie. But the real problem is her hair. Most of the times you wanted to hand her a hair brush and tell her to brush her hair out of her face. She looked unkempt, almost dirty. Even when her hair was pulled back, seldom, there were strings hanging down in her face. Most of the time her bleached blonde hair was over one eye giving her a Hitler like look. It annoyed me that much. This lady needs grooming badly. Lisa Marie was another to much hair actress, if you want to call waking around pouting most of the time acting. Too much hair for someone her age. That lady needed a haircut. And poor Jason Proestley, whom I like as an actor, didn't have much to work with, script or actresses.

This was a loser film with loser performances and women that should act and look their age. GET SOME GROOMING AND BRUSH YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR FACE.
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Surprisingly good...
MarieGabrielle19 November 2008
I enjoyed this film, and the theme actually has a surprise twist at the end, which makes the story intriguing and suspenseful.

Jason Priestley deserves mention for direction here, I have seen a few of his other recent projects, and he connects well with the audience in a cameo role as news reporter. Josie Bissett is very good as Jill Plumley, a woman who at first believes she is married to the perfect man. An attorney and loving father (she thinks) portrayed by Graeme Black.

At first the story involves an intern at her husband's law firm, Nicole (well portrayed by a devious Lisa Marie Coruk.) Jill's husband is being pursued by this annoying woman, and at first it isn't clear as to why. There is a peripheral story with the senior partner of her husband's law firm, and a troubled relationship with his wife.

All in all a very well-presented, suspenseful Lifetime movie. Well worth watching. 8/10.
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