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Nothing really special about this movie and the end is very fake
Jessica Carvalho5 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Ryden Malby is a young woman who planned most of her academic life: since school to her dream job. She always had good grades in school and in College, and now that she is graduated, she is certain that she will get a job as assistant editor in the publishing house Happerman & Browning, in L.A. But sadly for her,Jessica Bard, her arrogant classmate and biggest rival, gets the position she dreamed of. And Ryden is forced to return home to live with her parents again, where she will need to deal with lots of frustrations and many refuses of the jobs she is applying to.

I decided to watch this movie because at first, I liked the plot (the- graduating- girl -who- stays -unemployed- for- a -long -time is much more realistic then that thing in the movies that shows that everybody who graduates has an incredible job who pays you a lot of money!). But as I started watching it, I saw that the movie doesn't have anything special: it doesn't work as a comedy, since it's not funny, and doesn't work as a drama or real life story. We see Ryden struggle a lot to finally get a good job, and when she finally gets it, she gave up in order to run away after her best friend? Seriously, I found that so stupid and unreal. I know this is a movie and we shouldn't worry too much about it, but I don't think the final message of it matches with the character's dreams or realizations. Sorry, doesn't work for me.

The only thing I really liked in this movie was to see Rodrigo Santoro, my hot compatriot, in a movie with more lines and more acting then the previous ones he participated.
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A fun little comedy
adri_wholivesathome21 August 2009
Post Grad is obviously not the greatest movie out there. It's not going to win any awards, or be loved by the critics. However, it is still a cute movie that allows you to escape for an hour and forty minutes. It has some really funny scenes, and has moral lessons to teach. It's not being received very well and I understand why. It's just a light, fluffy, little movie more suitable for the younger ages. I admit, it could have been better but I wasn't expecting much from the beginning. It was simply a fun little comedy, and one that I'm sure many people can relate to. I didn't find Alexis Bledel annoying. She gave the role all it needed. Her love interest Zach Gilford, was cute and did a decent job. Michael Keaton was the funniest character hands down, and the rest of Bledel's family offered much of the comedy in the film. In all, it's an enjoyable film. I would recommend renting it though, it's not really a theatre-worthy film.
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Ghost of Rory Gilmore, Be Gone
evanston_dad7 December 2010
So does Alexis Bledel plan to build a movie career out of tracing the hypothetical life trajectory of the character she created on "Gilmore Girls?"

This is the second movie I've seen this year in which Bledel basically plays Rory Gilmore at the stage of her life she would generally be in if "Gilmore Girls" was still on the air. In this movie, she's a perky go-getter who's aghast when she finds out that the world will not necessarily adapt itself to her designs and whims, until...guess does and she gets everything she wanted anyway.

This movie is harmless enough, but the only thing that makes it more worth your time than something from the straight-to-DVD bargain bin in the supermarket (or maybe this WAS one of those films) is a crazy and admittedly pretty funny performance from Michael Keaton as Bledel's doofus father.

Grade: B-
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Not a terrible film, but you can do much better
Jackpollins22 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ryden (Alexis Bledel) is a new college graduate. She plans to work at a huge firm, but doesn't get the job. Now she is forced to move into her old house with her eccentric family. She has her wacky mom, Carmella (Jane Lynch), her caring dad, Walter (Michael Keaton), her best friend, Adam (Zach Gilford), and her brother, Hunter (Bobby Coleman). She has to balance moving back into the nest while trying to find a decent job. Bledel has a certain charm, a certain spark in her, but she is stuck with a character you simply can't like. She doesn't like Adam dating anyone, but she refuses to date Adam. All she has to do is find a decent job, but ends up complaining when she takes a horrible job. The whole cast, including Lynch, Keaton, Coleman, and Gilford are all so good, and I've seen them be good in other stuff. They all are pretty good here, but also have characters you are forced to not like. It's just a mess of a film with a certain charm, a certain spark of light to it. Unfortunately, you can't connect with these characters, and you do not care what happens to any of these characters. This makes this a movie that's not terrible, but you can do better, so don't kick yourself if you never see this movie.
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filmchasing29 June 2010
In a word: awkward.

