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C.H. Greenblatt considers Miss Endive to be the best character in the show, as her character was given a character evolution.
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A distinctive visual motive is the patterns on the characters' clothing/skin staying the same. The patterns are developed as a full-screen image and then sent to the production house, where the characters are modified to fill the patterns in over the character skin/clothing. With this technique, when a character moves, their patterns do not follow but are displayed as a "static" background.
In the opening theme song, Schnitzel's part is translated as "you share a big piece with everyone".
During the beginning credits, the dish in the oven is always different.
Most of the characters in the series were named after a type of food.
C.H. Greenblatt thought Truffles was too coarse a character to be used in a story, so the writers decided to keep her appearance in the show as minimal as possible: "a little Truffles goes a long way."
Panini originally had an outfit which only revealed her face (which was to have pointy ears), and was going to bully Chowder in a manner similar to Rugrats (1990)'s Angelica Pickles. But C.H. Greenblatt disliked unctuous obnoxious characters like Angelica, and so decided to make Panini cuter and sweeter: he made the pointy ears bunny ears, and made her have a crush on Chowder; since Chowder is not old enough for girls, Greenblatt felt this would make the romance much funnier.
C.H. Greenblatt originally thought of giving Mung Daal an Indian accent, since he was named after an Indian dish (mung daal is a Indian spicy soup). He decided against it since he didn't want to attract any racial controversy.
C.H. Greenblatt dislikes blue cheese, so he gave the name of Gorgonzola to an unlikeable character in the series.
C.H. Greenblatt based Truffles's practical but short-tempered nature on his mother.
The series creator C.H. Greenblatt voices Chowder's pet Kimchi.
The design of Marzipan City is based on Moroccan and Indian architecture.
Miss Endive's nose was originally meant to be rectangular, but it was later redesigned to be triangular since it looked better that way in representing Endive looking down on people.
An episode was planned where Mung Daal (Dwight Schultz) would be framed for a crime, and would enlist some old friends to go on a mission to clear his name. The episode was meant to be a homage to Schultz's classic series The A-Team (1983), and would have brought in fellow cast members Dirk Benedict and Mr. T (the latter having established a career in voice acting). Unfortunately it had to be shelved.
C.H. Greenblatt felt the name Gazpacho suited his character wonderfully, although he has no idea why he thought of Gazpacho as a name (gazpacho is a Spanish vegetable soup).
C.H. Greenblatt named Ms Endive after the bitter Belgian fruit the endive, which like Endive herself is bitter and swanky.
Dwight Schultz has stated that he based the voice for Mung Daal off of Frank Morgan in The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Panini was originally named Borlotti.
Kevin Michael Richardson was meant to be Shnitzel's original voice, but he did only one episode and was replaced with John DiMaggio from then onwards as he was busy working on other projects at the time.
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C.H. Greenblatt described Miss Endive as "Martha Stewart with Oompa-Loompa colours."


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Schnitzel often uses bad language. As shown in the episode "Schnitzel Quits" when his swear jar is full.
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