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9 Feb. 2008
A Mole Lotta Trouble
When Fiona's family vacation is interrupted by an invasion of mutant moles, she calls in the Dino Squad.
20 May 2008
Pet Peeve
Caruso creates an internet show about pets, but the show is a disaster and Caruso gives the pets to his dino teammates... which could become a real disaster when the pets begin to mutate into monster pet-a-sauruses.
16 Feb. 2008
The Not So Great Outdoors
Veloci creates a herd of mutant-moose-a-saurs, but before the Dino Squad can trap and de-ooze the creatures the Squad must first overcome their fears (real and imagined) in order to survive a night in the wilderness.
13 Sep. 2008
The World According to Liam
Mutant bees invade Kittery High School and the Dino Squad receives much needed help from their classmate, Liam, an unusual teen with Asperger Syndrome.
20 Sep. 2008
Runaway Ugly
While the Dino Squad is out of town, chillin' and spillin' a slew of slug-a-saurs, Rump gets loose and soon discovers that the world can be a very scary place for a mutant-dino-dog...
27 Sep. 2008
Attack of the Brain-A-Saurus
Rodger's big head causes big headaches when the Dino Squad winds up on a deserted island and their attempts to de-ooze an out-of-control gorilla-saurus are thwarted by Rodger's out-of-control ego.
4 Oct. 2008
The team battles an outbreak of mutant-hedge-hogs, and Fiona's little sister, Terri, makes a bad situation even worse when she tries too hard to "help."
11 Oct. 2008
Fire and Ice
On a mission to the Arctic Circle, Max is infected by an ancient mutated virus and the Dino Squad learns firsthand how dangerous global warming can be.
18 Oct. 2008
Never Judge a Dinosaur by Its Cover
Halloween has more tricks than treats when Veloci's henchmen unleash a mutant spider-saurus into Fiona's creepy neighbor's house.
25 Oct. 2008
Easy Riders & Raging Dinos
The competition between Max and Caruso heats up. And their over-the-top rivalry interferes with their mission to save the world from Mutant Chickens!
1 Nov. 2008
One Percent Inspiration
Fiona and Rodger enter an Earth Day eco-race, but their faulty vehicle-design and inability to work together (not to mention a swarm of mutant-locust-saurs) may keep them from making it to the finish line.
8 Nov. 2008
Howa Loa Can You Goa?
There's trouble in paradise when Victor Veloci unleashes mutant-worm-a-saurs underneath the Hawaiian Islands in an attempt to turn Hawaii into the perfect dinosaur breeding ground.
15 Nov. 2008
Scents and Scentsability
When Veloci's henchmen capture his dino-teammates, Caruso must use his off-beat talents and secret beauty treatments to find a way to rescue his friends from Veloci and his army of mutant-ants.
22 Nov. 2008
I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't
Buzz mistakenly brings a mutant garter snake onto a passenger train and the Dino Squad must race to catch the train before Buzz and the snake are captured by Victor Veloci.
29 Nov. 2008
With Caruso as his coach/consultant, Buzz attempts an extreme etiquette makeover to help him win an important scholarship, but it's going to take more than good manners for Buzz to survive dinner with Victor Veloci!

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