Why on earth did I watch this film? I like Zach Gilford, and his performance was pretty good for the most part. But the movie itself? I can't really say anything good about it. Chunks of action/dialogue seemed to be missing, and some of the performances felt a little off.

The only thing I commend is, bizarrely, the DVD extras. They have some awesome career advice from experts like Marcus Buckingham, and other fun bits that felt like a breath of fresh air (especially to those who recently graduated) So, skip the film, but watch for the special features. It'll save you time, and you might learn a thing or two.

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Indie film with mainstream comedy vibes
winchester66621 August 2009
Now i'm not going to say this film was a classic or something you will want to watch over and over. What I can say about this film is that it was very surprising and offbeat despite the way the film was promoted.

Bandslam promoting take 2. Like the film Bandslam headlined by Disney stars, this film suffers from a lack of realistic advertising. Basically the film you think your going to see, you aren't. Bandslam was not a Disney film so much as a quirky teen comedy about diversity and the unification of those otherwise lone wolves for a greater cause.

Post Grad is essentially a film about a girl, Alexis Bledel, whose ideas of life post grad come crashing down around her when she realizes it isn't as she assumed it would be. Finding a job is much tougher then expected, and it doesn't help that she is unqualified, but over confident.

The film delves a little deeper with a lot of little subplots ranging from cute to over the top and strange, grandmother shopping for her own coffin.

The film was pretty offbeat and not as mainstream slapstick as it comes off in the trailers. It is a semi realistic film and Alexis does the best I have seen her do since Season one of Gilmore Girls. While she isn't Meryl Streep she plays the role of Ryden with great presence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and think that if it had better promoting and was targeted also at indie film fans, this film had the potential to be a hit.

Jane Lynch is also really great in the film, serving her character dutifully. Overall I was surprised and enjoyed the film, despite the negative reviews it has received.

This isn't a plant review FYI, check my posting history if you will, I saw the film, and enjoyed it. I would give it a chance. It's a fun light film, perfect to take your mind off the current state of economy and Swine Flu worries floating about.

A fun, fun film. Check it out!
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Wanted to like this more
giffey-116 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I so wanted to like this film but I felt like I was watching two different movies, or I should say two different types of comedy. You have Alexis Bledel on one hand, who in my opinion, is better suited to a more sophisticated comedy (I mean, just watch any episode of Gilmore Girls and see how great she is) then you have Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch and Carol Burnett who are far more slapstick in their approach. Michael Keaton's acting and facial expressions tell me he still wishes he were doing Mr. Mom, not in itself a bad film, just wrong for this one. The only thing I liked was the fact that the script did not take the easy way out and she ended up with the right man. I watched this for Alexis, and will someone please write her a sophisticated screwball comedy so she can show what she can do?
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The Moral (with spoilers).
plushsnail11 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is a film about the struggles of idealistic college graduates coming face-to-face with the realities of the professional world. The protagonist, Ryden, applies to her dream job fresh out of school; she doesn't get it at first, but after a little while, the folks at the company call her up and tell her that the job's hers if she wants it.

So, the message of this movie could be: if you're a 22-year-old who just graduated college with no professional experience, and you apply for a high-paying professional job, you'll totally get it. You just might have to wait a month or so.


Really, this movie had a chance to address something real and relatable–instead it becomes just another cornball wish-fulfillment fantasy. Too bad.
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nothing special
MLDinTN3 September 2010
This was a very bland teen type of film. It's about a girl, Ryden, whom graduates near the top of her college class. She thinks she has everything planned out with a job and an apartment. But finding a job is much harder than she imagined. So, she moves back in with her parents, whom really aren't interesting characters. Here the movie could have been done better, if the parents were funny, but they weren't. So she goes to a lot of job interviews, once again, not really that interesting. Then there is the love interest, Adam, a guy she has known for years whom has always liked her but she considered him a friend till now. When he leaves, she realizes she liked him too so sets out on a new path in life at the end.

