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Victor raises Sparky onto the roof with a swing set he attached to the attic skylight. When he let the kites go on his roof in the same scene, the swing set is gone.
When Elsa sings for Dutch Day, the candles on her hat are half melted. In the next shot, the candles have only melted a tiny bit.
On the chalkboard the word "Life" above the drawing of Sparky disappears in a following scene.
While the Frankenstein family is having fondue, the fondue sticks appear and disappear from the pot.

Factual errors 

During the classroom scene when Mr. Rzykruski is explaining the mechanics of lightning, his diagram shows positively charged clouds above the ground, which is shown as being negatively charged by electrons. The diagram should contain negatively charged clouds (containing a surplus of negatively charged electrons) over the ground which should not have any charge.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


Toward the end of the film, when Sparky has been hooked up to all of the jumper cables, Victor places two cables to Sparky's neck bolts. When the charge seemingly doesn't take, Victor removes one cable, not two. When Sparky reawakens and stands up, the second cable is not attached.

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