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Wes and Ellen meet in the park. She apologizes for leaving without saying good-bye. It's just all a little confusing, she says. It's hard to know what she owes David. Wes invites her to a cabin out of town. But she needs to sort a few things out.

The FBI guys wonder why they haven't been able to nail Patty. Werner (also known as series co-creator Glenn Kessler) gets yet another nagging call from his ex-wife. The other, Harrison, thinks it shouldn't take that long to wrap up a divorce settlement.

6 weeks later Ellen in her hotel room with Patty and the gun. Werner watches on a video feed. He freaks when Ellen fires.

Back in the past, they meet with Ellen, wanting to know about the UNR case. She tells them about the company's energy trading scheme. Phil tells his family about his consideration for energy secretary. "Uh oh, out come the skeletons," Michael jokes.

After asking him if he's heard from colleges yet, they want to know when they get to meet this girlfriend he's been keeping secret. Dinner Friday.

Kendrick asks Dave if they have an energy secretary yet. He's impressed by the Phil choice. The conflict of interest could be useful. Dave tells Kendrick to settle the case, it's gone on long enough.

Kendrick toasts Claire at a party, celebrating her 20 years with the company. She gets choked up lauding Kendrick in return. Her dad says good-night. He's not exactly friendly.

Kendrick pulls Claire aside and tells her to settle the case with Patty. She can go as high as $50 million. Claire doesn't understand. The stocks are rebounding and Patty's case has no merit. Why settle now? He tells her he's made her decision.

Michael hangs out with a tattooed, pierced, green and pink-haired punk chick at an art gallery.

At Harrison's place, Werner's cell phone rings. The caller ID says it's Werner's ex. Harrison answers, telling her to back off. It's a man.

In Ellen's room, her mom makes her hotel bed and worries about her. Ellen, shouting, insists she's fine. Her mom knows better, because that's what mom's do. She thinks Ellen doesn't have anyone to talk to.

At work, Patty chastises Ellen for being late. Then she asks her if she's close to her mother. Then Patty softens, saying Ellen can always talk to her. Ellen turns to leave, but Patty tells her to come in and shut the door. Patty brings up her son Michael, asking if he's mentioned his girlfriend to Ellen. Never.

Waiting for Michael at dinner, Phil and Patty speculate. Patty jokes if his girlfriend has piercings or a tattoo, she's walking out. Michael walks in with his girlfriend, Jill, a much older woman from the gallery. Patty puts on a happy face. She taught art history at Columbia, after she got her PhD from '88 to '92. They met at her gallery in Chelsea.

Silence ensues. Phil orders a bottle of wine, Michael asks for a glass. "Absolutely not, you are 18," Patty says pointedly.

Claire has lunch with dad, who's ready for grandchildren. Claire's not. There just wasn't time. She was busy being the only female lead counsel for a major energy company. He asks her what she has to look forward to. She says good-bye.

Werner smokes on the roof. Harrison joins him and says he answered his phone a few days ago. He mentions that it was a man. Werner says it's probably some new guy his ex is seeing. Harrison spoke to Pam. She's not seeing anyone. Harrison tells Werner to stop lying. Pam hasn't spoken to him in months. Werner doesn't know the man's name. He has an interest in their case. He wants Patty taken down. He pays Werner to tell him where the investigation stands. Werner offers to cut Harrison in.

Patty talks to Michael the next day, saying last night meant a lot to her. She admits she was surprised at first, but she's glad he felt comfortable enough to introduce them to Jill.

Claire meets with Patty and asks if she's amenable to an offer. Claire thinks Patty is in the case for revenge against Daniel Purcell for flipping on the stand. She doesn't really think Patty wants to settle. Patty says Claire's right. Good, says Claire, she doesn't want to either. As Claire gets up to leave, Patty asks her why she was defending a hooker on a cocaine charge. She drops the name Finn Garrity and suggests Claire share it with her bosses and ask Kendrick to triple whatever his offer is.