FINAL VERDICT: This was like a dull teen movie and it wasn't even supposed to be a comedy. Not worth seeing.
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Enjoyable Family Entertainment
Claudio Carvalho20 February 2010
Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) has planned her academic life since she was in high-school to get a college scholarship; now she has just graduated in English and in her master plan she expects to get a job as assistant editor in the publishing house Happerman & Browning, in Los Angeles. Her platonic best friend is Adam Davis (Zach Gilford) that has a crush on her and is frequently close to her. However, her arrogant classmate Jessica Bard (Catherine Reitman) gets the position and Ryden is forced to return home in the suburb to live with her optimistic father Walter (Michael Keaton) that wants to do everything by himself; her careful mother Carmella (Jane Lynch) that administrates the the short resources of her family; her eccentric grandmother Maureen (Carol Burnett); and her weird little brother Hunter (Bobby Coleman) that wishes to race in a boxcar derby. Ryden unsuccessfully seeks a job position and feels frustrated but is emotionally supported by Adam. When Walter accidentally runs over the cat of his next-door neighbor David Santiago (Rodrigo Santoro) with Ryden's car, they visit him to give their sympathies. Ryden feels attracted by the handsome Brazilian and has a brief affair with him, forgetting Adam that decides to move to New York to study in the law school of Columbia. Meanwhile Ryden is invited to join Happerman & Browning and she discovers that feelings cannot be planned.

"Post Grad" is one of those movies that professional movie critics hate and obviously will never be awarded or nominated or even participate in festivals. The low IMDb User Rating (5.1/10 with 2,128 votes) is an evidence of the foregoing statement. However, this romantic comedy is an enjoyable family entertainment recommended for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The delightful film is funny and very pleasant, with a good message. Alexis Bledel, from "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", is one of the most beautiful actresses of the younger generation and the role of Ryden Malby seems to be tailored for her. The Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro and the unknown Zach Gilford have good participation as romantic pairs of Alexis Bledel. The veterans Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch and Carol Burnett have an effective participation composing a very weird suburban family. The shameful DVD released in Brazil by Fox do Brasil does not have subtitles in Portuguese. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Recém Formada – E Agora?" ("Just Graduated – And Now?")
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decent at most
konqi5 January 2010
One would expect that an actress such as Alexis Blendel would have something known as experience by now. Tragically that is not the case. Despite her sparkling eyes there is simply nothing from her side that could sustain this comedy. The only thing about her is her cuteness but that doesn't count as talent. Jane Lynch, Carol Burnett and Michael Keaton make this movie bearable. Sadly they don't get enough screen time in this flick. Other actors seem underpaid and thus unmotivated. Rodrigo Santoro plays some Hollywood Latino douche who, out of nowhere, comes up with a quote that turns the whole movie around. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen it all. Watch it if you're really bored or if you got a crush on Alexis Blendel - avoid if not. You have been warned.
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'Post Grad' fails comedy test - miserably
gregeichelberger21 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In a year of really bad comic movies ("Year One," "Observe & Report," "Funny People," "I Love You, Beth Cooper," among others), this latest effort from director Vicky Jenson (her first live-action feature after helming a series of animated films, including "Shark Tale" and "Shrek") makes a solid case for falling below all of them.

A VERY solid case.

And that's too bad, considering some fairly talented actors take part (including Michael Keaton, Carol Burnett, Jane Lynch, J. K. Simmons, etc.) in this trip to the principal's office that makes "Land of the Lost" seem like "A Night At The Opera." This picture is a cross between "Legally Blonde" and "Running With Scissors," and made me want to give everyone involved a month of detention.

Kindergarten-level plot has Ryden Malby (the beautiful but talentless Alexis Blendel, "Sin City") graduating college with high grades and higher expectations. After failing to secure the high-powered publishing position she had been anticipating, she must now return to her parents' home and deal with her Hollyweird family, including wacky dad (Keaton), down-to-earth mom (Lynch), cheap and cranky grandma (Burnett) and bizarre little moppet, Hunter (Bobby Coleman, "Martian Child").

