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"Damages" I Lied, Too. (2009)

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Ellen drinks, talking comfortably to someone we can't see, telling them they shouldn't be scared. She takes it back. They should be. It would be so much easier if they said the words. All she wants them to do is tell the truth. She's brought something that she thinks might help. She takes out a gun.

Six months earlier. Patty goes on Regis & Kelly. Reege interrogates her after her $2 billion settlement from Frobisher. She's going to use the money to fund a foundation to fight hunger in New York. Shell be partnering with a rich dude named Sam Arsenault. Cut to Ellen in the wings, Patty tossing accolades her way. Ellen smiles for the cameras.

Then cut to Ellen angrily getting in the FBI guys' car. She's still bitter over the whole Patty-tried-to-kill-her thing. They have a case they want her to get Patty to take. She wants to destroy Patty.

Frobisher, bloody, pulls himself lamely through a field to help. He sees a cottage. A guard dog runs at him. Frobisher climbs the steps. A woman comes out with a shotgun. It's Ellen, fresh from the set of "Deliverance." She snaps out of her daydream.

Ellen sits in group therapy as the therapist talks about revenge fantasies being normal. She asks if Ellen's had any. She thinks of blowing Frobisher to bits. But says nothing comes to mind.

Uncle Pete briefs Patty on Ellen. She tells him he doesn't have to watch her anymore, it's all in the past. But then changes her mind. Patty's concerned about her well-being.

Tom comes in, trying to convince her to pick a case. Patty's uninterested.

Cut to a man walking angrily down a hall. Daniel Purcell busts into a business meeting, holding papers he says aren't his work. He won't sign off on it. He trashes the papers on the desk and tells the head suit "this ends today."

Patty checks on Ellen, who tells her once Arsenault signs off on the donation, the foundation is good to go. Patty pauses and guesses Ellen thinks she's only launching the foundation to clear her conscience over what they did to win the Frobisher case (blackmailing Ray Fiske, who killed himself).

Patty asks Ellen how she's doing, but Ellen doesn't want to talk about it. Patty's PI has found Frobisher had abdominal surgery a few weeks ago and is now hidden in a hospital somewhere.

A nurse tends to Frobisher. He's had four surgeries in a month. He's weak and full of self-pity. And bearded. He thinks he's the most hated man in America. The nurse being nice to him makes him choke up.

Ellen tells Patty they have a big problem: Sam Arsenault is pulling out of the foundation. Patty goes to visit him. The Republican party is going to back him for governor and the elephants don't like her. He can't be tied to her right now. His teenage daughter drops by. She's going to Yale. He invites Patty to lunch. "Oh, I'd love to," she says, "no."

Uncle Pete brings Patty a box back at the office. It was hand-delivered. It has charts, graphs and other papers they don't understand. She gets a call from Daniel Purcell, who she hasn't talked to in at least 10 years. She doesn't want to talk to him, but answers anyway. The package is from him. She's the only one he can trust. He asks her to keep it safe.

The FBI guys lay out the infant mortality case they want Ellen to take to Patty.

Later in Patty's office, Tom and Ellen lay out possible cases. Ellen notices the unmarked box on Patty's desk. Patty is distracted. Tom lays out the case: HMOs forcing natural childbirth on low-income women because Caesareans are too expensive and babies dying. Patty tosses it aside, she's worried about the foundation. Ellen asks what the box is. "It's personal," Patty says, "and last time I checked, we were in my office." As if the fact she tried to have Ellen killed isn't reason enough for Ellen to dislike her.

Back in her group therapy, a hot young dude named Wes tells his revenge story about kicking the crap out of a guy. Ellen doesn't share. David was killed a month ago, she's having trouble sleeping.

Patty naps on her couch, troubled and twitching, dreaming of trying to have Ellen killed. Her son Michael wakes her up. She puts on a brave face.

Daniel and his wife sleep, their daughter wakes him up, saying she thinks someone's downstairs. They wake up and hear noises. Telling his wife to call the police, he goes downstairs. A man in a hooded sweatshirt lurks just outside. Daniel chases him off, telling him to stay away from his family. His office was ransacked. His wife wants to know what they were looking for.

Arsenault calls Patty, distressed. His daughter is splashed all over the front of the paper, caught doing coke. He wants Patty to call the DA for him. He says again he can't join the foundation but if that's what it'll take.... Patty tells him that's not necessary, like it's the craziest idea in the world she would extort someone like that.

Uncle Pete stops by Ellen's office and tells her what clinic Frobisher is hiding out in. She wants to know what room. He's only allowed to see his family.

The nurse tends to Frobisher, asking if they arrested the guy who shot him. He left the police out of it. He says the bullet was a wake-up call. He says he used to be a real a-hole, even his wife left him. But the night nurse told him she called. He breaks down, sobbing about her seeing him as a "cripple." Then he regroups. He won't shave and maybe they can put some breathing tubes up his nose when she comes, even though he doesn't need them. Always working the angle.

Daniel's wife tells him he has to make a decision. If that company is making people sick, he has to stop them.