Claire tells Kendrick that Patty won't settle. She asks who Finn Garrity is. Kendrick says he's no one important. Claire realizes it wasn't Kendrick's hooker she defended. She wants to know what's going on or she'll quit. Kendrick says Finn is the son of a friend.

In her hotel room, Ellen gets a voice mail from Katie, asking her to come out. Ellen joins her. She notices a man watching her from across the bar and after a few drinks, walks over to him boldly.

Claire meets with Daniel Purcell. She tells him about Finn. Claire now knows he trades energy futures. Purcell has noticed the power outages across the country. They realize if it was done intentionally, UNR would make a fortune. She doesn't think Kendrick would do it because it's way too big of a risk. Purcell says Kendrick's not the man she thinks he is.

Flashback to Kendrick meeting with Purcell after his wife was killed (by Daniel we now think).

Purcell tells Claire that Aerocyte is toxic and he testified otherwise because he cut a deal with them to clean up his wife's murder. If she asks Kendrick if Aerocyte is toxic and he says no, she'll know she can't trust him.

Katie takes Ellen back to her hotel room. Ellen is trashed and starts crying, saying she has no one to talk to. She mumbles that she's not really working for Patty.

Claire meets with Kendrick, asking about Aerocyte. He tells her Aerocyte is safe. She says if there's anything to it, she needs to know. He snaps that she doesn't, she just needs to be his lawyer and stop asking questions.

Patty goes to Jill's gallery. She has a question: Why is she dating a child? She follows that up by asking if Jill's mentally ill. Jill thinks Patty's not dealing well with facing an empty nest. "You will break his heart," Patty says, "and when you do, I will rip your face off." Jill smiles, offering her the family discount if she finds any art she likes.

Claire meets with Daniel. He was right. She can tell the final report was doctored. Claire realizes she gave half of her life to Kendrick and the company and it turns out he's a criminal. But that's for later. Right now, she misses Daniel.

Someone watches them in the hotel on video feed.

Harrison tell Werner he's in, but he wants to meet the guy first.

Someone knocks on Wes' door. It's Ellen.

Someone comes back to Harrison's apartment. He thinks it's Werner. It's two men, one with a toolbox. (We only see their backs.)

Ellen sits wrapped in a sheet on the end of Wes' bed, lost in thought. She has to tell him something. Her boss tried to kill her. He asks why she's still working for her. She knows she shouldn't tell him, but if she doesn't, she's going to lose her mind. Five months ago she was approached by the FBI.

Flash to 5 Months Ago, her meeting Werner and Harrison.

She agreed to be an informant. "You can't imagine the toll it takes when every day is a lie," she tells Wes, who, let's recall, is informing on Ellen.

Flash back to 5 months ago, Ellen getting out of the FBI limo and walking right by Wes, who tells someone on his cell phone that Ellen just met with someone in a limo. No, he can't imagine what living that lie is like at all.

The Bearded Man, named Rick, we learn, asks Wes why Ellen is still alive. Wes says he found out why she's talking to the FBI. It's all about Patty. Rick and Frobisher are safe, Wes says. That's right, Rick says, they are. Because Wes is going to kill Ellen. If he doesn't, Rick says, he'll call Wes' old lieutenant, tell him what he knows and Wes will go to prison for life. (Man, has everybody got a secret?)

Werner comes back to Harrison's the next morning and finds Harrison dead, by what looks like an OD. A needle lies beside him.

Werner smokes outside, waiting for someone. Dave arrives. Werner tells Dave he didn't need to kill him. But Dave tells him Harrison called their bosses. He wasn't really going to go along with it. But Werner doesn't need to worry, his boss is also in on it. (Yes, they do all have secrets.) "Now get me Patty Hewes," Dave says.

6 weeks later Back in Ellen's hotel room with Patty. Werner watches from the surveillance van as Ellen picks up the gun and fires. Werner races to the room from the van. Patty walks out of the room, stunned. We can only see from her neck up. She wipes her face, smearing blood on it. She stumbles her way to the elevator and slumps to the floor.

Next week: Patty telling Ellen they're at war with UNR, Kendrick saying no one's going to take away his company, Patty saying the case is going to get ugly.
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