Meanwhile, Ryden's best friend from college, Adam (Zach Gilford, TV series "Grey's Anatomy" and "Friday Night Lights"), who fancies himself a singer - he isn't - is torn between his musical career or going to Columbia Law School (don't give up your day job, man). The gangly oaf has always loved Ryden, but never tells her, even when a Brazilian romeo, Rodrigo (David Santiago, "Che," TV series "Lost") swoops in.

Even more annoying subplots include running over a cat, dad's efforts to sell stolen belt buckles, grandma goes shopping for coffins, Rodrigo directing an infomercial starring "SNL's" Fred Armisen (dressed as a giant avocado) and little Hunter's desire to have the coolest soap box racer of all-time.

All the while, poor Ryden continues to feel sorry for herself and dream that she is more qualified than she actually is. Then, when she might just get the job of her dreams, she's willing to throw it all away on a whim. None of the actors here - good or bad - can do ANTHING with this disjointed, stilted, clichéd and totally humorless script (by Kelly Fremon, "Streak"), told in a series of poorly conceived vignettes.

"Post Grad" definitely does not make the grade here, and anyone who pays good money to see this bad report card should be expelled from the theater immediately.
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Post Grad Unemployment
Chrysanthepop28 January 2010
Many of us can relate to the Ryden character in 'Post Grad'. Having been in a similar situation and knowing that Alexis Bledel would lead the movie, I decided to watch it. The film starts off well with an overenthusiastic, overconfident and naive Ryden going to her interview and then being 'bumped off' by an arch rival. The comedy works very well (except for the Michael Keaton belt lock sequence which appears like forced humour) but otherwise 'Post Grad' moves at a very slow pace. I think Vicky could have added more comedy and gone more in depth with Ryden's struggle. Alexis Bledel is very good as Ryden Malby and I hope she gets more fine roles in great movies in the future. Michael Keaton is a little over the top but it was good to see him after a long time. Jane Lynch is poorly underused. Carol Burnett is hilarious. It was only much later that I found out that Adam wasn't played by Gabriel Mann but by an actor named Zach Gilford (who is a splitting image). Overall, it's not too bad for a one time watch but it could have been way more fun.
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Deserves reconsideration
LiLTORTYA7 August 2011
The storyline, cast, scenery, and such are remedy for a decent product. The more I see it, the scenes are yes quirky but believably normal. Some comments I've heard about this is that the 1 star raring is deserved but I wish this film was reconsidered considering the content. The editing may have been off or something but the meat of the movie is charmingly comfortable to watch. The lines are great, don'tcha think? I'm keeping this as more of a discussion topic rather than an actual review. From the house, the family car, the boyfriend situation, the temptations lurking next door, the cat scene, I mean there are so many parts to this movie that is lovable.
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Succeeds With Flying Colors
weronews19 March 2010
After college graduation, finding a job - make that finding a life can be the hardest task. Alexis Bledel is ideally cast as the upbeat if clueless young woman who, after her job aspirations got shattered, moves back home to a kooky (mildly put) family: Michael Keaton (propells fatherhood to new heights of lunacy), Jane Lynch (underused, but making the best of it), and Carol Burnett (priceless, as usual; she gets the best line catching her granddaughter in a compromising situation with the heartthrob Brazilian neighbor)...uh, and there's a younger brother who licks other children's heads (don't ask). "Post Grad" doesn't explore new territory, let alone dodging every cliché there is in the book, but it's got its heart in the right place and - like its protagonist - it's smart and funny and sweet.
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A movie to show straight women how you can actually be in love with men who love you if they blame you enough for not loving them
beginfallrise9 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
You want to see a film about a woman who graduates from college, immediately has her hopes absolutely ridiculously high up, thinking that she will be employed at her dream job right away and gets to move into an extremely fancy apartment? Who then, shockingly, has to face the cold hard facts of life, not getting a job even after many, many interviews, and is forced to move back to live with her parents? Who has a male friend that has always been there for her and that happens to also have been in love with her for a while now and has made that very clear, being a little bitter that she never loved him back? Who then meets a hot guy living next door, hooks up with him, and gets so caught up in him that she forgets a meeting with the boy who loves her, which makes the boy angry and blame her for not falling in love with him even though he has been waiting and waiting? Who then feels all guilty about it and has to watch the angry boy move away to New York, while she herself ends up getting her dream job after all and having everything getting sorted out in her life, but still feeling that something's wrong? Who then quits her dream job and moves to New York because, apparently, she IS in love with the angry boy after all? Who arrives at the angry boy's dorm, reporting all her deepest feelings to him in the doorway, and finally notices that there is another woman in the room, which, obviously, makes her turn away and run outside, bemused? Who then is stopped by the angry boy, who explains that the woman was his resident adviser? Who then kisses the angry boy and tells him that she loves him, and lives with him happily ever after?