The therapist tells Ellen she thinks Ellen is holding onto the idea of David's killer as a way of holding onto David. Ellen listens calmly, with a fist clenched. She gets up and leaves as hot Wes watches.

Ellen walks the streets alone, tears on her cheeks.

Patty leaves her apartment to walk her dog and is approached by someone. Daniel Purcell stops her. They sit in his car. He needs her help, he's in trouble. She's not feeling charitable. He has information. He's being threatened. He wants protection. His family isn't safe. She tells him to call the police. He did. They filed a report. He feels much safer now, he say thickly. How is any of this her problem? He points out he doesn't exactly want to be there. He says if he goes public he could bring down an industry. He knows she doesn't want anything to do with him, but he needs her. She tells him too bad and starts to leave. He grabs her arm and says she owes him. Getting out of the car, she says she owes him nothing.

Ellen drinks whiskey at a bar. Wes walks in. She realizes he followed her the 15 blocks. She's not interested. "In what?" He asks. In him and whatever b.s. line he's going to feed her. Instead, he takes out her phone which she left on her chair. Oh. He tells her about the drunk driver who killed his girlfriend. He'll be out of prison in three years. On a Wednesday. He knows how she's feeling. He realized people like them have two options: forgiveness or revenge. He hasn't chosen yet.

Patty sits alone in her office. She hears a loud bang and sees a dead and bloody Ray Fiske crumpled against her wall. Then sees him talking to her. Hungry children aren't going to cover it. If she wants to make amends she has to confess to Ellen, dead Ray says. Ellen comes in to check on her, having seen her shaking. Patty says they need to talk. Not in the office. It's personal. It's about Ellen and the Frobisher case. Patty says she didn't explain everything that happened.

Ellen meets with the FBI guys. She wants to wear a wire. That'd make her a cooperating witness. She'd have to testify in court. She thinks Patty is going to confess.

Daniels meets on a dock with the man from the meeting he interrupted. He asks Daniel if he's ready to be reasonable.

Patty talks to Pete about Purcell's research. He's doing some kind of chemical analysis. Sam Arsenault calls. He wants to come by.

The nurse welcomes "Mrs. Frobisher" into Arthur's room. It's Ellen. She locks the door. He's asleep. She looks at him, weak and pitiful in bed, while she thinks of David. She remembers what Wes said about forgiveness or revenge. She looks at Frobisher, contemplating. She leaves. The nurse brings Arthur his lunch. He's fine.

Arsenault tells Patty the DA wouldn't drop the charges. His campaign is dead in the water. He wants back in to the foundation. He could use the PR. Patty says she'd love to, but she's promised away the naming rights so it can't be Arsenault/Hewes. She wishes she could help him. There's gotta be something he can do, he says....

Cut to the gala launch of the Hewes/Arsenault foundation, Sam and Patty talking to the press. She says at the last minute he decided to double the size of his commitment. Michael says hi to his mom. "See?" he says, he told her Arsenault's daughter was a coke head. Yea, that's right, he did, Patty acknowledges.

Tom asks Patty about taking another case. Patty goes for the infant mortality case.

Daniel and his wife stop Patty to say hi. When his wife walks away, he apologizes and says he can handle it himself. He wants his materials back. She'll have them sent over. He promises she won't have to see him again.

Ellen walks alone and Wes stops her on the street. She freaks, thinking he's stalking her. He has a phone number for her, not his. A guy named Frank. He doesn't get hung up on permits. He thinks she needs a gun because she's scared. She says the whole revenge thing isn't her. A gun won't help, she'll have to find a way to forgive.

The FBI guys explain how to work the microphone that looks like a cell phone. They coach her, telling her to let Patty talk.

Ellen and Patty meet for that drink, Ellen starts recording. They're into their second bottle, the most expensive one on the list. Patty takes a deep breath, saying she didn't explain everything during the Frobisher case. Ellen tells her it's in the past. Patty wants to apologize. Fiske's suicide had a profound effect on her. She became too emotional, she had to leave the city. Flash to Patty letting Ellen use her place, where the dude tried to kill her. Patty tells Ellen years ago she had a child. She's never told anyone. It was stillborn, a girl. Sometimes she thinks if the baby had lived, she might be a different person. When she went away she visited her. She tells Ellen whoever broke in was looking for her, even though we see in flashback Pete telling Patty "it's done." She wants Ellen to know if her daughter had survived, she'd want her to be just like Ellen. Ellen tries to hide her disgust.

She gets in the FBI guys' car.

Patty rides home. Her phone rings.

Ellen tells the FBI guys she didn't get anything, just more lies.

Patty arrives somewhere as police lights flash. A cop takes her inside. She sees Mrs. Purcell dead on the floor, Daniel with a gash on his head. "Now will you help me?" he says.

The FBI guys say the important thing is that Patty took the infant mortality case. They remind her they'll get Patty, it'll just take a while, two or three years. Can she be patient?

Flash to Six months later Ellen holds her drink, talking to whoever. Seems like they're not going to tell the truth after all, Ellen says. "That's OK," she says. "I lied, too." She picks up the gun and shoots.


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