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"Damages" It's Not My Birthday (2010)

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Patty gets ready to leave for work and runs into dead Uncle Pete in her living room. The dream sequence continues....He wishes her happy birthday. "It's not my birthday," she says. She sees the horse he brought for her -- in her living room. Then Ellen appears and warns Patty the horse is a big responsibility. Patty wants to keep her. Ellen tells her she's going to have to wash her feet first. Patty looks down to see her bare toes covered in blood.

The Tobins and Lenny stand at Joe's graveside. His daughter Carol chokes up, saying her dad just tried to make people happy and he wasn't evil. She blames the investors, anyone but him.

At Patty's office, Patty lays out her plan to sell off the Tobins' stuff to give the proceeds to the investors. She tells the DA guy Curtis and Ellen that she believes he had a heart attack. Curtis says Danielle is getting out of the hospital tomorrow and asks what more Patty has on her. She says nothing and suggests he lead the questioning and they'll depose her together. He agrees.

In Louis' study, Lenny admits to Joe that he knew Louis was going to kill himself. Joe takes out the envelope Louis left for Patty. He says it explains where the money is and how to get it back. Joe says there's a letter that says he's coming clean for Joe, to free him of his legacy. He says Danielle knows enough. Lenny doesn't know where the money is, he just knew someone would call. There's a name in there, Stuart Zedeck. Joe wants to meet him.

Back at the office, Curtis tells Ellen he wants to talk to Danielle before Patty. At Patty's office, she tells Tom the same thing about Curtis. Tom asks about Patty's upcoming birthday. She changes the subject by asking if he's found a new associate. He says there's one promising candidate, a woman named Alex Benjamin.

5 Months Later Back in the police station, Patty asks if Tom's death was a homicide. Noonan says they haven't been able to confirm it. Flash to Tom crawling on his belly out of the apartment he found, then getting dragged back in.

In the present, Tom meets Alex Benjamin and gives her the same pre-Patty pep talk he gave Ellen a few years ago.

At the hospital, a guard won't let Patty in to see Danielle. Curtis and Ellen walk up. He tells Patty her access has been suspended for withholding information.

Curtis offers Danielle immunity if she'll talk. She has 48 hours to decide.

Carol gets worked up as she tells her mom and brother that someone taped Louis' funeral and put it online. Joe tell his family his dad killed himself. He shows them the vial he found by his dad's body. He tells them the doctor made the mix. Carol doesn't believe it. Joe says it's time to stop blaming everyone else, Louis did this to himself.

Lenny stands in a bathrobe with a woman we presume is a prostitute. He's distracted. He tells the woman his father died. Well, not his real father, but someone closer than a friend. He asks to put his head in her lap. She strokes his hair.

Ellen arrives at work to learn someone's waiting for her. She thinks it might be Wes. It's Josh Reston, the reporter who busted big coal in West Virginia last season. He says he just got a job doing crime reporting in Manhattan. He wants her to be a source. She says she'll think about it.

At the house, the Tobins look over their stuff one last time before it's sold. They have memories of happier times. Tom Shayes tells them they can't have anything over $20. Carol gets upset and leaves. Lenny gets a call. Marilyn wants the pictures, but Tom won't let her have the frames. She wants a keepsake from Tanzania, but Tom stares her down. Lenny tells Joe that Zedeck will meet with them.

5 Months Later A very ill looking Tom stumbles down the street. He makes a call from a pay phone and as he's telling someone that he loves them, we see the stab wounds in his side.

Back to the present, Patty and Tom learn about a blind trust Louis set up before his current will. They think it might be for a minor.

Late at night at a remote location, Joe and Lenny meet with a man they think is Zedeck, but learn he's an associate. The man says Zedeck is uncomfortable with the terms of the arrangement. He says someone broke the terms of the deal by bringing Danielle into it. When he leaves, Joe says he'll take care of Danielle.

Patty meets with Alex Benjamin, but isn't impressed. She asks Alex what's the one thing Alex wouldn't want her to know. Alex makes up a story about filing a false sexual harassment claim against a professor. Patty enjoys that Alex lied to her. Then Alex wishes her happy birthday. "It's not my birthday," Patty says.

Danielle tells Joe she's been subpoenaed. He gives her a folder with everything she's supposed to say, telling her to stick to the story. He doesn't want her to go in with a lawyer and look guilty. He reminds her that everything she has is due to his father, and now that he's gone, he can take it all away.

Ellen and Alex grab a drink, per Patty's suggestion. Ellen tells her once you sign on, Patty owns you. Alex thinks she'd like that.

Marilyn meets with Patty in the cemetery. Patty gives her the keepsakes Marilyn wanted. She tells Patty that she thinks Louis killed himself and she's worried about their daughter. Patty turns to leave and Marilyn begs her to leave them alone. Patty asks for the truth about Danielle, why Louis really called her.

Flash to Thanksgiving, Louis calling Danielle and Marilyn grabbing the phone. Then Marilyn waiting for Danielle in the lobby. Marilyn asks Danielle if she had the baby.

Patty takes that in. Marilyn says she doesn't know where the kid is. She says Louis trying to get Danielle out of the country had nothing to do with money.

Ellen lays in bed with Josh Reston, the reporter. He asks why she left Patty. She says it's a long story and gets out of bed. She feels like making cupcakes.

Danielle gets a call from Patty. She tells her not to tell the story the Tobins want her to. Patty says when she finds the money and the Tobins go to jail she can provide for Danielle and her daughter. Patty doesn't want her to tell the truth in the deposition, she wants her to plead the fifth.

Cut to the next day, Danielle meeting with Curtis and Ellen without an attorney. He asks the first question and she pauses. She pleads the fifth.

Patty gets a delivery, birthday cupcakes from Ellen.

Carol Tobin meets with Danielle, who feels a bit awkward about the whole thing. Carol claims she wants to get to know her. Carol says her mom blamed her for Joe's problems. Carol asks about her dad, if Danielle loved him. Carol leaves. Zedeck's guy watches her go.

5 Months Later We see Tom's body, wrapped in a carpet, dragged from a trunk and tossed into a Dumpster.

Back in the present, Tom asks Patty if she's going to hire Alex Benjamin. Patty's unsure. She tells Tom to talk to Danielle tonight.

A young woman gets out of a cab and is greeted by Marilyn Tobin on the street. Marilyn says she knows her mother, Danielle, and thought it was time they met.

Tom goes into Danielle's and finds her dead. Outside, we see Carol Tobin take her dad's vial of poison out of her pocket and chuck it into the river.

Late at night, Patty goes for a cupcake but sees blood and horses again.


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