In case this is precisely what you're looking for, by all means - watch this film. Should be perfectly suitable for your needs.
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Would have, could have, should have…
Andie Katschthaler20 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
… avoided this film like the plague. But no, I thought it would at least be a nice fluff film for a lazy Sunday. And it was okay, for a while there. BUT THEN THAT DAMN GIRL QUITS THE JOB SHE ALWAYS WANTED IN ORDER TO MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO BE WITH A GUY! Seriously? And her father thinks that "it's a kick-ass idea". Uh, I don't think it means what you think it means.

Now I'll know to trust my instincts and to avoid all future films written by Kelly Fremon (I am burning that name into my memory so I won't stumble into another one of hers, ever). I can't actually believe a woman wrote this spineless story with that unfeminist dud of an ending. Keep in mind that I read all of the Bridget Jones books and suffered through a fair amount of moderately unamusing rom coms – so I have a relatively high tolerance for exasperating women in fiction. However, "Post Grad" just made me go, "Hulk smash".

The only stars I did give to this are for Jane Lynch, Carol Burnett and Michael Keaton. Unfortunately, they'll have to share one, because "Post Grad" is simply: Awful.
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Keep looking for a better script, Alexis.
MBunge15 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you're a fan of TV talkfest Gilmore Girls, Post Grad is probably as close as you're ever going to get to a GG movie. Lorelai is nowhere to be found, but Alexis Bledel is basically playing Rory and she's surrounded by a clutch of oddballs right out of Stars Hollow. If you've never seen Gilmore Girls, you'll only be able to tolerate this mildly amusing and terminally predictable film until it wears out its welcome, which it does in a very big way.

Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) is a young and ambitious college graduate who's on the verge of getting the job she's dreamed of her whole life. But when that job goes to her lifelong scholastic rival, Ryden has to move back in with her parents and deal with her father (Michael Keaton), who's like a combination of Ralph Kramden and Norton from The Honeymooners. When not preoccupied by her dad or her futile job search, Ryden also falls in like with the handsome foreigner next door (Rodrigo Santoro) and remains an indifferent bitch to her best friend (Zach Gilford), who is totally in love with her while she treats him like a gay foot stool. Some funny things happen, many of which don't involve Ryden, and then screenwriter Kelly Fremon pulls a major plot point and two big emotional moments completely out of her ass and gives Ryden a weirdly anti-feminist happy ending that the character has done nothing to deserve.

Bledel is a pleasant and attractive presence on screen, though her eyes are so blue that there a moments when she resembles one of the Na'vi from Avatar. Michael Keaton and Carol Burnett as Ryden's live-in grandma use their comedy chops to breathe a lot of life into shallowly drawn roles. And at only 88 minutes long, Post Grad moves along at a good enough clip to hold your interest for a surprisingly long time, given the extraordinarily ordinary story its telling. And unless you've been dying to see Rory Gilmore say the S-word, that's about all the positives to be found in this production.

