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Down 'N Dirty
16 G's arrive at the house, excited about their mission and awestruck by the mansion itself. Bentley holds one-on-one meetings with the G's in the study to assess their level of determination to make a change. The G's are summoned to the Chapter Room where they are told by Bentley that only 12 of them will be given blazers and allowed to enter the club.
17 Feb. 2009
Get Your Swag On
Amped about receiving his blazer at the first elimination, Riff Raff busts out some rhymes to celebrate. His goofy attitude and lack of skills does little to earn him the respect of his peers. Meanwhile, Dirty wakes up from his night of partying to discover a note from Fonzworth telling him that they need to speak. Dirty doesn't remember much from the night before and fesses up to having a drinking problem that he's done little to address. He then informs Fonzworth that he grew up in foster care after his mother threw him into the trash as an infant.
24 Feb. 2009
Slip of the Tongue
The twelve remaining G's awake to find The Daily Gent instructing them to meet in the Chapter Room for their next lesson. As they get dressed for the day, the nearly eliminated Macho brags about how ready he is to change. Unfortunately, his attitude continues to annoy and alienate several of his peers.
3 Mar. 2009
Waltz It Out
Fonzworth gathers the remaining G's for a lesson in chivalry, instructed by etiquette and body language coach Paul Cuneo. But there's a twist: before the lesson, Fonzworth picks Teddy, All In and Fahim to be team captains.
10 Mar. 2009
The Grizzly Gang
With Macho out of the house and only eight G's left, some of the guys are feeling better than others. Protégé tells his fiancée he's convinced there's an alliance of Teddy, Lank and Blue and that he'll be the next one they blackball. Fonzworth Bentley announces that the G's fifth lesson will be on giving back, and will be led by his good friend and senior minister of LA's Church of the Harvest, Bishop Clarence. He teaches the G's about the importance of finding a cause close to their hearts, donating (whether it be money or their time) and helping raise awareness.
17 Mar. 2009
The Model Boss
For this week's lesson, Mr. Bentley has the entrepreneur Michael Malin come in to talk to the seven remaining gents about their career goals. Because Michael won the reality show Big Brother All Stars and used his prize money to start the successful restaurant and nightclub business, the Dolce Group, Mr. Bentley thinks he's the ideal person to counsel the G's on this topic.
24 Mar. 2009
Boyz in the Wood
Bentley gathers the G's at dusk around a campfire and explains that the way a man survives the world is a testament to his character. With that, the guys are sent into the scary, dark wilderness with a map, lantern, blankets, and minimal food.
31 Mar. 2009
Party Like a Gentle-Man
With the help of Bentley and Chef Nikki Shaw, the G's are taught the ins and outs of hosting a networking party. These skills are put to the test when the guys find out that they will be hosting a dinner party for Bentley's friends and associates, including singer Faith Evans.
7 Apr. 2009
Pimps, Ho's and Family Time
The final 4 G's meet with Bentley's mom to learn how to handle conflict, both internal and interpersonal. In addition, they work on making apologies and learning how to forgive (themselves and others) in order to reach resolutions that are crucial to them moving on toward a better life. When the G's mothers, children, girlfriends, and baby-mamas come to the house, the G's will try their best to "bury the hatchet." The evening culminates with a formal dinner where Bentley will sit down with all the G's and their families to talk through their issues.
14 Apr. 2009
A Gentleman at Last
The eliminated G's gather to talk with Mr. Bentley before the big season finale.

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