The negatives of Post Grad aren't that bad, but there are just so bleepin' many of them. To start with, Ryden is not all that sympathetic a girl. She starts out kind of charmingly arrogant and presumptuous, then falls back into just plain arrogant and self-pitying. When that's compounded by the exploitative nature of her relationship with Zach Gilford's character, where she knows he loves her but she's content to keep him around as a platonic sidekick, you're left with the extremely likable Bledel playing someone you wouldn't miss if she got hit by a truck.

Then there's the consistently poor writing. There's a subplot involving Ryden's dad and her little brother that, and I'm not joking, consists of not much more than 5 or 6 lines of dialog and maybe a minute or two of screen time but leads up to one of those big emotional moments Fremon pulled out of her ass. I didn't even realize it was an actual subplot until it got to that out-of-left-field climax. Jane Lynch as Ryden's mom is also given nothing to work with. Her character couldn't be more unformed if she were warm Jello and couldn't be more generic if she had a bar code on her forehead. And then there's a whole scene where Ryden literally does nothing but stand around while the story suddenly becomes all about the career frustrations of the foreigner next door.

By the time the ending came around and Ryden gave up all of the dreams she ever had for her life to fly across the country and be a girlfriend to Zach Gilford's character, after showing as much sexual or romantic interest in him as Barbara Streisand would have for Rush Limbaugh, I only wanted this movie to go away. Which is unfortunate because Post Grad started out rather engaging, but the plot is so badly conceived and structured that I felt like my intelligence was being deliberately insulted.

Alexis Bledel could be the star of a really smart and funny film about a young woman trying to make her way in the world. This ain't it.
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I thought it was great. (:
mrndagrl25 August 2009
I don't know why nobody else who commented said it was a good movie...I loved it. It was a cute movie, Alexis Bledel is a great actress, and the supporting cast was just as awesome. Maybe it's not "a film for all ages," but I think that anyone who's just graduated college or about to start college, even, would love the movie. It's not a masterpiece, and people won't be talking about it for ages, but the movie never suggested it would be. And believe me, it cannot be compared in ANY way to Year One or any of the other crap that's been called "comedy" lately, it's MUCH better. So, if you're in the mood for a little fluffy movie that makes you feel good, this is a good pick. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you love Alexis Bledel like I do. Besides, there is a pretty cute guy for you to ogle if you get bored. :D
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witchaphrodite12 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The fact that this film with the message of giving up everything for a guy came out in 2009 is crazy. It was disappointing to see Alexis Bledel in this movie. I was a fan of Gilmore Girls, so to see her in such a terrible film is disappointing.

The amount of "lonely single woman" fear mongering done in the entertainment industry is ridiculous. The main character is in her early twenties on the hunt for her first post-college job. So far so good. Then things don't go as she planned, again okay. Then she gets the job, again okay. But then she gives up everything and moves across the county with no plan other than to be with a guy. What? Why? What year is this? The only worthwhile aspects of the film that are okay are Jane Lynch and Carol Burnett.
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Post Mortem: dead-on-arrival film about QUITTING
LilyDaleLady13 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is a flighty, dumb, insubstantial film, and in ordinary circumstances I'd either never bother to review it or recommend it only to fans of Alexis Bleidel. But I think this is a unique period -- the last couple years -- historically, in terms of the economy and the tremendous hit that young people entering the job market have endured. Had this film even been MEDIOCRE, it might have really had resonance with this group (or their suffering, bill-paying parents) but it's just one insult to the intelligence after another.

Written and conceived by Kelly Fremon, a first time scriptwriter who was working as a temp at Fox Studios, it is somewhat based on her own difficulty "trying to launch" after college. But "Post Grad' comes across as if it were written by a Martian, totally unaccustomed to how earthlings really live their lives and based entirely on what the Martian viewed in snippets of old TV sitcoms.

The films starts out with a couple bright moments as Bleidel's character "Ryden Malby" talks to us from her facebook page about her dreams and aspirations.

Ryden, who dresses all through the film in prissy matronly outfits better suited to a middle- aged woman -- and one circa 1985, down to her silk bow blouse -- goes to ONE what she claims is "the only publishing company in Los Angeles" At no time, does Ryden ever think of talk about another publishing company...a film company....a PR firm...going out of town for a job to San Francisco or hey! New York City (publishing capital of the WORLD). NO --it's this one firm or NOTHING.

Then she goes to work for her dad at his luggage store in the mall, where bizarrely he forces her to wear a strange "monkey suit" (that fits like sprayed enamel on Bleidel's tiny figure) and use bizarrely aggressive sales techniques (for luggage?). She quits after about 30 minutes on the job. Later, Ryden gets a job with the across-the-street neighbor -- a ridiculously handsome South American photographer (yeah, right -- in the 'burbs) who (after her dad runs over his CAT) seduces her on a blow-up plastic sofa (seriously) until her parents burst into his house unannounced. He hires her as his (ahem) personal assistant, a job that last a few hours before HE quits, walks out and decides to move back to South America!

Later in the film, Ryden gets offered her "dream" job anyhow and what does she do ? SHE QUITS IN ONE WEEK! And her parents not only approve, but encourage her to follow her (formerly) platonic male friend (who she has decided abruptly and for no real reason is the love of her life, having ignored him for at least the past decade) and so she leaves a wonderful job on the spur of the apparently go live with him at law school. In his dorm room.

I wonder if writer Kelly Fremon ever even went to school or had any kind of realistic circumstances (like, say, having to work your way through school, or borrow tons of money to get a degree).

If you are dumb enough to quit a career-making dream job after ONE WEEK, you deserve a lifetime asking "do you want fries with these?" I don't know any set of parents ON THE PLANET who would encourage you to quit after ONE WEEK. Weren't Ryden and Adam (Zach Gilford) away at different colleges just WEEKS EARLIER? Has nobody heard of VISITING? Waiting till one or the other graduates?

I might add, the time frame is ridiculous: presumably Ryden graduates in mid-June or so and Adam is off to law school in late August. That mean the entire story unfolds in roughly two months. TWO LOUSY MONTHS and this girl has given up on a job!

Did they ever even read an article about soapbox derbies? (Hint: you cannot put a COFFIN on skis, and compete against actual soapbox racers.) Can they do math? -- parents who marry in 1976 are unlikely to have their oldest child graduating in 2009! (It's THIRTY THREE YEARS later!)

Overall, I wonder if this is even the script that Fremon wrote -- or if the producers and directors knew it was trash, so they thought they'd liven it up with a lot of physical humor (cats run over, crashed cars, soap box races, crazy grandma jokes). It doesn't work, though - - the REAL humor would be in the character's despair and increasing desperation to find work. As a result though, the plot meanders strangely of course, seemingly more interested in Michael Keatons' "Dad Malby" and Zach Gilford's "Adam", filling the screen with odd detours (Keaton's brush with jail time for selling stolen belt buckles, Gilford's strange dad -- a wasted J.K.Simmons in a single scene -- screwing a checkout clerk at his grocery store -- things that just make you think "say what?")

Ditto for the grand dame of all physical comedy, the great Carol Burnett -- what is she doing in this dreck? it's as if her wandered in from another film entirely -- or the brilliant Jane Lynch, absolutely utterly criminally wasted here a bland generic mom character.

In short, this is one of the worst written, worst produced, lamest and unfunniest films I have seen in years. AVOID AVOID AVOID -- not even at the $1 Red Box, not even as free streaming video. NO.
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Only watch it when there's nothing better on
justinefeitsma2 October 2010
When the movie ends, you can summarize it in only one sentence. During the whole movie, we (two 18 year old girls) kept predicting what would happen next and every time we were right. It feels like they almost got it right every scene, but somehow only certain scenes lift up the quality of the movie. Most of the time those are the scenes with only Alexis Bledel and Zach Gilford. The parents of Alexis' character were very annoying -except for Jane Lynch- and we couldn't figure out what was the function of the son and the grandmother. If they were there to be funny, it didn't work. None of the funny stuff worked actually, except for a certain incident with an animal -people who've seen it will know-.

There were two things that kept our attention, mind you we're teenage girls, was Alexis' gorgeous hair and her clothes. Choice of wardrobe was fabulous.

in the end, this movie has many potential, they wanted it to be great, funny and dramatic but it just didn't work out that way. The storyline is too thin and the ending is very sudden, which is also very annoying. We've been watching the main character struggle the entire movie and then it suddenly all ends.

Only watch it when there's nothing better on.
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Vanessa A10 January 2010
Alexis Bledel and Jane Lynch were the only good thing about this movie. Their acting is great and believable - a feat not accomplished by any other actor/actress in this film.

Their was no chemistry between Zach Gilford and Alexis. Zach does have the potential to be an excellent actor. At some points, he appeared completely in his element and believable as Adam, others...not so much.

The "comedy" part was overused and unfunny. Most of the characters seemed to be reading off the scripts. There wasn't much expression emotionally or even intellectually. Especially the Dad guy - honestly his parts made no sense at all. I have no idea why he was one of the main characters...his acting had to be the worst. Michael Keaton is a well-known, respected actor and I've enjoyed his other roles but this was hideous. I just don't understand the point of the car racing, the cat killing, the freaking belt buckles...honestly?

Even the soundtrack was awful! Amazingly predictable ending - but that was expected from the beginning.

Watch it if you are willing to waste two hours or if you have a soft spot for Alexis. I wish she'd do more 'deeper' movies.

And I really hope Zach Gilford acts better in his other movies. He needs to display more emotions and not look scared all the time - which he did in this movie. But kudos to him for trying. He's also got a gorgeous smile btw.
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Sweet Coming of Age Comedy Romance
Mickey Z24 November 2009
Coming into this one, I knew nothing of the movie and nothing of the lead actors (I've never watched Gossip Girl), although I've always liked Michael Keaton and, of course, Carol Burnett. It's a pleasant, effective coming of age-type story.

It helps that I didn't know Alexis Bledel before seeing this film. With no 'baggage' about other characters she might have played, I felt she was excellent in the role, giving a nicely understated performance, with a delicate beauty that gives her a definite presence on the screen. She brought a nice mix of perky gawkiness to the character, making the role quite believable.

Keaton was fun to watch, and Burnett has always been one of my favorites, and provided most of the laugh out loud moments (there were at least a couple of those). Zach Gilford (I've never watched Friday Night Lights either) mumbles a bit too much, and tends to get lost next to Bledel. But then, that's part of the character too.

While I cringed at some of the plot twists (including the ending), which seemed a bit too willful, the pacing of the editing made the film flow quite nicely, allowing the sweetness of the coming-of-age story to come through, without attempting to become slapstick about it. The supporting cast go a long way in helping to build the film's "universe." And that is the question I ask about this type of movie: Will I enjoy entering the film's universe for the duration? The answer for Post Grad: Yes, I did.
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Plot is ludicrous; humor is lame
truwarier28 August 2010
The movie is about a girl who finished near the top of her class in college (possibly second) and completed three internships in her field (publishing) yet cannot find a job. I get that there could be a situation where everything goes wrong and she isn't able to get such a job, but that doesn't happen in this movie. The worst thing that happens to her is that her car breaks down. There is no sensible explanation as to why she cannot get a job she wants, which is her only concern according to the introductory segment.

There are quite a few jokes in the movie. Many (most?) take the form of Seinfeld-style comments about everyday things and people's behavior. I cannot think of any other movies with this sort of humor. Anyway, it fails. The actors seem pretty competent handling it, so I guess the writing is the issue. The everyday things that are turned into jokes are just very lame (people shrugging their shoulders in response to things, etc.) As unfunny as it is, it would probably be more passable as a TV show, if only because it would end more quickly.

Bledel, Keaton, Lynch, Simmons and others are fine. Zach Gilford is annoying. The directing and sets and things are fine, but the story and dialog are just too pathetic to compensate for. There is just so little notable content.
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